15 Things To Know Before Using The Costco Auto Program

Buying a car may be a stressful experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. So, before buying your next automobile, consider the Costco Auto Program, designed to make buying a car quick, easy and painless.

And if you’ve ever been to a Costco store before in the U.S., you’ve seen the little cards that tell you how to use all their programs, right?
Well, Costco has their own unique cards to use for discounts, and I’ll go over a few of them.

15 Things to Know Before Using the Costco Auto Program In 2022

1. The Costco Auto Program Is for Members Only

Costco is always ready and willing to do business with you, but unfortunately, the Costco Auto Program is not one of them.

2. First Time Buyers Can Shop Confidently With the Costco Auto Program

This is why Costco Auto is a great program – because it allows everyone to buy the car with confidence that the car selection process is fair and balanced – there is a level playing field, and the customer does not have to negotiate.

Costco’s Auto Program is a breath of fresh air, totally removed from the show room while you are making your choices.

What this means is that the dealership’s employee may try to upsell you on additional services or warranty coverage that were not discussed during your initial visits.

If you are shopping at Costco, you have to purchase this item. If you do not want to purchase this item, this is a perfect opportunity to review the list of items you are shopping for.

3. Dealerships Partner with the Costco Auto Program

Just like anyone else, I go online and see what others have purchased and I compare that to what we’ve priced in our catalog and what we have available.

The reason Costco partners with 3,000 dealerships is because they pay them a percentage of the memberships they sign up.

Costco sells goods from around the world. Because of the company’s size and global presence, Costco is subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rate.

4. Costco Auto Program Prices Range From Budget to Luxury

Costco’s Auto Program offers deals for a range of models and prices. The Costco Auto Program partners with auto dealers who sell vehicles from under $20,000 to upwards of $150,000.

When you’re looking at wheels, that’s a big part of the process, and it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of those wheels doesn’t have to be just the cost of the specific make and model, it has to also include the cost of mounting them on your vehicle.

Yes, the Costco membership is very affordable and the membership gives access to a variety of items at a competitive price.

5. Shoppers Can’t Access Discounted Prices Online From the Costco Auto Program…

One of the downsides to using Costco Auto Program, however, is the lack of price transparency while you’re shopping.

Now, you’ve seen how to create a basic post, but what if you want to make your posts more professional? In this video, you’re going to learn how to insert images into a post.

Unfortunately, a dealership rarely sells a vehicle at a “pink slip” price. Typically dealerships want to know more about what you are looking for than just a price.

For example, in Las Vegas, a Hyundai dealership will have a starting price tag for a 2008 Hyundai Elantra base model of $14,850. However, the dealer might offer a customer a discount on this starting price of $4,500 if the customer has a current GM Customer Loyalty Program.

6. But the Costco Auto Program Will Likely Help You Save

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you won’t know your total until you get to the dealership. A representative from the program estimated that most customers saved an average of $1,000 on their purchase.

2. The Customer also may choose to make a reservation for an appointment for the car service. A typical appointment would be based on a “best date to schedule”. The “best date to schedule” to pick-up a vehicle from the dealership is based on the best pricing to the customer.

7. Choose From New and Pre-Owned Vehicles with the Costco Auto Program

If you’re looking for a new car, you can still use the Costco Auto Program to buy used cars.

You can also shop a variety of other types of used vehicles from our fleet of dealers.

 The program is aimed at bringing new vehicles to the used-car market. It was set up to provide a fast and transparent way to sell pre-owned vehicles that the department deems unfit for sale due to safety, emissions, mileage, or other reasons.

8. Use the Costco Auto Program to Customize the Car of Your Dreams

The Costco car program lets you customize your vehicle to your content. You can choose trims, transmissions, add-ons and more.

Buying a car is simple, but the trade-in process is actually a lot of fun. You can do it in a few minutes, no matter how hard you’ve tried to sell your old car.

If the price of the product has changed since you signed up for it, you will be told so that you may choose a different vendor.

9. Opt to Buy or Lease Using the Costco Auto Program

Costco’s exclusive program will allow you to drive a different car for as long as you like and choose from several models, including the new Hyundai Tucson and Kia Rio.

When you talk to a bank about financing, you can tell them what you want to lease, versus buy. This gets their attention.

10. The Costco Auto Program Can Net You More Than Just a Car

The Costco Auto program gives you the opportunity to buy quality vehicles at reasonable prices. You can even purchase RVs and snowmobiles.

11. You Can Also Call in to the Costco Auto Program

Costco doesn’t make it easy to buy the right car but it also doesn’t make it hard.

How to Shop for the Perfect Deal.

With a Costco Auto Card, you have the ability to make any Costco purchases and save 30% on your total bill. You can even use this card to pay for your purchases at Costco.

12. The Costco Auto Program Connects You to a Participating Dealership

Once you have made your modifications, you can submit your information, which will be sent to the participating dealership.

13. Make Sure When Using the Costco Auto Program You Speak to the Authorized Dealer Contact

You want to make sure that the dealer you’re dealing with is the authorized dealer, as there are a lot of scam deals.

This person is specifically hired to help you with your Costco purchases. Costco has trained and trained and trained for this purpose.

If you arrive at the dealership and want to speak to the person who will be working on your vehicle, make sure you ask to speak to the person who is.

14. Don’t Forget to Ask About the Costco Auto Program Trade-ins

I think Costco has a website that you can get to, but you’d have to go to that website and look at the products. Or you can use the Costco app to look up your nearest Costco store which is the easiest way.

You’re vehicle will be evaluated in a way to determine whether you accept or decline the offer.

15. The Costco Auto Program Helps You Save 15 Percent on Car Services

It sounds like Costco members are getting more then the normal rate for car repairs and other services when using their Costco Auto Program.

Includes coverage on most parts and service, but most important part is the 15 percent discount on service.

Save up to $500 to any of the above-listed services, and make sure to call the Costco auto service department to check if the discount applies.

The company provides their own vehicles to their employees. If the employees do not want to lease their vehicles, they can choose to rent it from Costco. The company also leases cars to customers who rent through Costco.


Costco offers a low-cost vehicle buying program for its members but the members must participate for the discounts.

Â*Customers can look at models online, choose the ones they like, customize them and then talk with a specially trained customer service representative at the dealership to see if savings can be made, saving shoppers up to $1,000.

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