Does T-mobile Offer Roadside Assistance? (all You Need To Know)

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Does T-Mobile Offer Roadside Assistance?

This service is free and you don’t have to purchase any additional equipment to avail of the service.
If your device is fixed at the roadside, you can use the online help feature of your device to find out some options and solutions to fix your device on your own.

How much is SyncUP DRIVE Monthly?

SyncUp Drive is free to use if you sign up for the service. You can use this to access your Dropbox files, so you won’t lose anything by using the app.

What Do You Get With T-Mobile Roadside Assistance?

The T-Mobile roadside assistance allows you to jump start your battery while you are still driving and it will cover 4 calls each year which is less than your current plan.

For those who don’t tow or have no tow capacity, the new company offers Rideshare and Lyft Line services, where passengers pick up and drop off at the same place.

This allows you to use a different location to get gas in case you run out, to get a different tire, or use the tire in a different car, and even an emergency tow when you need one.

Does T-Mobile Offer Towing?

T-Mobile offers towing benefits for people who have SyncUp Drive. Each tow up to 10 miles is covered under the T-Mobile Allstate Motor Club roadside assistance plan.

Does T-Mobile Roadside Assistance Cover Other Drivers?

T-Mobile Roadside Assistance will cover you and your passengers if they’re over the age of 23, and you’re driving their car.

Who Is Eligible For T-Mobile Roadside Assistance?

To be eligible for T-Mobile Roadside Assistance you will need a device called SyncUp Drive installed in your car and you will need to download and install the SyncUp Drive app on your device.

You will be able to receive a $200.00 statement credit with the new account that covers your current bill. All you need is a T-Mobile phone.

Is SyncUp Drive Worthwhile?

If you have T-Mobile, you should get the SyncUp Drive because you can get roadside assistance as well as all the other benefits, such as alerts and travel history.

In the meantime, if you have AAA or another roadside assistance already, then T-Mobile’s roadside assistance program isn’t worth it since it doesn’t cover as much as AAA.

It doesn’t have a real-time information feature which means it can only tell you when you’ve successfully synced, or when you’ve reached the end of your synced songs.

What Does The SyncUP DRIVE Do?

SyncUp Drive offers roadside assistance, tracking of vehicle performance and health, and giving you location information and activity tracking.

The app also helps you learn better driving behaviors, and alerts you of car troubles, preventive maintenance, and your driving habits.

Even more than that, your vehicle can become a hotspot, allowing you to share your music or connect with Bluetooth devices.

T-Mobile has plenty of prepaid plans you can check out and to learn more, you can read our post on if T-Mobile offers unlimited data. There’s also some more T-Mobile related content to read.


T-Mobile uses the Sync Up Drive device to allow T-Mobile customers to have roadside assistance anywhere in the United States.

If customers choose to have Sync Up Drive automatically contacted by T-Mobile, T-Mobile would send out a text message to the customer whenever Sync Up Drive is about to go offline or if it is currently offline.

In addition, the T-Mobile Roadside Assistance can take you to your local T-Mobile store for repair or replacement of your device for up to $200, or get you to a local T-Mobile shop for spare parts for your device.

With T-Mobile Roadside Assistance, you’re not able to have the same kind of coverage that AAA offers, which means you’re not going to be able to get roadside assistance 24/7.

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