Publix Shoplifting Policy (don’t Make These Mistakes)

If a person has shoplifted from a Publix store or if someone reports someone else shoplifting from a Publix store, then the store has the right to take action.

In case you haven’t, I have researched all of the details of what you can and cannot do when shoplifting. So that all of your questions get answered!

Publix Shoplifting Policy In 2022

The loss prevention team will keep a close eye on customers and employees. If the loss prevention team sees suspicious behavior, they will detain the customer and ask for identification. If it’s determined that the suspect has stolen merchandise that’s valued at $500 or more, they can be arrested. If they don’t have that much, they can be detained and allowed to leave if they agree to pay at a local cashier. If they don’t agree, they can be arrested.

If you have questions about if Publix can detain you for shoplifting or whether it’ll press charges against you, keep reading to find the answers to these questions plus more!

Does Publix Approach Shoplifters?

At Publix you’ll go to a Customer Service Representative for all Loss Prevention needs.

Loss prevention employees can approach you in the store if they suspect you of stealing.

However, it’s important to note that not all loss prevention employees are trained as security guards. Many loss prevention officers are actually just regular employees who have been trained to help catch shoplifters.
The important thing is that the employee should not become involved.

Now, if a customer was seen by the cashier, and the cashier feels that he or she has been treated unfairly, the employee should report it.

How Do Loss Prevention Employees Confront Shoplifters At Publix?

Loss Prevention work both undercover and in uniform. If they are following you, they may be asking for your personal information.

After they witness you shoplifting, they can now accuse you of shoplifting and approach you to do a detain.

If the loss prevention staff was dressed as a clown and asked you for a piece of candy, you’d know it was the store manager.

The loss prevention employees have the right to detain you. They have the right to detain you within reasonable bounds. And they can detain you for reasonable amounts of time.

That’s the law, and I believe I know what the law is, even if the police don’t, and I’m certainly not a lawyer. But I think I’m not a criminal who’s going to go out and commit a crime and try to hurt you just because we don’t like your politics or what you’re saying.

You do not have to give a name to a loss prevention employees. They cannot stop you from asking for a name.

Does Publix Call The Cops On Shoplifters?

You are a fucking liar. The only time the cops get called in is as a result of a drunk driver going through a store and smashing into multiple items.

“How did the store catch her?” [Managers] say, “We have surveillance cameras.” That’s the extent of the story.

When the loss prevention staff try to call the police, this often happens right before they try to approach the person they believe is shoplifting.

But sometimes store employees try to get shoplifters in the store and wait for them to admit to the crime before reporting it.

Does Publix Prosecute Shoplifters?

No matter how many times I shoplift, Publix has a zero-tolerance policy, so I almost always get prosecuted.

Further loss prevention means that there is a department that monitors the goods, detects the person that steals the goods, and collects evidence against the person in order to defend the company.

Does Publix Have Security Cameras?

I’ve always wanted to go to a Publix store to actually see the security cameras.

However, it’s unknown whether the police look at surveillance cameras all day long or if someone is watching them from the beginning to the end.

Loss prevention employees watch the cameras to make sure that no one is shoplifting. They then use the video to make sure that the evidence is useful in the court.

The surveillance system at each Publix store is different, so the number of cameras in each store may vary.

What Are The Criminal Penalties For Shoplifting At Publix?

The punishment for shoplifting at Publix is dependent on what you stole and the type of store. Also, it depends on the state you live in since criminal codes can vary.

I’ll also give you a reminder of certain laws that apply in Florida and some of the penalties that you could face if you violate them.

There are certain things you just can’t bring into a store.

You may not steal but you may shoplift worth $100 to $300.

You can shoplift items over $300 because they’re less likely to get you caught.

In addition, if you’re shoplifting with another person at Publix, you could be charged with a felony because the combined value of the items equals more than $1,000.

This information may be used to better understand your relationship with Publix and may be shared to help protect you, our associates and our associates’ families.


While many people shop online these days, Publix stores have a zero-tolerance for shoplifting and uses loss prevention employees in stores to help prevent theft and approach and detain those suspected of shoplifting.

Loss prevention employees will be authorized to detain people that they suspect of shoplifting and can’t physically harm or threaten them.

Publix is a popular grocery chain, but some stores have not kept up with the times by providing security cameras to prevent theft.

And just in case you do get caught shoplifting, you risk fines, time in prison, and even losing your job.

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