What Is 711’s Shoplifting Policy? (All You Need To Know)

People who steal are generally not apprehended in a store, as they are not chased by store employees.

But I haven’t seen a shoplifting policy that didn’t allow the store to reclaim the stolen items.

In any case, these policies do vary from store to store. 711 is a smaller convenience store, which often makes them a target of shoplifting. For everything you need to know about the company’s shoplifting policy, keep reading!

What is 711’s Shoplifting Policy In 2022?

The 711 stores may be independently owned, but all of them have the same policies. They usually don’t have a lot of staff, and when staff are on the floor, they have their eyes on the door. The store may have surveillance cameras, which is usually how shoplifters are spotted.

711 allows you to take an item out of the store with you, but if you get caught they’ll let you pay for it with the store credit you get when you use the card.

Does 711 Have a No Chase Policy?

711 has a bunch of stores with very specific policies. If you don’t have all of your groceries in plastic, they might not want you entering the store.

There are also cases that are not quite a harassment that may be a “disturbance” but that is up to who is working at the time.

Even if a worker were to stop a thief, they would not stop them until the theft had been reported to the boss and other supervisors were notified.

7-Eleven stores often have the same policy as Wal-Mart, so if you want to find them, you should look for a Wal-Mart next time.

How Does 711 Prevent Shoplifting?

Even if an employee has any kind of authority, the shoplifting prevention system is the responsibility of 711, and not the employees themselves.

I am not sure about this. A customer is usually in charge of paying for his orders, so it is the cashier’s job to help him.

One of the many stores that offers CCTV is also offering a great deal of discounts to encourage shopping.

Does 711 Prosecute Shoplifters?

If you run a store and you want to prosecute a thief, you first have to let your boss know. Then he has to investigate it and decide whether or not to press charges.

It can sometimes be tricky to tell when someone has committed a crime or not. Often, shoplifters can be prosecuted even if they were not arrested at the store. If the theft was noticed later or the guilty party escaped, then they can still be charged at a later date.

I tried to return an item a couple of times, but they said that the refund had to be requested through the website.

Further, if a shoplifter is caught on video, whether it is a live feed or a still/video frame, the prosecution can always claim that the video was created at the time of the offense, and therefore it is relevant and admissible evidence.

Many of those facing justice don’t even know it until they are arrested.

Do People Actually Get Caught Stealing from 711?

In this case, an armed man enters the shop, shooting the clerk in the chest.

The police can look at your social media profiles and figure out who is “fake” or who else is in that residence.

If you have a small amount of a controlled substance, you’re going to get probation and a fine. Otherwise, you’re going to have the charges against you dismissed after you complete the probation.

If you have been charged with a crime in the United States, you are entitled to know if there are any convictions on your record. This information can often make a big difference when it comes to getting a job.


711 has a shoplifting prevention policy in which they can request to see the customer’s ID, as well as, the shopper’s ID. The policy is also used to check for the ‘return’ process in case of returns.

Many employees are instructed not to leave the store, especially in order to not scare customers. So they usually have a no-chase policy, even if it’s not explicit.

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