Walgreens Shoplifting Policy [cameras, Prosecution, Tracking + More]

It’s one of America’s largest drugstore chains with 8000+ stores across 50 states.

Well, first of all, we always want to make sure everything is safe, no matter where the store is. So, because of that, we have a secure container with the items, and we have a person with one of our customers to make sure that the items are safe for the customers. So that’s the general procedure of how Walgreens deals with shoplifting.

Walgreens employees think that a new, bigger store will be coming to their town. But they also think that the new store will bring a bunch of inconveniences.

Walgreens Shoplifting Policy 2022

When a shoplifter is apprehended and arrested for shoplifting, the shoplifter is taken outside of the store to a waiting police vehicle for transport to jail. As of 2012, there are fewer than five hundred arrests made each year for shoplifting at Walgreens stores.

Walgreens does not stop shoplifting because they do not have the time or resources to do so. There are too many other things for them to worry about. It will cost Walgreens a lot of money to stop thieves and shoplifters so the best thing to do is to allow the offenders to steal their items and get away with it.

There are many reasons why store security is not as good as you think it is. Keep reading to see what they are!

What Is Walgreens ‘No-Chase’ Policy About Shoplifting?

[People who are known to be shoplifting] will not be taken into custody by the police and will not be prosecuted for shoplifting. Instead, the suspected shoplifter will be offered a “no-chase” resolution to resolve the matter. The no-chase resolution allows the suspected shoplifter to leave the store without any legal process and without consequence. This no-chase resolution is not a true resolution and it effectively protects the suspected shoplifter from prosecution.

If store employees see that a shoplifter is already leaving the store and has not yet taken away the stolen goods, they are not supposed to try and stop the shoplifter or retrieve the stolen goods.

Do Walgreens Stores Have Monitored Cameras? 

No, Walgreens does not have surveillance cameras in every portion of the store. Surveillance cameras are usually only found in the Cash Register area and supply room areas.

These cameras aren’t covered by any kind of domes so it would be much harder to tell if the camera is pointing forwards. But there are also less than perfect cameras so they may still accidentally detect faces.

A camera can be monitored by security services in a 24/7 basis. The footage of a past event can be recovered so it is possible to view the footage.

Although some stores may lack cameras, the stores must provide photographic evidence if it claims that it provides photographic evidence. It is the responsibility of employees to provide photographic evidence if their stores provide photographic evidence.

Do Walgreens Employees Stop And Search Suspected Shoplifters? 

In some instances, however, a store employee may detain a customer if there is probable cause that the customer is shoplifting or has taken merchandise without paying for it.

It has led to Walgreens firing people when they try to protect employees by not allowing customers to shoplift items.

Does Walgreens Notify The Police About Shoplifting Incidents? 

When the police arrive, the person is arrested and charged with stealing. If they plead guilty, the person is sent to court. The court determines the punishment and the person is sent to a penitentiary. The jail time usually depends on the crime.

A shoplifter can be tracked down through the use of CCTV camera footage, and the police can track the identity of the shoplifter using a stolen phone, or SIM card that has the wrong owner details.

How Are Shoplifters Prosecuted By Walgreens Once They Are Caught? 

In the event the police catch a shoplifter who has been known to be shoplifting from Walgreens, it will initiate prosecution against the person based upon the crime level that was involved.

Shoplifting is one of several different forms of theft and includes shoplifting, purse snatching, and shoplifting from a motor vehicle.

**NOTE:** All of the following are not considered shoplifting unless they are in an area with a special shoplifting ordinance.

Some states use a classification system for stolen goods, taking into account the value of the goods stolen.

How Does Walgreens Deter Shoplifting Incidents?

It may seem as if Walgreens’ policy does nothing to deter people from shoplifting. However, Walgreens does implement measures to deter people from shoplifting while inside the store.

For example, your pharmacy tech (pharmacist) should greet every customer when they walk in the door and the pharmacist should say a ‘Be well!’ when a customer leaves.

This will make the customers aware that there are employees around so they can keep an eye on the operation.

A second reason to implement a video surveillance system is to provide potential customers with the ability to view the entire store from multiple angles.

Why Does Walgreens Have A ‘No-Chase’ Policy For Shoplifters? 

The policy for Walgreens allows employees to report dangerous situations to the authorities immediately.

Shoplifts at retail stores cost those stores money and time. In the case of a Walgreens, that number could very well be over one million dollars a year. The security team at Walgreens is working hard to prevent shoplifting at the store. The best way to do this is to catch them in the act of stealing something or to have someone working in the store who wants to report a shoplifter.

This might also lead to damage and liabilities of other items in the store, adding to the overall loss faced by Walgreens. Therefore, employees are not allowed to intervene or try to retrieve stolen goods.

The only recommended course of action for Walgreens employees is to not act in a way that involves the use of physical force, but to merely let the shoplifter (suspected or confirmed) walk out without interference.
The instructions as a whole were sufficient to impart to the jury the essential principles of law applicable to the case and to enable the jury to comprehend those principles.

It is important to point out that you must provide your employer with accurate information so they are able to make an appropriate determination of your absence. If your absence is being caused by shoplifting, you cannot conceal this fact. You should report shoplifting incidents to law enforcement for prosecution.

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Walgreens does not let its employees stop and search suspected shoplifters. It also does not allow them to intervene when a person is clearly seen to be stealing goods.

CCTV cameras are installed 24/7 in shoplifting, so that when a shoplifter steps out of the store they can be identified and taken into custody. The footage is recorded 24/7 through CCTV cameras installed everywhere in the stores.

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