Target Shoplifting Policy (no Chase, Detaining, Security + More)

Target has to go through hundreds of shoppers every day, so anyone who wants to shoplift can go here and swipe things.

Target stores are always looking for ways to enhance security. When it comes to shoplifting, they understand it’s a major issue and it’s something they do not take lightly. In the past, they always had an open door policy. That said, the doors are sealed after the store closes and there are no open registers. The only time this is not the case is during the time of sale.

Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022

Target employs a strict shoplifting policy to prevent shoplifting. This includes surveillance technology with facial recognition, loss prevention security guards, and several deterrence strategies. Punishments vary from write-ups and fines to store bans and police involvement.

If you want to know more about Target, whether they detain shoplifters, when a store can press charges, and where Target stores are located, keep on reading!

What Is Target’s Shoplifting Policy?

Shoppers who commit shoplifting are arrested and their photos are shown on the security video to be reviewed by a jury.

If you’re the one who stole something, Target will call the local police and ask them to take you to the police station.
Target will also call you to inform you of the situation, and ask you if there’s anything you need to return.
If you return the stolen item and apologize in person for your actions, you won’t be banned from future entry.

In other words, Target is not responsible for what criminals do after they steal from the store.

Does Target Have Monitored Security Cameras In-Store?

Target stores are surrounded by highly-secured walls and are guarded by security personnel.

The cameras have facial recognition technology to prevent shoplifting. They have image analytics software that can help company by helping to follow up on shoplifting.

The purpose of this section of the application is that of gathering customer data to personalize our offers and increase our sales.

Can Target Stop Shoplifters?

Target’s security officers don’t make stops before people leave the store and is done with the suspected shoplifter so that they can stop other people.

However, some situations can be handled by the Security staff to allow an individual to exit the secure area.

The government has the burden of proving that the defendant had the intent to steal the merchandise and that he was aware that the merchandise was stolen.

Can Target Detain Shoplifters?

Target security guards do not have the right to detain a suspect if they do not have reasonable evidence.

Once the customer is at the back of the store, they will be faced with either a security guard or a manager who will want to know what they purchased, and who they paid for it.

Can Target Search Shoppers’ Bags For Shoplifted Goods?

If the customer agrees to the procedure, Target can check their shopping bag if they suspect that the customer is shoplifting.

Because there’s only 2 officers and you are a foreigner, they are not allowed to search you.

Target security officers tend to approach people with stolen goods more intimidatingly, trying to convince the shoplifter to leave the merchandise within the store and walk out without it.

Does Target Have A No Chase Policy For Shoplifters?

They can only chase shoplifters if they try and flee, which is not very likely.

Target makes sure that no one gets away with their items and they have their security officers follow from a distance with a safe observation.
This is it!

while Target’s security team can relay that info to the police, who are then responsible for catching the shoplifter.

Why Does Target Have A No Chase Policy For Shoplifters?

The company gives you the authority to handle the situation with the help of the law or without it. If you are not 100% sure about the legalities, you should wait.

Additionally, if the suspected customer is not actually shoplifting, they could file a case against the store, who could be liable for the customer’s actions.

The shopping receipt is displayed if the person requests it. It helps shoppers find items quickly. It’s voluntary, but you do have to ask for it.

Does Target Press Charges For Shoplifting?

Target can’t charge someone with theft if they stole company owned items.

The company can file a police report or request a prosecutor’s office to step in. The company does not have the authority to charge an individual with anything directly.
The company can file a police report.
The company can request a prosecutor’s office to step in.
The company can file a police report.
The company can request a prosecutor’s office to step in.

Target has the ability to file a civil demand letter with the police for a theft incident. They can do this depending on local state law. They can either have the matter resolved via a small claims case, or require you to pay a negotiated amount of money. Depending on what state you’re in, you can either be subject to a civil demand letter or a small claims case.

Does Target Build Cases Against Shoplifters?

Target claims that it tracks repeat offenders and has plans to build cases against shoplifters.

Target has a system to make sure that shoplifters are caught and prevented from stealing items, and that has a large impact on the number of shoplifters.

Target is a big retailer that is common for shoplifters to target in the United States. Target does this to allow shoplifters to make their targets aware of the thefts in the store, and to gather enough stolen merchandise to be eligible for felony charges.

For example, when the store’s manager tried to return a can of dog food, the customer refused to allow the store employee to return the item.

Does Target Keep Track Of Shoplifters?

Target will record shopper’s faces in stores at the risk of them being identified and reported to local police.

However, Target stores a record of those items and the date they were stolen if a future legal case requires this evidence.

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting At Target?

The person will be caught, escorted to security, and fined.

The person will be caught, handcuffed, and escorted to security.

The person will be caught, escorted to security, detained until the security department can come by with a warrant, and fined.

If the merchandise is returned and the item being returned has not been altered or altered in some way, the store will write up all the details of the sale.

This is why when you get a package that’s damaged or soiled, you should contact the sender and ask for a replacement rather than returning the item to the store.

How Are Shoplifters Prosecuted Once They Are Caught At Target?

If you get caught shoplifting, you’ll be charged with a felony if the merchandise value exceeds a minimum amount that is generally between $500 and $1000 in most states.

And as for shoplifting, the minimum value of items that can be prosecuted for shoplifting in the District of Columbia is $500.00. Items worth less than this may be charged as a petty theft and items worth at least this amount may be charged as a felony. Shoplifting is also commonly called larceny as well as petty theft.

How Serious Is It To Shoplift At Target?

Target doesn’t let their security guards carry guns and they have no way of knowing who enters their store, so they can’t stop suspicious behavior.

The company uses these services to solve organized crime through video and image analysis, fingerprint identification, and computer forensics. The company also provides technology to governments and law enforcement agencies.

We have a team of security guards to prevent shoplifting, and we can also call the police if we need.
We have a team of Loss Prevention enforcers, which will follow up the security guards and work with them on cases of shoplifting.

The severity of punishment for shoplifting depends on the shoplifter. Target tends to be more lenient with first-time teenage offenders and disenfranchised community members.

How Does Target Deter Shoplifting At Its Stores?

Target has done this a lot, and also, the cops have been helping out.

In order to prevent store theft and keep your products safe, we have hired trained security officers to watch over the store and keep an eye on you the customer.

Target also trains employees to notice who is actively trying to shoplift. If they notice someone, they will give the employees the opportunity to ask them if they are finding anything, or if they need help finding something. If they need help finding something, Target employees will help them look for it.

In the past, we have looked at the Target shoplifting policy, Best Buy shoplifting policy, and the Kroger shoplifting policy before.

Conclusion: Target Shoplifting Policy

The Target company has an extensive policy to prevent theft from its stores. Among the theft prevention techniques it uses include video surveillance and security guards.

A no chase policy means no one is arrested unless they are caught in the act of stealing. The policy is employed to avoid arrest of the innocent in similar cases. It has also been suggested that in the case of thefts where there has been an attempt to conceal an item, the no chase policy will allow the police to return to the store, and if the store has CCTV cameras, they can observe if anyone else was present to allow the police to charge them.

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