Where Can I Drop Off Usps Packages? (full List Of Locations + Stores)

With an estimated $38 billion operating revenue and approximately 700,000 employees, this one of the biggest companies in the United States, and with that comes a wide array of services.

If you want to drop a package off for USPS shipment at another location (other than a post office or retail store in the local area) you can either use a USPS SmartPost Mailbox, or a USPS Shipping Container.

Where Can I Drop Off USPS Packages in 2022?

If you’d like to learn more about the Approved Postal Provider Program, such as where and how you can drop off USPs packages, please continue reading to find out more about the program.

12 Places You Can Drop Off Your USPS Packages Other Than The Post Office

If you want to know where to drop off your USPS packages, here’s a comprehensive list of locations!

1. USPS Collection Boxes

The one common location to drop off a US Postal Service Package, is a USPS Collection Box, also known as a Blue Box.

If you’d like to place an order for gift cards for someone else, you can go to the USPS website and place a prepaid order via their mobile app.

Now that your package has been delivered, you don’t have to worry about the box anymore.

Mail will go out for each and everyone. Your package will be taken care of by the postal worker.

2. Self-Service Kiosks

With the “drop-off available” option, you can choose a P.O. box from USPS.com for the item to be sent to.

Self-service kiosks typically pop up in densely populated areas and assist in relieving some of the traffic in post offices, while making the location more convenient for the average customer.

You can also use the US Postal Service website to find a self-service kiosk near you and check out all the details on using that kiosk.

If you found a kiosk you want to use, you’ll be prompted to enter your mailing label.

3. Contract Postal Units

Contract Postal Units are their own subcategory and offer the Approved Postal Provider Program.

A postal unit is like a franchise of the US Post Office. A contract post office can sell shipping supplies and services through the USPS.

CPU is a service you can use to ship packages. For example, you can drop off a package at your neighbor’s house.

A CPU is a processor chip that is soldered onto a motherboard. It is a very small amount of chips that work together to process information, in much the same way as a human brain does.

4. Walmart

Walmart offers the lowest pricing in USPS as well as the lowest flat rate shipping options.

For example some locations will allow you to drop off a package but will not send a letter.

The USPS website has a locator tool you can use to find any Walmart locations. It will take you to the USPS website, so you can enter the ZIP code of any Walmart near you. Once on the USPS site, just use the drop-down menu under “Location” and select “Retailer”.

Look through all of the national retailers that offer postal services until you find Walmart. We have a store in your area.

When you need to ship a package with USPS through Walmart, the best rule of thumb is to look for the customer service counter, typically located at the front of the store, and to inquire there about shipping your package.

5. Staples

Staples, an office supplies retailer, has been a part of USPS since 1999. Staples offers a product assortment designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The Staples mail-service program is designed to provide a cost-effective, time-saving way to ship office supplies and other products to Staples customers.

Staples sells goods from a wide range of different manufacturers, so it’s possible that a particular item you’re looking at may be manufactured by a company that’s not in Staples.com. This makes it a good test of whether or not you can trust the company’s website to provide the same variety of products, accessories, and services.

Staples has included a dropbox within it’s store locations. This will be similar to the USPS collection box system, however it is intended for personal documents rather than deliveries.

When you need to get some quick snacks in the morning, look for the convenience store where you can get your favorite snacks and drinks delivered right to your door.

The cheapest method to have your package shipped for you in the U.S. is to go to USPS.com, search the map for the zip code you are in, and select either FedEx, UPS or DHL as the preferred carrier.

6. Walgreens

If you are using Walgreens to deliver packages you should get the drop off time stamp on the package.

Walgreens has over 8,000 stores which makes it incredibly handy for drop-offs, especially considering the fact that they’re usually located near major roads.

If you want to give or drop off a package to USPS, you can look for a USPS drop box or go to a customer service counter and ask for help!

7. CVS

CVS is an alternative and easy to get to spot for purchasing packages, as it is located next to the main campus of UCLA.

I think all the major drug stores will have mailboxes at the back for you to drop a package off as well. Also, a good idea to look for the drop-box with a USPS label, as you can sometimes get some coupons.

CVS and Walgreens are also good places to pick up USPS approved self-service kiosks. They are available for pickup where there are USPS self-service kiosks. They are also available where there are no USPS self-service kiosks and are only available for customers to pick up and then return to the store with.

8. Office Depot

You can obtain an Office Depot discount by taking advantage of the company’s online coupons, which are regularly posted on their website.

Similar to Staples the Office Depot doesn’t have a collection box service like Staples, nor does it require that you send the package to the customer service desk.

Another important thing to mention is that the “approved shipper” program is just one of the many available shipping options for Office Depot products. You need to be aware that you may have other shipping options available (like shipping through the U.S. Postal Service, for example) based on your region and product selections.

You then need to go to the website of the participating Office Depot near you, enter the item code for the printer you are trying to buy and buy the item.

9. Albertsons/Safeway

Albertsons is another national retailer that participates in the Approved Shipper program and is offered to provide the greatest convenience possible to consumers. The only difference between Rite Aid and Albertsons is that you may have to deal with some longer check out processes than Rite Aid. Rite Aid typically has shorter wait times than Albertsons.

Because of its convenient locations, people can pick up their package and pay for it at check out, at no additional cost to themselves.

Some Safeway/Albertsons locations use a USPS labeled desk or kiosk to ship packages and others use collection boxes or the customer service desk.

10. Costco

If you are looking to save money for your grocery shopping, there are plenty of stores that offer bulk groceries at Costco!

Costco was one of the first retailers to make available to its shoppers the service of using mail as a method of payment through their mail order business.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing the shipping yourself, but you can save 10% by simply using the USPS.com website and paying for shipping (plus you get to select the carrier).

11. Sam’s Club

While Sam’s Club is a retail giant that has many different departments and features, they also offer their own shipping program to their customers.

Sam’s Club offers a number of options to ship your USPS package. You can ship a USPS package using Free Shipping for eligible orders, or you can ship by other options such as 3-Day Select or 2-Day Select.

12. United Heritage Credit Union

United Heritage Credit Union has partnered with Post Office since 2017.

While most US heritage post offices only offer stamp booklets for sale, there are some that also offer shipping services for small pieces of mail such as letters, postcards, or business solicitations.

If you need to find out if their services are available at your bank, you can simply go to your bank’s website and look into the services available.

Click the location of the United Heritage Credit Union, and then click on the “Stamp Catalog”. A webpage will appear displaying the available stamps.

What Is The Approved Postal Provider Program?

The Approved Postal Provider Program is a series of services launched by USPS in order to give people who just started working a full time job.

The Post Office Network for small parcel delivery, U.S. Mail for mailings that are not eligible for expedited shipping, the U.S. Postal Service for expedited shipping and the Express Mail International Priority Program, which allows customers to ship items to foreign countries via U.S. mail.

The Approved Shipper program made it easier for companies to send packages directly to consumers. This program would allow package drop-offs at a store or a mailbox, instead of having to ship the item from another location to arrive at the ultimate address of the consumer. By allowing companies to drop packages off at these locations, the USPS was able to save the cost of shipping for these packages.

These national retailers were able to earn revenue from shipping services through USPS because they paid for shipping fees with the upcharges that they got from their customers, and because of the cost of these shipping fees, they were able to justify it as a small convenience upcharge.

The Postal Service benefits from this program by getting more business due to an increased convenience factor for consumers, as well as more brand recognition.

The Stamps To Go program provides shipping materials to consumers in brick-and-mortar locations and the Approved Resellers Program provides shipping materials to retailers including pharmacies and grocery stores that are outside of brick-and-mortar locations.

A contract postal unit is a type of business setup. It allows retailers to act as a post office as a partnership arrangement.

With Approved Postal Providers, you’ll be able to drop off your packages just like you would at the post office and with Approved Shippers, they’ll deliver your packages even when the post office is closed.

To find out if they are the cheapest form of shipping, you can also see our related posts on international express shipping, how to mail items to international countries, and if USPS takes UPS.


It is worth mentioning that, although some locations might not currently be participating in the Approved Shipper program, they may become a participant at some time in the future.

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