Can You Drop Off Ups At Staples? (all You Need To Know)

UPS prides itself on offering customers multiple drop-off locations to make shipping as easy as possible, and this includes providing customers with a wide range of options to help customers make as easy as possible.

If you need to send a “standard” UPS package to your business or home address, you can drop off your package at any UPS location in the country.
If you’re sending a bulky package, please see below.

Can You Drop off UPS Packages at Staples In 2022?

Your UPS package will arrive at the location you have the package delivered to through the Access Point program. Your package will arrive at the nearest Staples location, which will be determined by the location you selected. If you haven’t selected a UPS Access Point program, the package will be delivered to the closest location.

If you’re planning on shipping through Staples and you want to make sure that you’re able to drop off a UPS package, Staples has a few steps to follow if you’re using the FedEx SmartPost service.

How Do I Drop a UPS Package off at Staples?

Staples can be a big part of the solution to your delivery problems. We offer a variety of innovative products and services that make getting your packages across the country easier for you and your customers.

There are more than 3.2 million access points in the United States.
There are more than 3.2 million access points in the United States.

If you don’t want to use the UPS website or if your local Staples location doesn’t allow UPS package drop-offs, you can use the UPS app to find out if your local Staples store accepts packages.


When you click on one of these locations, a list of nearby stores and restaurants will show up on the right.

Take a look at the list, and note the words “UPS Access Point”. That was the category of locations that Staples falls under.

To find a Staples location with the Access Point program, you’ll need to go to the Staples website, select the store you’re near, and then click on the Location tab from the top navigation bar.

While you can find these locations and purchase them online, you can also find a participating Staples location by visiting this page of the Staples website using the “find a store” tool, which is the red button on the left-hand side of the screen.

The UPS Access Point only accepts packages that are prepaid and labeled.

With Staples’ new Pack, Ship and Ship it service, you can create a shipping label that can be attached to your package and then place it in the store’s pick-up area.

Packages of 20kg or 44 pounds can be delivered through the UPS Access Point, and are only eligible if they are being dropped off by the customer and not picked up by the customer.

they aren’t allowed to be any longer than 80cm.

If you’d like to learn more about the various UPS Access Point programs, we recommend that you check out the UPS website.

Once you’re sure your package is qualified to be dropped off at a Staples Access Point, all that’s left is dropping off the package!

If it is an online purchase, you can pay via the website to be delivered or mailed at a later date.

If you need help printing a label or selecting a shipping service, visit the counter and an associate will assist you.

Your shipping address cannot contain special characters or punctuation (i.e. accents, dashes, brackets, etc).

The following addresses are not valid for shipping.

Staples has a great resource outlining all of the various shipping services their locations offer so be sure to check that out here before you bring your package to the store to be shipped!

When Can I Drop off a UPS Package at Staples?

If you’re dropping off a prelabelled, prepaid UPS package at the Staples store, you can drop off the package during the Staples’ business operating hours.

[**Paraphrase of Original]: Staples has a full-service bakery, with baked goods ranging from muffins to breads to pies.

Most Staples stores are open for at least 11 hours a day, and you can find them located in practically every corner of the country.

You can find out how many hours a store may be open by visiting the Staples website and using their “store locator” tool.

You can get a quick view of how the store is laid out and what its hours are, as well as whether it offers UPS Access Point services to customers.

The package contains a barcode and can be dropped off at any of the retail sites.

Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to anticipate speaking with an associate unless it’s to hand them the package.

* This list is not exhaustive.

If you have plans on using Staples’ UPS shipping services, then you should visit the store anywhere from an hour after it opens to an hour before it closes.

If you’re a picker, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be offered a ticket at the first time you check the ticket booth for availability.
So, you might have to visit later and hope to get lucky.

First, if you’ve ever worked in retail, there tend to be fewer people working in the first and last hour of the store’s operating hours as a general rule. Second, and relatedly, there are different reasons why you’d want to be working retail at different times.

This is usually because there are fewer customers, but when there are more customers than staff, this means certain services won’t be available.

And even when you think you’ve found a paraphrase, it’s usually not what they wanted to say.

If you visit after 4 PM, there is likely no one at the counter. The floor staff may be swamped, so there are very real security concerns that you will have to deal with if you plan to shop on your own, or if you have someone with you.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the way your package was delivered, you can easily request a change of address, but do be sure to leave a note for them if necessary. They must re-route the package to your new address or there will be no more room for anything else.

2. Your package won’t always arrive on time.

This is usually a result of a late delivery date.

Does It Cost More to Ship UPS From Staples?

If you are printing your labels at home and just dropping off the UPS package at Staples to be shipped, there is no charge to us to ship your packages to Staples.

Your order will be processed through a third party (Staples) during the shipping process, we will not be shipping these items directly and we cannot control how they package or ship the items.
The shipping charges and the price of the items shipped are listed on the product/product page, you can expect to pay the listed prices as long as the item ships to the US.

Staples charges no shipping or handling fees for shipping through the UPS label. However, if you have a Staples Print & Ship center in your neighborhood, call for information on what packages are eligible for the free shipping.

If you have a free UPS My Choice account you can also bill your shipping expenses to your UPS account online.
– If you have a free UPS My Choice account you’ll have the ability to order labels online from a Staples store and then have them delivered immediately to your door for free.
If you’re buying labels for a specific purpose, or you purchase a small quantity of labels, you can order them online or in-store.

By creating an easy way for small businesses to sign up for services like UPS shipping and tracking, UPS and Staples hope to cut down on the overall time it takes to ship a package.

This also cuts down on unnecessary invoices but the added bonus here is that your billing is also faster.

To know more, you can also read our posts on the best way to ship internationally and how to ship internationally the cheapest way.


The Staples Access Point is a program that allows UPS to deliver packages to your Staples business to try out their new package delivery system. You can drop off packages at certain Staples locations, provided it’s participating in the UPS Access Point program. To find out if your local Staples is a UPS Access Point, you can visit either the UPS website or the Staples website.

If you use the “Drop in any location” option you can drop off your package and have it shipped to their location. You should know that FedEx may change your shipping destination without notice. This means you need to use the shipping method that is safest for you.
If you use the “Ship to Staples Associate” option you can ship your package to their location but you need to be ready to pay for the shipping cost. You can choose to pay with a credit card or you can use your debit card on file and pay with your PIN number.

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