Does Big Lots Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

With the low prices that the store offers, there is a lot that customers can learn from the store.

Customers are seeing more value on certain items including toys and sporting goods. A price match program gives a price match guarantee on items sold online.

Does Big Lots Price Match In 2022?

The price matching policy can only be accessed online and requires that customers provide proof of the lower price. However, the request must only be made within seven days of the original purchase. This request should only be made if you’ve purchased an item from a business with a physical presence (such as a store).

If you’re looking for more information and want to know more about the price matching policy at Big Lots, you’re in the right place!

What Is Big Lots Price Matching Policy?

When your Big Lots store is offering a lower price for an item, check the competitors’ stores for even lower prices.

But if you are looking for an in-store price match, you can only find that if you are a member of the BigLots Rewards program.

However, the price matching policy does not include competitors who have no physical stores, competitors who charge membership fees and competitors outside of the United States.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide any updates as we receive them.

You can’t offer the same product for a cheaper price than me.
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If you notice an original price of a Big Lots item and you want to save a few cents, just talk to an associate about it.

The associate who receives your request may have to verify and validate the claim of lower pricing.

In addition to store prices, customers can also request price matching on online prices for items purchased from a Big Lots store or from a third party that was a direct or an indirect price match. If the customer is eligible for online price matching, Big Lots will give the customer price matching on the item at the requested price, even if the item was purchased from a different store or from an online outlet.

A customer can request a price match. They can ask for it at any other Big Lots store in the United States or Puerto Rico, and the merchant will decide if the customer is eligible.

In the event the price match is approved, Big Lots is not responsible if a customer purchases the item elsewhere on the same day.

What Are the Exceptions of the Big Lots Price Match?

Although Big Lots allows customers to compare competitor stores’ prices, the price match guarantee only applies if it can be verified that the competitor price is the same or lower than the price at the Big Lots store. In the case of a price listed that is higher than the price at the Big Lots store, there is no price match guarantee.

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How Do You Request a Price Match at Big Lots?

While there are no price match benefits on specific products. If we did a price match it would be done at the department level.

In order to request a price match, you do not have to visit the competitor’s store within 7 days after your purchase. After you purchase your item, you must visit the competitor’s store within 7 days and request for a price match.

The only things you need to match are those which are being bought. You don’t have to match flavor, color, and model number.

If the competitor’s item is a refurbished one, the competitor can not use that item to compete with Big Lots’ deal.

You need to find an item in stock at a Big Lots store near you.

Once you ascertain that the item is eligible for price matching, Big Lots will require proof of the competitor’s item and price through an ad or a photo. This can be an ad or a photo of the item being sold in the store.

We have determined that the item will receive a price reduction and the associate will update the price.

What Stores Do Big Lots Price Match?

You are viewing the price matching results for Wal-Mart in your local area.

In addition to that, these stores that require membership fees are excluded, as well as any store that requires membership to buy online-only stores.

Does Big Lots  Match Prices With Walmart?

What?? They don’t match prices with Walmart? It would suck to have to run to Walmart to spend $25 only to not be able to get it for $19.95.

Therefore, if you discover at Big Lots a product at a lower price than the price from a Walmart store, this means that you have the right to request a price reduction.

This deal cannot be combined with any other or in-store promotional offer and cannot be applied to previous purchases. The price cannot be applied to corporate, gift card, tag or other promotions.

Does Big Lots Price Match Amazon?

Big Lots does not price match Amazon. According to the price matching policy of Big Lots, the store does not match prices with online stores that don’t have physical locations.

If you look at the rules to see how Amazon qualifies, you’ll see how they meet the terms.

And here is a list of other questions you may have regarding Big Lots. For help shopping for and using coupons at Big Lots or other stores, you can visit our Coupon Help section.


Buying and selling on Big Lots is about more than just price matching. Big Lots allows customers to save money with its low prices and generous in-store returns policy.

Some of the rules and conditions are that the price matches have to be done in store and no one else can do the price match.

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