Does Walmart Sell Sushi? (types, Prices, Quality + More)

It seems so. There are several kinds such as California rolls and hand rolls that are sold in the regular supermarkets.

There are a lot of weird things in the world that you can buy from Walmart. However, one of the more surprising things is the fact that you can buy Japanese sushi there.

Does Walmart Sell Sushi In 2022?

Walmart does in fact sell sushi, both fresh and frozen, under the brand name Moji. The offerings are much more limited than the offerings of other grocery stores, but do include some popular rolls, such as California and spicy crab. Prices are comparable to other grocery stores, but the quality is widely reviled.

There are many types of sushi available in the US.
One of the more popular types of sushi is the Moji brand. Moji is a Japanese brand that is popular for its large variety of sushi. It is one of the most preferred sushi dishes in America.

What Type Of Sushi Does Walmart Have?

Walmart sells both a “fresh” version of sushi, located in the deli area, as well as frozen sushi.

However, since the noun sushi is not an adjective, you have to rephrase the sentence, to make it grammatically correct.

Walmart’s sushi is made with a lot of fresh ingredients, and comes in three flavors: California roll, spicy crab, and California cream cheese.

You also get 10 packages of this, the average price is about $60.

This is just like a regular sushi roll, except it’s got a bit of wasabi and ginger.

If you are looking for a more traditional sushi in a can, you might consider getting the Okami brand sushi in your local Walmart.

I went to Japan for a conference and ate sushi. When the clerk at the sushi counter finished my order, he told me that, due to a lack of fish, he didn’t have enough for me to eat. Then a woman walking by saw it and wanted to try it.

Sushi that isn’t from Banzai will be much cheaper, so you can expect to pay about $3 for a roll.

The boxes come with 15 pieces of sushi per box. The boxes require thawing (safest in a refrigerator) before serving.

Who Makes Moji Sushi?

Trident is a subsidiary of the Yum! Brands empire.

All fish are caught and all products are caught locally in Alaska. Products include salmon, cod, pollock, halibut, rockfish, and shrimp.

Not quite. As I understand it, the chicken and the rice are pre-assembled when they come to your store, and frozen. The rolls themselves are made at the store, and then the assembly is done there. That leaves the fish, to my knowledge, as the only pre-assembled component of the plate that’s done at the factory.

That’s why there were so many stores that were open in the malls.

How Much Is Walmart Sushi?

This would be better than what you would get in a Japanese-style restaurant.

The Moji brand is a higher quality sushi that costs more per bowl, but the average is about $5 per serving.

There was also the “Frozen Donburi” on the menu. Donburi is basically a rice bowl set with various ingredients such as meat and vegetables.

It’s cheaper than other grocery store sushi, like at Giant Eagle where we can pay anywhere between $7 to $10 for a package.

Where Is Sushi Located In Walmart?

The sushi bar that opens at the front of your store is a refrigerated area, where you’ll find rolls, nigiri, and other fresh sushi options.

Walmart’s frozen sushi is located on the floor, usually behind the frozen juice aisle.

If you are looking to add some extra flavor you can opt for the grilled salmon, which you can see sitting at a side counter.

Should You Buy Sushi From Walmart?

Some critics say that Walmart’s sushi is bad, and that they would rather shop and eat at a better Asian restaurant instead.

Walmart sushi was voted the worst sushi in a poll by Mashed, with nearly 55 percent of respondents giving it an embarrassing title.
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I’ve had it. Multiple times. Of course not any of the raw stuff, just the imitation crab.

There was a time when we didn’t find out about the foods being eaten until we tasted it but nowadays, we are exposed to it through social media, television, and so on. These media outlets are a great way to check out what other people are cooking.

There were so many comments and reviews saying “the best” and “excellent” that it was definitely worth it.

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For sushi, you can get sushi at Walmart in the frozen section, as well as fresh.

Walmart’s sushi doesn’t make it to the top of the list. It can be a good deal to pick up sushi at the store if you don’t want to cook or eat out.

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