Does Walmart Sell Sushi In 2022? (Everything To Know!)

Sushi is one food that you either love or hate. People who love sushi will often be attracted to great deals and the ease of eating fresh fish at a reasonable price.

If you’re a Walmart customer, you might think it would be great if they offered sushi. But, is that true? Let’s see!

Is Walmart selling sushi?

Walmart began selling sushi in a small container a few years back so customers could grab one of the many rolls and add it to their grocery cart. But is it worth it. Continue reading to learn ….

Is sushi at Walmart any good?

Sushi is difficult to make. While the concept is simple, the actual process is complex. Sushi rolls, as well as other Japanese dishes, are made with fresh fish.

It’d be incredible to believe that Walmart could make great sushi, even though it has everything else. However, customers who have tried it say it isn’t that good.

Is Walmart Sushi Safe?

Sushi is all about raw fish. It’s natural to be concerned if you buy sushi from a grocery store.

Sushi purchased at Walmart is safe. However, raw fish can only be consumed for three days, while cooked or vegetarian rolls can last up to seven days. If in doubt, check the expiration date.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a high-quality dish. But if you do crave sushi, you can find it while grocery shopping.

Is Walmart selling fresh sushi?

Walmart stocks fresh sushi, so you can order and eat it right away.

Does Walmart Sell Frozen Sushi?

Although they don’t have a lot to offer, Walmart does sell frozen sushi. Although you’ll most likely see California Rolls and Spicy Crab Rolls, it is an option.

Which Grocery Store Stocks Sushi of Good Quality?

You might agree with the majority of customers that you don’t like Walmart’s sushi. However, there are other grocery stores that offer fresh fish meals.

Customers recommend Whole Foods as the best place to get delicious sushi.

Taste of Home says that you can improve grocery store sushi by following a few simple steps that are well worth it

The magazine states that a little heating can fluff rice and bring out the delicious flavors you love. A half-minute is all it takes to save sushi from the store. You won’t notice a difference if you do it for less than that. You will end up with a dry and unsatisfying dish.

This will allow you to get closer to the Japanese restaurant experience.

Is Walmart selling Hissho Sushi?

Walmart has partnered up with Hissho Sushi, and offers Hissho on the Go at Walmart stores in Charlotte, North Carolina since late last year.

They opened a Sushi and Craft Beer Bar at a Walmart store in Arkansas in 2020.

According to

Hissho Sushi CEO Dan Beem stated that the opening of Hissho Sushi’s second craft beer bar is a testament to Hissho Sushi’s commitment towards growth and redefining customer experience at their local grocery stores. “As we continue our growth as a market leader, we are proud to partner with progressive retailers to create an experience worth returning for every day.”

Walmart now has more options to enter the sushi market and appeal to new customers who are looking for something more relaxing and enjoyable than simply buying a box of sushi from the grocery store and walking out.

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You shouldn’t purchase sushi from a grocery store if you want great sushi. It doesn’t matter if it’s tempting to grab a bag and go, it won’t provide the quality you desire.

If you really like it, or if it is something you are interested in, then it is possible to purchase it at Walmart. You might also want to visit a Hissho Sushi store if you’re nearby.

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