Does Home Depot Thread Pipe? (galvanized, Copper, Gas)

A home renovation is a one-stop shop for do-it-yourselfers who are kickstarting an installation project. During the renovation, you may need to thread pipe to add grooves which can be later used as a sealant or joint.

If you’re wondering if Home Depot threads work with your project, here’s all the information you need to know!

Does Home Depot Thread Pipe In 2022?

They have 3 ways to install all the plumbing in your house:
1. Drill and Tubing – Use drill bits to drill holes in the pipe, then insert PVC or copper tubing.
2. Threading – Use some kind of tool to cut the pipe and then “thread it” (insert the plastic tubing) into the pipe.
3. Tubing – Use a special type of plastic tubing that you insert into the pipe before the plastic tubing is connected to the water supply.

If you would like to find out more about pipe threading at Home Depot, including whether they rent or sell pipe threaders, read on!

What Types Of Pipe Does Home Depot Thread?

Home Depot will cut and thread any plumbing products provided you bought them at the store or online.

How Much Does It Cost To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

You can usually get free thread and threading from Home Depot. However, you need to use Home Depot’s pipe. If you purchased your piping from some other location, you might need to pay a small fee.

Additionally customers have previously reported paying anywhere from $1 for a five inch length to $10 for a 40 inch length depending on the store’s individual policy, and if it’s the same pipe in which you do the threading.

If the store is not willing to provide an estimated price, you can ask for the price of the most similar pipe.

Where Can You Find Pipe Threading At Home Depot?

Most DIY stores will have the right tools and can help you with the installation or have it professionally done.

Pipe threading can be done at the plumbing section of home depot. If not, you may wish to try the Cutting Center.

It’s very important that the pipe diameter is known to be able to be threaded correctly. Call your nearest branch to find out if they can thread pipes.

Can You Rent Tools To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

To save some money, I could rent a threader from the local tool rental company that has a charge of $39.99 per week.

It will be affordable to the DIYer, but pricey enough to keep the high-end pro from ever considering it.

In case of loss, damage, or failure to return, customers will have to pay $100.

This tool can be returned to the library’s collection with our book drop in the Main and Piazza area.

Are There Other Places That Thread Pipe?

Lowes will be willing to cut threads on your pipe for free provided they were bought from the store. A tool will be used that will cut threads on the end of pipes.

Can You Buy Tools To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

If you often need to thread pipe, you could benefit from purchasing your own equipment from Home Depot, which offers a variety of pipe threading equipment in-store and online.

For example, the RIDGID corded power drive threading machine is a top-rated tool at $1,409.92, and it gains 115-voltage and 700 power drives.

If you are not careful, a screw will drive itself into your house.

You can also check if Home Depot cuts roofing, and if Home Depot cuts rebar and countertops for the general contractor, and if Home Depot cuts roofing for the roof contractor.


Home Depot announced that it will be threading any size plumbing fixtures that are galvanized or black iron, Pex, black iron or copper. The threading will be free for the first 10 feet. A small fee might be charged on the threader itself, however the service does come at a fixed cost.

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