Who Makes Husky Air Compressors For Home Depot? (all You Need To Know)

The Home Depot offers a great selection of air compressors used for home improvement projects made by a selection of well-known and independent brands.

Regular Home Depot shoppers may have seen the Husky brand and wondered – who makes the Husky air compressors for Home Depot? Here is what I’ve found out about this!
Husky Air Compressors are made in the USA and are made for the US market only.

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors For Home Depot In 2022? 

Campbel and Hausfeld are set to become a subsidiary of Home Depot so that all Husky compressors will be sold exclusively at Home Depot and online. Husky Air compressors are made by Campbel and Hausfeld as of 2022.

Here are some things you need to know if you want to start using a Husky air compressor: Where is Husky air compressors manufactured? Which ones are the best? Here are some resources to help you find and choose the right one for your needs!

Who Owns Husky Air Compressors? 

Husky Wrench was established by Sigmund Mandl in collaboration with the J.H. Williams Tool Group. It was originally known as Husky Wrench.

The partnership between Husky and Home Depot became the largest tool-lending library in the world.

The new Home Depot owns the rights to Husky and Husky is now a subsidiary of the Home Depot Corporation.

Where Are Husky Air Compressors Manufactured? 

Husky started importing some of its products. Some of its products were made in Canada while some others were made by Hormel.

In the early years of Home Depot, the tools were made in China. Home Depot then moved production to Apex in 2004.

Crescent, Weller, SATA and Cleco make kitchen, home and office appliances. They are very well known and popular companies.

Husky air compressors are now made by Marmon Group. The Marmon Group purchased Hausfeld Group around 2008, but it is now called Campbel compressor.

Most of these companies are based in the U.S, but most of their Husky air compressors no longer show the ‘Made in the U.S.’ label.

This is the reason why they are manufactured in China and India. This heavily suggests that they are manufactured overseas as well.

How Can You Tell If A Husky Air Compressor Was Made In The USA?

The easy way to determine whether a product was produced in the United States is by reviewing the ‘Made in the U.S.’ label.

The country from which an item was imported is listed on the item’s packing slip. If the country is unknown, leave the country field blank.

You can also look up information about the country of origin of the person’s ticket, but this is not always used.

One of these signs will show you where your air compressor was made.

An air compressor will usually have a model identification number stamped in the housing and should be listed in the Owner’s Manual.

Can You Buy Husky Air Compressors At Home Depot? 

Husky Home Depot branded products include air compressors, power tools, garage storage units, tool storage, hand tools, plumbing equipment, flashlights, floor jacks, and totes.

Husky Air Compressors are made by Husky. You can find them at your local Home Depot store or online.

To buy the best air compressor for home repair, start with the cost of the compressor itself, the hose and pipe size, and the price for a couple of gallons of air compressor fluid.

Additionally, customers can buy vertical electric air compressors, which are oil-free, for $279 (20 gallons) to $323 (30 gallons).

These air compressors are used to create an air flow or pressure for the purpose of increasing the pressure of air, usually within something else.

If you are looking for industrial or commercial, you may find the Husky 80-gallon stage air compressor. It’s for heavy-duty and commercial.

The Home Depot finance is unlimited, and is good for a fixed period of time. As we saw for the HD debit card, it is not the best option. They will not have to pay any interest on the finance as there is no finance charge.

Is Husky Air Compressors A Good Brand? 

Husky air compressors are practical and affordable, so if you are looking for a compressors that won’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars, a Husky air compressor is one of the best choices for you to buy.

In addition to this, the company states that they are the best affordable tool brand and they are known for their durability.

I would think that the problem is much worse with gas lines since they are pressurized and not pressurizable.

Husky air compressors have an average rating of four or five out of five stars.

Customers said the compressor was the quietest compressor they have ever seen. They recommended it for heavy duty jobs.

Husky compressors are made in Cincinnati, Ohio by Campbell. Campbell air compressors are made in the same location as Husky compressors.

If you’re looking to buy an electric heater from Home Depot, you can find out if Home Depot sells Husqvarna products, if Home Depot sells Craftsman tools, and if Home Depot bends pipes, conduit & copper pipe.


Husky air compressors are manufactured by Campbel and Hausfeld, a known air compressor retailer and creator. Home Depot is a large home improvement center and retailer.

Manufacturing companies in China and India that manufacture products for Home Depot are located outside of the U.S. in countries with lower labor, transportation and other costs.

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