Who Makes Behr Paint For Home Depot? (manufacturer, Made In Usa + More) 

Behr Paint is the leader in the industry of paint products, it is now the most popular paint brand in the USA and Europe.

The paint line and products are made in the USA by Behr. A company that is owned by PPG Industries. Since Home Depot’s own paint lines are made by PPG and sold at Home Depot, the line and products are definitely made in the USA. This is important to note since we know that Home Depot does not source the paint line or products from overseas companies. It makes sense that the company would continue to source paint in the USA.

Who Makes Behr Paint For Home Depot In 2022? 

Behr Paint is made in seven different locations in four U.S. states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee) and has been made for over 125 years. Behr Paint was the first brand of paint in the United States to be made with lead-free paint. Behr Paint is made in a variety of colors and finishes.

If you want to learn more specifically about the owners of Behr Paint, as well as what types of Behr Paint are sold at Home Depot, keep on reading!

Who Owns Behr Paint? 

Behr Paint Company was a privately owned company that made Behr paint, primer, stains, and waterproofing products.
The company was acquired by PPG Industries in May 1997, making PPG the world’s largest specialty coatings manufacturer.

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In 1999, Masco corporation of Livonia acquired behr paint company, the parent company of behr paint products.

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The Masco Corporation is recognized internationally as a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded home improvement goods and supplies.

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Currently, Home Depot is the largest retail store owner in North America and has done business in the United States for over 40 years.

Where Is Behr Paint Manufactured? 

In the beginning, Behr paint products were made in one location in California called the Behr Santa Ana location.

It also began to sell its products to a broader American market by opening more manufacturing locations.

With the manufacturing sites being located in different regions of the U.S., customers are able to receive their orders faster.

Is Behr Paint A Good Brand?

Behr paint carries a positive reputation amongst homeware customers with stellar reviews.

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Additionally, the paint provides a level of protection against water, making it a good choice for those with wet areas.

The Home Depot website shows that many of Behr’s paint products are at least pretty good when you look at the reviews.

Customers appreciate the product’s excellent performance and the fact that it dries fast. It has an even coverage and doesn’t run.

Consumers were disappointed with how the ultra white paint looked.

The problem is often that the paint odor isn’t totally eliminated. With that being said, you can still enjoy a beautiful kitchen!

Does Home Depot Make Behr Paint? 

Home Depot is working directly with Behr on the paint business, but the store has no direct involvement with Behr Paint.

In 1978, the Home Depot formed an official business partnership with the Behr Paint Company. This was 10 years later and the paint color matching in the store was introduced.

Is Behr Paint Sold At Home Depot? 

If you want to know more about the partnership between Behr and Home Depot, you can visit the links provided in the description to our website!

At Home Depot, you can be sure to find a colorful assortment of Behr paint, helping you select colors to complement the look of your decor.

A customer can buy various types of paint, including acrylic, oil-based, exterior paint (for brick walls, fences, barns, and slate roofs), primer, sealer, gloss, and metal paint.

When people are renovating their homes, they find the need to paint their walls and floor.

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The company was acquired by The Mesco Companies in 2006. Mesco is an industry leader in producing paint, stains, and other wallcoverings and has held a nearly 40 year-long partnership with the owners of Behr Paint, Home Depot.

This partnership is beneficial to Home Depot because it makes paint available in their stores. In the long run, it will be more sustainable if paint is made somewhere in the United States and not in Vietnam.

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