Verizon Death Policy (all You Need To Know)

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It is very common for families of the deceased to purchase a new Verizon phone for the late loved one, but if the person is not signed up for service at the moment of death, then the service will simply be cancelled after a year.

What Is the Verizon Death Policy In 2022?

According to a recent Verizon press release they will be adding a feature called ‘Last 4 digits’ to their account holders where any person can call and have the account shut off if they know the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number.

You can find out how to cancel a dead person’s phone on Verizon’s website (it’s a real thing), but if you want to know what to do if someone you love dies, keep reading!

What Happens to Verizon Account When Owner Dies?

The Verizon Death Policy states that you can transfer that account to another account (at least to a VZW account) when the account owner dies, or you can simply choose to cancel the service for that account or number.

If you have a Line on the account, the line must be converted to an interest in the estate. If you do not have a line on the account, the value of the line must be converted to a cash amount and then the line transferred to the estate.

To retrieve information, log in to your account and go to My Accounts, click on the deceased account, and select the Transfer Service From Deceased Account Owner.

You can transfer the line into your name once you’ve filled out all the paperwork and Verizon has paid the transfer fee.

How Do You Cancel a Verizon Phone Number When Someone Dies?

Another option is to cancel the deceased persons cellphone number (if they’ve subscribed to it at Verizon), the service is free and is still valid after death.

The service provider’s phone number, your name, the account number and the date that the services will be canceled on. Also, you may be unable to cancel the contract until you and the carrier have fulfilled certain obligations, like paying an early termination fee.

If someone passes away, the only thing you need to do is say “customer passed away,” and someone can help you further.

You can log in to the device that you want to disconnect, and you can see the device through a message sent to the phone, and you can disconnect it.

Does the Verizon Death Policy Require a Death Certificate?

Verizon doesn’t need you to have the last four digits of the deceased’s Social Security number, but if you’re gonna disconnect their service, you’ll need them.

Does Verizon Waive the Early Termination Fee After Someone Dies?

Verizon does not require the purchaser of their products to have a contract with them in order to waive early termination fees.

When you make a payment for a credit account, the payment is taken from the associated credit card and credited to the account. When you make a payment for a debit account, the payment is taken from the associated debit card and credited to the account. Both of these payments are recorded in the Debit and Credit History section of your Personal Information. Payments are recorded by your bank or ATM card provider.

Does Verizon Waive the Device Payment Agreement Upon Death?

Verizon can return your device for a refund if you die, but only if you’re returning the device to a corporate store location. Your device will be stored in a secure facility and the policy allows for up to one year of storage.

In order to ensure that the device is no longer being billed to the account, a death certificate is required.

As long as the person is eligible, the creditor is entitled to take the loan. The borrower will need to prove their eligibility for the loan.

Will Verizon Unlock a Dead Person’s Phone?

If the device is older than 60 days, we can’t unlock it for you. However, if you can prove ownership of the device, we may be able to help.

If you did not allow the contract to remain active for the first 60 days, you only have to wait 15 days before you can move to a different carrier.

However, if you’re talking about more about accessing the information, then it becomes tricky, unless you have documentation to prove you rightfully deserve access to the information.

You can get a court document if the person who died doesn’t leave behind any family or friends to handle their information on their behalf.

It is not a good idea to keep trying to get into the device if you do not know the passcode, as it will lock you out.

Apple has a Digital Legacy Program through which users can back up phone data and photos. However, unless someone has already set things up through the Digital Legacy Program that Apple has available, it’s nearly impossible to access phone content quickly without a court order.

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According to Verizon, you can switch your phone to “Pay by phone” and that is the only way you can disconnect the phone of the deceased.

You can only reset your Social Security number and PIN through the phone number you have on file. To do this, you’ll need to call customer service at 877-9-MY-AMEX (877-947-6328) and provide the name, address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number.

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