Is T-mobile Unlimited Really Unlimited? (all You Need To Know)

Yes, I am thinking of switching to T-Mobile and I want to know if T-Mobile has throttles because I don’t want to get throttled. I also want to know if T-Mobile is really unlimited.

Well, if you’re looking for a solid T-Mobile data plan, you found one!

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Is T-Mobile Unlimited Really Unlimited?

T-Mobile Unlimited is really unlimited and there are no data caps or overages with T-Mobile. You can enjoy streaming movies and television shows or playing intense mobile games using the data that T-Mobile gives you. However, you may notice that your speeds are lower once you’ve run out of your premium data limit.

In this article, you’re going to find out a lot of exciting information and facts about T-Mobile’s unlimited data that you can use to your advantage.

What Happens When You Go Over Your Data Limit T-Mobile?

The users who go over their data allotment, won’t be charged overage fees and the data they use will be prioritized and sent at a slower rate.

This means that if you have 5 users on the Magenta plan and all of them are on the same shared carrier that has a congested tower, some people may experience reduced speeds if the tower is congested.

The speeds are significantly reduced if the cellular data speeds are overloaded on the tower. The speeds are also affected by the speeds of other users on the tower.

That means you will be able to make calls, text messages, and use all data. It won’t be unlimited as the speed could be reduced or restricted during times of congestion.

Is T-Mobile 5G Really Unlimited?

T-mobile 5G is really unlimited because you will have unlimited talk, text, and data, but your data speeds will be reduced once you go over the 100 GB of premium data for that plan because AT&T and other carriers don’t count their data in the same way.

T-Mobile says that plans like Magenta Max offer unlimited premium data that won’t be slowed regardless of how much data you use. But that is not true during times of congestion.

How Many GB is T-Mobile Unlimited Data?

T-Mobile offers unlimited data to customers (unlimited data speeds), but you need to use data and be careful about your usage. You will have to use data at a low speed once you have reached your cap.

In summary, Magenta Max is 50/100 GB, the
Essentials plan is 100/200/300 GB, and the Max plan is 200/300/400
GB. If a customer exceeds their data plan volume, the customer can
continue to consume their data plan volume, but the speeds of their
connection will slow down until the customer reaches their data
allotment again.

How Do I Know If My T-Mobile Phone Is Being Throttled?

T-Mobile does not consider slowing down an iPhone to be throttling. Instead, they look at it as prioritizing data, so you won’t notice any throttling of your data speeds.

It is throttling. It just isn’t reducing your speeds to below what you want. When there is a cell tower that you’re unable to use, it will reduce your speeds if your data usage is above your limit.

For instance, if you are in a remote area or if your connection is really slow, you can use a VPN and change your location and then run the test again to see if it’s the problem.

Why Is My Unlimited Data So Slow T-Mobile?

There could be a few reasons why your unlimited data is slow with T-Mobile, with the most obvious being you’ve reached your premium data for the month and are on a congested tower.

Please include a screenshot, or other proof, of the problem when reporting it.

Go to Settings > Network > Data Usage > Usage Limit then press the Reset Limit button in the bottom right corner to clear all limits. You will then have a brand new data limit which you can see in your Settings > Network > Data Usage menu. If that doesn’t help, try restarting your phone and see if that improves the connection.

Why Does T-Mobile Slow Unlimited Data?

 T-Mobile will slow unlimited data speeds after you’ve reached your current data speed and are on a congested tower. This will improve the performance of your mobile network overall.

When companies are offering more things, they’re more likely to be able to prioritize your individual needs better than a traditional company.

Does Tethering Count Towards T-Mobile Unlimited Data?

If you use a smartphone as a mobile hotspot, you should be aware that it will be counted towards your T-Mobile Unlimited data plan.

To get more help, you can also view our in-depth T-Mobile coverage that includes an entire section about T-Mobile prepaid plans, T-Mobile’s cable TV channel lineup, and if T-Mobile offers unlimited data.


T-Mobile’s unlimited data is really unlimited, except that during times of congestion on a particular tower your speeds will slow down if you reach your pre-paid data limit.

And so, you will have higher throughput in an unlicensed area and lower throughput in a licensed area. The highest speed is also available in the same area you are connected to.

However, the fact that a majority of the time it’s not noticeable is a key part of the point of throttling, and is why it’s still throttling.

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