Can T-mobile Change My Phone Number? (all You Need To Know)

If you have T-Mobile and are interested in changing your phone number, you’ll want to look into all the information around that.

There are various methods of changing your phone number, and they are not all the same.
Most of the time, the process of changing your phone number is a lot easier than you think.
You can change your phone number without having to pay anything.

Can T-Mobile Change My Phone Number In 2022?

It usually takes from three to four hours to change a mobile phone number. This process can take longer if your new number hasn’t been pre-approved — T-Mobile will need to verify your identity and confirm eligibility before approving a new number.

I hope that you want to know more about the T-Mobile phone number switch process. So, if you have more questions about this topic then keep reading below as I’ve got more to share with you.

How Can I Change My T-Mobile Phone Number?

If you want to change your T-Mobile phone number, you’ll need to contact customer service by phone or by dialing 611 from your phone.

Additionally, if you call and tell them that you’d like to change your phone number, and then go to the change my phone number page, they will begin the process with you.

You can also go to a T-Mobile store if you’d like to switch your phone number. The customer service representative at the store can help you complete the process.

Can I Change My T-Mobile Phone Number Online?

You do not change your T-Mobile phone number online so you do not lose your identity or get into trouble with fraud and identity theft.

However, if you contact the support team you can only request more support tickets to be open and increase the limit.

Does T-Mobile Charge to Change Phone Numbers?

T-Mobile allows you to change your phone number in one year and you also get unlimited nationwide text for $10 per line with Scam Shield.

This means that if you want to change your T-Mobile Number a number of times a year, you’ll have to pay the $15 fee for the number change, but not all T-Mobile Prepaid plan holders have to pay this $15 fee.

The price of the line is $15 but is only added to your next bill so you don’t have to pay the $15 upfront.

What Happens When You Change Your T-Mobile Phone Number?

Your account stays active and accessible but it might take 3 – 5 days until your old number is removed. That means that anyone who tried to call you from your old number before will get a voicemail from your new number.
Your new account will have the same number of calls as your old one and your billing will begin from your new number.

Can You Choose Your New T-Mobile Phone Number?

Once you receive a text message from a T-Mobile customer service representative, T-Mobile does not allow you to make a vanity number request.

Further, the FCC has regulations that require the cell phone company to assign you sequential numbers from the database.

When you choose a phone number, the number is assigned to your cell phone account. This number is called your mobile identification number (MIN).

However, you can pick different sets of sequential numbers from the database, and usually there are three additional choices you can pick from.

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T-Mobile only allows you to change the number of your phone once a year for each line with additional number changes being $15 each time you change it.

Yes, Prepaid customers on the Prepaid plan will have to pay a $15 change fee when they change their phone number. It can take up to 4 hours for the change to go into effect.

Furthermore, you will lose all voicemails on your old number and it may take 3 days for you to regain access to your online accounts and voicemail.
If you changed your number within the past year, you will lose all your voicemails on the new number, and it could take three days to get back online.
If you changed your number within the last six months, T-Mobile will let you get back online right away.

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