Does T-mobile Offer Free Hulu And Netflix? (all You Need To Know)

I would say we’ve got a great variety of options for streaming services you can use and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your needs as you research.

Well, if you’ve been wondering in the past few months, you may have wondered if T-Mobile offers free Hulu and Netflix. Well, the answer to this is currently a big “no”.

Does T-Mobile Offer Free Hulu And Netflix?

T-Mobile does offer free Netflix to its customers. But this is only for customers who have either Magenta or T-Mobile One plans. Magenta customers get free Netflix through their T-Mobile Magenta account, while T-Mobile One customers can get free Netflix through their T-Mobile One accounts.

Are you aware that you can get a free Netflix subscription from T-Mobile, which may be of great use to you? If so, then keep reading this and see if that is of interest!

Is Netflix Free On T-Mobile?

Netflix is free with Magenta after you bring your Sprint number to T-Mobile.
Netflix is free after your add-on subscription is complete.
There are no additional charges for Netflix on T-Mobile after your add-on subscription is complete.

The number of lines on your plan will depend on how much you pay, so the offer will vary.

If you want to add Magenta TV to a plan, you’ll need to get an Amazon Prime subscription. This gives you up to four concurrent streams and unlimited 4K streaming. The Magenta Max with a 4K TV also comes with a Netflix Basic subscription.

It’s worth it, as it’ll enable your entire family to watch videos on your Netflix account. You can also add the feature of a tablet for the whole family, with this plan.

Is Hulu Free On T-Mobile?

In order for us to have Hulu as one of the services that we offer with our customers we need to have a data plan and you can’t get a data plan as part of the service for free.

A few months after T-Mobile bought Sprint, the company started to sell the “Hulu On Us” promotion. Unfortunately, the deal later expired. T-Mobile has since stopped the T-Mobile Hulu promotion.

What Streaming Service Is Free With T-Mobile?

As well as being able to stream games, music and Netflix. You can even get a hotspot to connect up to 10 devices at once!

How Much Does T-Mobile Charge For Netflix?

T-Mobile does not charge for Netflix and you’ll get it free as long as you maintain an account that is in good standing and stay on one of the qualifying Magenta or Magenta Max plans.

How Do I Activate My Free T-Mobile Netflix?

There are a variety of ways to get free Netflix through your T-Mobile subscription. One of the most straightforward ways is to check your T-Mobile account for the correct Netflix plan through their website or app.

Does T-Mobile 55+ Plan Include Netflix?

You will receive Netflix as part of your plan. Magenta Max gives you one screen in HD and 5 GB of mobile data. You will have to pay for anything more.

Does T-Mobile Charge For Netflix Price Increase?

In the next five years, Netflix plans to increase its price, but the increase won’t be reflected on your phone bill.

You can watch the full video for yourself below.

Which is why, after three years, if you move to another carrier, the difference in prices will still be there as well.
-T-Mobile has now put a cap on how many streaming devices you can add to your account.

to know if T-Mobile offers internet, to know if T-Mobile offers cable TV, and if you can still unlock your phone.


T-Mobile is a company that offers an unlimited data subscription for its customers. The service is offered with the Magenta or Magenta Max data plans.

One of the reasons Netflix is working on their own streaming device is because they want to keep streaming from their own servers, which provides more robust streaming.

To qualify for the Netflix 2 screens in HD subscription, you will need Magenta Max. Also, T-Mobile does not offer free Hulu and has discontinued the Sprint “Hulu On Us” promotion. Magenta Max allows you to enjoy on-the-go HD programming without a HDTV.

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