Does T-mobile Offer Cable Tv? (All You Need To Know)

You just need to know what T-Mobile TV offers in your area. If your area is covered, T-Mobile TV lets you watch your favorite programming on your T-Mobile device. Watch over 50 live television and on-demand channels. And now, T-Mobile TV is available on most new Android devices. So you can enjoy your favorite programs on the go.

 I checked numerous websites to see whether T-Mobile offers cable television, and I found the answer to that question so continue reading to find out whether T-Mobile offers cable television!

Does T-Mobile Offer Cable TV?

– The most popular streaming service in the US, currently, is Netflix, which has amassed a whopping 44 million subscribers. Netflix is known for its high quality content, as well as its binge-watching culture, and it is currently the only major streaming service to offer original content in over 100 countries.

T-Mobile recently sent out a T-Mobile One promo on Twitter which highlighted some of the great features that your account will have. You can find all of that at the end of this article.

Why is TVision Shutting Down?

The company’s owner,, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 23, 2011. The company had previously been operating for less than four months.

However, these firms said that they never vetted TVision in the first place, and that they only agreed to do so once they found out about it.

Is T-Mobile TVision Good?

This was a TV Service from T-Mobile. They were actually releasing it in the U.S., but then closed it down. It was not that good, and we are not sure why they shut it down.

Additionally, there were many plan options available from TVision at affordable pricing. With many plans just $10 per month, it was a no-brainer for it to be a worthwhile contender.

You had the option to stream Netflix on multiple devices, and you got 100 hours of DVR service through the cloud.

But one of the main criticisms with the TVision service was that they didn’t work with Roku, it was only available for T-Mobile subscribers and it wasn’t as user-friendly as other services.

All of the best sports channels were not included in the channel guide, and all channels were listed in one household.

Does TVision Require Internet?

The TVision device can be connected to the Internet through a cable or wireless connection.

You must have at least one subscription to one of T-Mobile’s TVision services to use T-Mobile TV.

And, this is where I got most of my information from. To add to it, I think you could get a T-Mobile TV subscription for free if you subscribe to either T-Mobile or Alltel. Then, I got the idea from the following article.

Does T-Mobile have A TV plan?

T-Mobile stopped selling TVision and removed it from the store. You can still download and install the Hub, which allows you to access all of the streaming services that you enjoy.

To play back TV and videos, you can use the VLC Player, while those who want to watch live TV will want to install TVision app.

TVision Hub is a TV streaming service which you have to pay to watch and is like Netflix, but with more channels like Paramount Plus.

However, there are discounts and free streaming service subscriptions with qualifying plans and lines, such as a year free of Apple TV+ with a qualifying plan.

Will T-Mobile Offer Cable TV In The Future?

It does not seem that T-Mobile is going to offer cable television services in order to get subscribers that already have the Google TV app on their phone.

 It seems T-Mobile is not going to become a part of the live cable television streaming market, as there is no reason to suspect that T-Mobile will upgrade the TVision service.

There is always the possibility of T-Mobile bringing in a cable company like DirecTV or Comcast and offering live cable television on T-Mobile’s mobile network. However, we will have to wait and see what T-Mobile does and what happens with the merger.

It’s not like other providers, that offer you more than you can even use. T-Mobile, for example, offers you more data than you can possibly use.


T-Mobile will not offer cable TV or internet as of 2022, it will be only offering wireless services, but they don’t guarantee the stability or the quality of that internet.

Also, TVision wasn’t that good since it was only available on T-Mobile and didn’t have other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.

If you have a TVision Hub and you connect it to the internet, then you can use Google Chrome to search for entertainment content on the internet.

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