Why Is Amazon Called Amazon? (+ Other Interesting Faqs)

Amazon has established itself as the world’s leading e-commerce company, letting their customers find everything they could ever need.

But if you’re a frequent shopper at Amazon, you might be wondering the company’s name. We’ve done the research, and here’s everything we found out about the company’s name!

Why Is Amazon Called Amazon In 2022?

The name Amazon was chosen to show that the company is much larger and much more expansive than its competitors which just like the Amazon river is the largest river in the world. The name Amazon was chosen after paging through the “A” section of the dictionary.

To find out more about how Amazon.com was formed, the name of the company, and the origins of this website, keep on reading!

How Did Amazon Get Its Name?

Amazon.com came about when Jeff Bezos went to a customer service desk and asked for help ordering books online.
And so we’re looking at the best of two worlds. We’re looking at the best of the original, where people go look for products they want to buy online.
And we’re also looking at the best of the eCommerce world, where they can go to a website and look for a product to buy online and we make it really easy for them to do that.

The founder decided that Amazon should start with an A because he wanted the company to be first on any Google search.

He started with the “A” section, and he picked a number that he liked, and he tried to use that as every letter in the alphabet. He took his idea to his team, and they told him that it wasn’t going to work.

When reading the dictionary, Amazon caught Bezos’s attention because it’s the largest river in the world.

“We are excited to be partnering with Jeff Bezos and his organization, Amazon.com, to give people more access to books, music and video and more choices than ever before. The first day we launched, I saw the potential to connect the world in an unbroken way. I have seen the results of the first few years and we have a beautiful vision for the future. The next stage in the journey is to go beyond simply reading a book, listening to a song or watching a video. We want to transform the way people discover books, music and video.

Basically, Jeff Bezos wanted to portray that Amazon would be the world’s biggest book and literature provider.

What Was Amazon Originally Called?

You can see the logo of Cadabra on the original Bezos letter to shareholders that started the whole Amazon phenomenon.

On September 11, 2000, Cadabra.com was rebranded to a plain-colored version of the company logo with the addition of a link that pointed to “http://www.cadabra.com”.

Bezos decided the company should be named after the first object in the solar system to orbit another body.

Also, the company wanted to avoid using the word “cadaver” as it could be seen as a morbid curiosity, the paper reported.

What Other Potential Names Did Amazon Have?

Bezos originally named his company “Amerzon,” after his father’s hardware store in the Washington Post. But it quickly became clear this name was too close to the name of an international shipping company.

If you still visit Amazon’s website today, you’ll be redirected to Relentless.com. It’s an interesting fact that both domains were used by Amazon, and they didn’t pay a dime for them. These sites were sold in 1999.

What Kind Of Company Was Amazon Initially?

Amazon is known for being a one-stop-shop, and now it has even been seen as a go-to retailer for finding anything.

They didn’t start out selling books as the company you know it as today. They started out as a company that only sold books.

Amazon was started because Jeff believes in the power of an online marketplace. He wanted to make an easy way to ship products, an easy way to sell products, and an easy way to process transactions.

After being asked what he would do if he was a billionaire, Jeff Bezos decided to make as much money as possible.

When Did Amazon Get Big?

Compared to most companies, Amazon grew at an exponential rate. For example, after its first full year in operation (in October 1997), it registered one million customer accounts. It was the fastest-growing startup in history.

With that, Amazon’s revenue rose from $15.7 to $148 in just one year and then to $610 the year after that (in 1998).

We can also observe the same trend with the number of pages in the data set. The number of pages in the data set was in the thousands, but now it’s over 3 million.

How Did Amazon Grow So Fast?

There has been some speculation on the internet that Amazon’s rapid growth comes from Jeff Bezos’ work habits.

He said that while he worked a lot in the beginning, he also worked a lot of non-work hours.

In fact, people who worked on Amazon’s books site at the company’s start reported working 60+ hours a week and that Bezos had no concept of a work-life balance.

The founders of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and Steve Anderson, made it their goal to change the world.

It was definitely worth the time, as Amazon is one of the largest companies in the entire world.

What Other Companies Does Amazon Own?

Since Amazon has grown quite rapidly in the past years, the company has continued to acquire other businesses.

A good example of a company that has a very wide reach in many different industries is Amazon, which owns companies in the technology, grocery, media, and medicine industries.

While people will say that Amazon’s acquisitions are impressive and that Bezos will do anything to win, others have said that you don’t pick up companies and buy them back to win, and that Bezos has a very bad tendency to buy companies from other companies he has bought in order to show them that he is the boss.

The fact that Amazon cannot dominate a market is the reason they want to buy them now.

The purchase of Blinkbox, which allows TV viewers to buy or rent movies online for instant viewing.
The acquisition of Lovefilm, which allows users to buy and rent DVDs by the individual movie.
A deal to acquire the video streaming service Twitch, which gives users the ability to watch and interact with content streamed live from the web.

Amazon has been acquiring other companies that have been a part of its success.

On that note, if you want to learn more, you can learn more on the Amazon slogan, their target market, and the many countries that Amazon operates in.


Amazon.com got its name after its founder scrolled through his dictionary.

With that, the name “Amazon” is intended to reflect the idea that the company has the largest market share as part of the e-commerce industry and is the largest in the world, much like the Amazon river.

But, over time, Amazon grew, and they became the largest bookseller in the world. They also started working and grew.

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