Why Is Amazon Search So Bad? (all You Need To Know)

Although people have found searching for products on Amazon to be frustrating, customers have also found it difficult to find their searched for products.

A lot of people have expressed concern about Amazon’s search engine over the years. But why is it so bad? If you’d like to learn more, keep reading through this article to find out what I learned!

Why is Amazon Search Bad In 2022?

Amazon search can be hard to use at times since Amazon has a large emphasis on their advertisements. Recently, Amazon has made it more difficult to find specific parts by including a lot of their sponsored products on the search results page. Amazon has also become less reliable for finding specific parts since some sellers of Amazon are not including very essential information on their listing, making it hard for Amazon search to find accurate results.

If you want to learn more about why Amazon’s search engine is so flawed, how to filter your searches to find the correct product and more, keep reading!

Why Does Amazon Display Sponsored Products in Search?

As we all know, the Amazon.com homepage is full of sponsored product ads, like the one featured above. Sponsored products are generally the types of ads that Amazon makes most of the money from.

The sponsored ads that appear on search results pages are based on what the user has searched for in the past. Users can block the ads from their search results page, if they decide that they are being targeted to their interests.

This is the ad placement for the “Frozen” movie, as seen in our example snippet. The placement makes it difficult for people to find a specific brand within the category.

Why Can’t I Find Products When I Search on Amazon?

The main reasons that people have a hard time finding products on Amazon are that many sellers don’t include images in their product descriptions and some of the products aren’t listed by Amazon when you search for a product.

When sellers write their product pages, they have to include certain information and tags that are going to allow Amazon to filter more specific results.

But if the seller is not providing the right keywords and other relevant information, then Amazon’s filtering system may not be able to detect that product. This is difficult to find simply by searching for it.

As well, because Amazon makes a large profit off of sponsored products, those products get pushed to the foreground and cancel out other brands and products that customers are trying to locate.

How Do I Narrow Down my Search on Amazon?

Customers can narrow their search results by utilizing filters. If customers are in the market for one thing, they can use filters on their search screen to narrow down their results.

Customers can filter their searches based on price, name, brand, rating, availability, and currency. These filters will vary slightly depending on the type of product being searched for.

Customers can also search for products by department instead of using the search engine on the homepage, which will help to filter out products with similar names but are in a different category than the item a customer is searching for.

Thank you for your feedback, the team will look into it.

Is Amazon Advanced Search Better?

The Amazon Advanced Search engine is a way to search for specific products on the site. The site usually focuses on books, DVDs, music and video games.

A search engine that allows customers to search based on titles, keywords, sellers, ISBN numbers and other more detailed information to narrow the search down as much as possible.
The only place I can find a direct reference to that is in a StackOverflow question answer.

While Advanced Search is not generally used for online purchases, it can be helpful if you’re looking for a specific title or are using the site as a general reference in that it allows you to limit your search to an exact title.

Do Filters on Amazon Results Page Work?

Amazon’s system works, but it’s not designed for a broad customer base. It’s important that shoppers know specifically what they’re looking for before they attempt to use the system.

When customers look for the item they want, they can fill out the information in the left-hand side of the screen.

The filter options are great for when a customer is searching for specifics like a certain screen size, resolution, connectivity type or device compatibility.

Customers can also use the filters for the highest-rated products, allowing them to find an item that may be of better quality than what they originally searched for!

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Amazon has been under some scrutiny for the many ways it uses third-party salespeople to push its wares. While this practice has been around for years, it seems to have become more prevalent in the last year or two.

And when that happens, it doesn’t always mean the brand’s name will show up on the product page. It just means the product will be a bit harder for Amazon to locate by the brand.

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