Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges? (price, Types, Locations + More)

Buying a new printer cartridge instead of getting the one that is already in use is much better for the environment as one can reuse these cartridges and stop the production of new ones.

If you’re in the market for a refillable inkjet cartridge, Walgreens might just be your best bet. In fact, these are available for up to 12 cartridges per refilled cartridge.

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022?

Some Walgreens locations do refill ink cartridges at locations that have a photo lab as of 2022. Walgreens can refill inkjet cartridges for HP, Fuji, Canon, Samsung, Epson, Brother, and Lexmark printers. The cost of the service is $10 for black-ink cartridges and $25 for colored-ink cartridges and takes less than an hour. All ink cartridge refills are free for return customers at most locations.

To get you better informed about how to get ink cartridges refilled, what to look for, and how much it will cost, keep on reading.

How Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled By Walgreens?

Instead of getting your ink cartridge refilled at Walgreens, you should visit your local Walgreens store and head over to the ‘photo lab’ counter with your ink cartridge.

Once at the store you go to, you show them your receipt and then ask them to have the ink cartridge refilled. They will then have you sign this form as proof.

Once you have done that, the Wal-Green will check to see that you are ready to pick it up and notify you when it is ready. Walgreens will then process and refill your ink cartridge and make it ready to be received at the specified time of pick-up.

What Types Of Ink Cartridges Does Walgreens Refill?

If your printer’s manufacturer recommends you use a specific brand of ink cartridge, refill them at a Walgreens store. You might have to show them a receipt or proof of purchase.

Additionally Walgreens also has a printer service center that can help you resolve any print issues you might have.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Ink Cartridges At Walgreens?

You get charged $10 for a refill of the black-ink cartridge.
You get charged $25 for a refill of the colored-ink cartridge.

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Ink Cartridge Refilled At Walgreens?

Walgreens customers can save time and avoid waiting in line by simply dropping off the ink cartridge at the photo lab and heading back to complete their photo printing.

It is also possible that your cartridge will be full, if you don’t come back yet. Then the refill time will be based on the number of tablets in your cartridge.

If you come back later, your tablets will all be gone, so the refill time will be based on how much time has passed since last you came.

For each cartridge refill, a cartridge refill queue is formed and the time to fill a new cartridge is also included in that queue. The refill time of that queue can be more than the standard ‘one hour’ waiting time.

However, if there is a long queue or it is currently being processed, the machine will be temporarily unavailable.

How Can You Know If Your Local Walgreens Refills Ink Cartridges?

If a store is not offering in-store ink cartridge refills or if the ink cartridge refill machine is down, you can always call your local Walgreens store to order an ink cartridge refill.

However, if it is too late to contact your local store, you can ask a question over here on how to refill your Epson Ink Cartridge.

To find the contact number and open hours of your nearby Walgreens store, use the store locator.

Where Else Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled?

Your local Walgreens will not be able to refill your ink cartridge, because the refilling machine is not working, and the photo lab does not have the ink cartridge refilling machine.

1. At any Walgreens pharmacy, Walgreens does not use a debit system.
2. If you have a prescription, you can use the information on your prescription
card to get a refill.

You can buy refill kits from Walgreens or other stores and they will tell you how to refill your cartridge.

If you want to know how to scan a photos or print a photo, then you can check out my guides on scanning photos, printing documents, getting a passport photo, and developing film at Walgreens.


According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, Walgreens has been selling ink cartridges for its photo kiosks since 2012. The company has received $5.7 million in FTC fines for failing to inform customers about the refill program.

You can have your black-ink cartridges refilled for $10. To get it refilled, you have to go to the photo lab counter at your nearest Walmart Photo Center and ask for it to be refilled.

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