Costco Printer Return Policy (no Receipt, Open Box + More)

If you’re thinking about printing documents from home, you will definitely need a printer that you can easily buy from a nearby Costco at exclusive membership discount prices.

You’ve found a great printer from Costco, but it’s a model that isn’t ideal for your needs. For example, I would prefer a model with a larger paper tray that is easy to use, but Costco doesn’t stock that model. However, Costco does provide a return policy that might make the decision easy! I went to their website to find out more about the printer return policy and have compiled everything I learned about this important topic into this article.

Costco Printer Return Policy In 2022

Customers will have to purchase a $10.95 return label through Costco’s website and then pay return shipping costs. The company’s return policy is also in line with other retailers, like Walmart and Target, which is also offering a return label option for customers.

If you have been searching for information on how to return your printer to Costco, you can find information on how to do this in this article! Read on if you want more info on how to return a printer to Costco and what to do if you’ve lost the receipt. If you’re a member, you’ll be able to return your printer to Costco without paying a fee, but non-members will have to pay the return fee.

Can I Return A Printer To Costco After Using It?

Costco implements a flexible return policy and so allows you to return ink-depleted printers that have been used, even if they are no longer in working condition.

Therefore, those who purchase an ink cartridge separately cannot return the printer after it has expired even if it is defective.

How Long Do I Have To Return Printers To Costco?

If you buy a laser printer at Costco, you can return it the next day. Although the “risk-free” 100% satisfaction guarantee applies only to computers and software, you can return printer ink cartridges with no questions asked.

Costco’s return policy begins on the date of purchase or delivery, and Costco retains the right to refuse print returns after the 90-day period.

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Can I Return Printers To Costco Without A Receipt?

You don’t need a receipt for an item that you bought through Costco. You can just go into the store and find the item without having to obtain a receipt.

If you don’t know your membership number, you’ll need to check with your store’s customer service desk – they should be able to answer any questions you have.

The cashier will verify your purchase and if you’re eligible for a refund or exchange, she/he will give you one.

Your purchase can be linked to your account, even if it cannot be tracked. In some cases, Costco may deny a return entirely if your purchase cannot be proven.

How Do I Return Printers To Costco Stores?

If you are planning on returning in-store, you’ll need to take printouts of receipts from the customer service desk for your return.

Please visit our [Returns Page]( for more information.

Just bring your receipt, online invoice, or membership card to the desk with your proof of purchase. The cashier will scan your proof of purchase and provide a refund or replacement on the spot.

The method of processing returns is the same you used at the time of purchase. You can bring the receipt.

If you have a debit card, an ATM transaction will almost always result in an immediate cash refund.
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Can I Exchange Printers At Costco?

You can exchange your printer by filling out the return form that comes with it and bring it to the Customer Service counter where they will give you a check for cash and you can go get a new printer.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a replacement directly. However, you can still ask for a replacement if you return the printer by mail.

If you choose to exchange your phone, make sure you bring your device’s original charger as the one you leave behind is only good for testing and will most likely not match the charger of the new device.

On the other hand, you’ll receive a refund if the new item costs less than the original printer and the order has a shipping cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Return Printers To Costco By Mail?

Printable labels for your returns can be found at’s return label page. Be sure to attach that label securely to your package and make sure you’re using the correct envelope.

You must know, that most of the commercial printers have a limit on number of prints per month and/or the volume of prints to be produced. To handle such a case you can schedule a pickup which will incur an additional freight charge.

Can I Return Printers With An Open Box At Costco?

You can return printers that has been opened or those without their original box within the allocated time frame.

Use the `Print` subcommand to display the printers that have been opened.

if you want to return the printer you have received, it must be returned with its original accessories like, wires, cartridges, paper, adapters, and if it came with accessories such as a cover. A full refund will be given once the returned item is tested and inspected.

Can Non-Members Return Printers At Costco?

People can go to Costco and buy a printer for their friend and take it to their friend’s house.

If a non-member asks for a refund, the printer’s value will be loaded to a shop card giving them temporary membership.

You can also use these discount cards to shop at Costco gas stations and online.

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What Can I Do If Costco Doesn’t Accept My Printer Return?

Costco can deny customers that return a printer that have exceeded the return policy.

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If you have a question regarding your printer, you can contact Costco’s customer support department to get answers.

Conclusion: Costco Printer Return Policy

Customers should have purchased and returned printers at Costco within 90 days of purchase or delivered. Customers can exchange their printer for another or receive a refund.

customers can return their printers at any HP Store by free mail or scheduled pickup. HP offers you several options to return your outdated printers including free mail or scheduled pick up. Ensure you return opened or used printers with all the original features and accessories.

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