Usps Customs Form (how To Fill One Out + Other Faqs)

There are different ways to ship internationally. You can send gifts through regular mail, send packages through Express Mail, or ship items using a cargo airline. We’re going to look at the pros and cons of each shipping method.

This will help you understand the USPS import process, since, in the past, we haven’t really discussed it in detail. We’ll start with what an import is and what it is used for–both for sending shipments from the states to other countries and importing shipments from other countries into the states.

USPS Customs Form In 2022

A customs form is an important part of international shipping because it’s required by the US government for all international shipping. A customs form lets the US government know how many shipments there are in a container and that the value of those shipments doesn’t exceed a certain amount.

 If you want more information on this topic or if you’re a business owner and interested in importing items or exporting items, you can visit the USPS’ website to see what their requirements are.

What Are USPS Customs Forms For?

Customs forms are important for determining what can be imported, how the goods will be sold and how much tax can be charged.

It also acts as an acknowledgement that the sender has complied with the shipping laws of both the country of origin and the destination country.

It covers things like drugs, child pornography, and weapons, as well as things like not mailing prohibited goods or sending currency above the maximum authorized amount.

Customs officials go through the forms that you filled out in your home country and make sure the information you provided is accurate. If the information on the customs form is not correct, and you have not been provided with the correct forms, the package may not be allowed in.

Can I Print USPS Customs Forms Online?

If you want to print from the USPS website, you can use an electronic copying machine if you wish.

Additionally, the USPS’ Click-N-Ship option enables you to complete a customs form online and print an international shipping label at the same time.

Can I Complete A Customs Form At The Post Office?

Customs forms available at the post office give you your Customs Declaration or Bill of Entry. You’ll need to complete and fax them to your local Customs office in advance of your arrival in Canada.

The box must be left on the shipping counter unattended, so that the clerk can fill-in and sign the form.
To prevent theft, the box must be locked.

Please ensure that all necessary information is filled out in the customs form and all documents are mailed in a safe and secure manner.

We’re mentioning this because it can take a long time for the USPS employee to create your form, and it will usually take longer than completing the form online.

So, if you don’t have time to mail your passport now, we don’t recommend waiting until you get to the Post Office to fill out the customs form.

How Do I Complete A USPS Customs Form?

Filling out the customs form is very simple since both the digital and physical versions provide detailed instructions on the information you need to provide.

A list of prohibited countries is available for [mail order] customers at [this link].
For more information on sending mail internationally, check out the [USPS International Mail Service Guide].

Avoiding items on this list can ensure that your package is delivered to it’s final destination quickly, and can also keep you out of trouble.

> Do not buy a gift card that can be used more than once or multiple times.
> Make sure that the recipient’s account address is not on the gift card.

If you must use a typewriter or computer, use a dark-colored ink and make sure to press firmly so the writing goes through all the copies.

As soon as you start the transaction on Sendfriendz, Fill out the form that asks the information required to complete the transaction. This includes the name and complete address of both parties.

You’ll need to give a detailed description of your items in the online listing. This can include the size, brand, color, and any other details that might be relevant to the buyer.

Fill out the details that you’re willing to provide for the items you want to ship. This section is used for Customs purposes and should be as exact as possible.

For example, if you have multiple different types of batteries or batteries sold under different names, you could create a package with multiple lines.

For each of your products that you are listing, you’ll be asked to specify the unit quantity and the price for each unit.

Your new weight, dimensions, and mailing date must match the information you entered on your previous purchase.

Now, you can check your order details and the current weight of the package.

If you wish to have a different address than the one that the couriers use, you need to create a new shipping profile. For more details, see here.
If the package is undeliverable for the amount that you are willing to pay, you will be refunded the full amount you paid.

Send the package as part of a business deal, and you will be asked to enter the invoice number and the tariff number.

How To Attach Customs Forms To USPS Packages?

Customs has rules about how you attach your baggage to the outside of your package.

The customs documents allow customs officers to quickly check which items are being sent, the value of these items, and even which taxes they need to pay.

So even if you don’t know exactly what they plan on importing, you can still take some kind of guess at what duty they may owe.

If you have some extra time, consider using envelopes to hold your documents. The extra step is worthwhile since the envelopes are usually not clear enough to be a primary display item.

Post offices have these pouches, also other shipping companies and/or supply stores. For example UPS and FedEx.

A third option is using a clear plastic envelope. Make sure to tape it down so the customs forms don’t move in transit.

The final step before your package arrives is to fill out the customs form with your name, address, and the package contents. If you don’t have the original customs form, you’re also allowed to use a passport or driver’s license as a substitute.

To know more you can also read our posts on USPS mail forwarding, USPS mail forwarding extension, and USPS insurance.


Always write a customs and insurance form when mailing abroad. If it gets lost or damaged, it could get put back into your mail for a long time. Make sure there’s no confusion and that the information is as complete as possible.

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