Does Usps Ship To Japan? (all You Need To Know)

The United States Post Office (USPS) is the largest provider of mail delivery services in the United States and the second largest provider of such services globally.

USPS does indeed ship to Japan, but they cannot ship to prefectures outside of Tokyo.

I tried sending a package to Japan after hours of looking, but I cannot find it anywhere.

You can find a map of the shipping zones for Japan on their website. Unfortunately, you can’t send to most of the country, so you may need to ship elsewhere.

Does USPS Ship To Japan In 2022?

If you’re considering using USPS, be sure to compare the price and delivery time of using USPS to the same shipping rates and delivery times of private carriers!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A USPS Package To Japan?

We have no reason to suspect that the cost of sending the property will be any different than the average cost of any other shipment.

This is the reason why we can only determine a price estimate based on the information given to us.

This is because we know that the package is traveling from the United States to Japan.

According to some estimates, an average sized microwave weighs a little over five pounds and has average dimensions.

And if you ship a five-pound, normally-sized package from the United States to Japan using Global Express Guaranteed, you can expect to pay about $135 for shipping.

However, shipping a package from the United States to Japan, using Priority Mail Express International, comes at a price of $95. This makes it a bit cheaper than shipping the same package to the United States from Japan.

This means that the United States Post Office will be charging you seven dollars in the mail to take a package from the United States to Japan.

As you can see, the cheapest option for shipping a letter to Canada is the Priority Mail International service.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Ship To Japan?

In Japan, it’s important to know how to use the delivery system so you can get your important items in a timely manner.

The shipping service is the most important component that determines the shipping time.

Postal Service, the mail service of the US government, has been a big driver of the US Postal Service, which is now a separate corporation.

After that, you’ll have to wait for the mail carrier to get to your doorstep, which can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

So, the priority mail shipping is fairly easy and quick, and will get you an item in most markets, including the United States.

Priority Mail International is the only delivery option that provides delivery confirmation in six to ten business days.

This means when it comes to sending packages internationally, Priority Mail International is likely the best choice for a non-urgent package you’re looking to save a little money on in the shipping process.

Also, Global Express Guaranteed shipping is the fastest service, and it tends to be the most expensive service offered by the United States Postal Service.

While the approximate delivery windows can be off, they don’t guarantee the actual delivery time.

Japan is quite a ways away from us, and anything can delay shipments from arriving in the promised timeframe.

There are many reasons why delivery may be delayed. However, some of the delays may be the fault of the Postal Service or your carrier, and you should be able to contact your carrier or the Post Office with specific concerns.

You can also report an incomplete delivery via USPS Online’s “Report a Problem” section.

Will My USPS Package To Japan Go Through Customs?

Customs will inspect all packages entering the country, and some packages may be held and checked for drugs or illegal materials. It may take your package more time to arrive.

Customs-related delays only last as long as it takes for your baggage to be examined.

Also, in some cases, if your package is suspicious, contains something illegal, or doesn’t have the correct label/tax information attached, it may take more time to get through customs.

A few days after you have shipped something from the US to Japan, the American Postal Service no longer has possession of your package.

You need to understand that when you receive a parcel, it won’t have the exact same conditions as when it was dispatched from the warehouse.

You can also use the Paraphrase function to add a human touch to your content. This function can be used to translate content or to add an accent to an existing word or phrase.

In the case of this, further delays occur.

So the only way to check if your package has been delivered is to go to your local post office and ask if they have the package.

However, if you don’t have a package that is tracked, you can’t see where the package is at.

Can You Track A USPS Package While It’s In Japan?

The Japan postal system provides you with a unique tracking number for every package delivered to Japan.

If your package hasn’t shown up, you can try to get updates on your tracking from websites like and

If Japan Post sends you a tracking number online, you can type it into the search bar at the top of this page to see where your package is in transit.

If there’s a problem with the delivery, you can also track it on the Japan Post website.

You can tell the Postal Service to deliver your package to a local Japan Post office.

If you have a tracking number, you can enter it on this page on the USPS website. You will be able to view information about the tracking number (for example, it will tell you if the package is still being scanned or delivered).

If you are looking to know more about USPS shipping restrictions, you can also check our post on whether or not USPS ships to Canada.


I also use USPS. They have a huge network of offices in Japan and you can send mail there for really cheap.

Also, if USPS Priority Mail International is not an option, then the best alternative is to use Priority Mail Express. This will get your package to your recipient within three to five business days.

You can’t track your package once it’s in Japanese customs, but there are third-party websites that let you keep an eye on your package on and after you ship it.

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