Does Usps Ship To Singapore? (delivery Times, Price + More)

Using USPS can be a good idea if you’re shipping to countries where you need to use an international shipping company. However, USPS may not be the best idea if you’re shipping to other countries.

You might not know this, but USPS does ship to Singapore. There are actually two different types of USPS shipping options for Singapore. The easiest way to ship to Singapore is through USPS priority mail. Priority mail costs $15 and generally ships in 2-4 days.

Does USPS Ship To Singapore In 2022?

We also shipped our first international package a few weeks ago from Germany to Singapore. I chose the USPS Priority Mail International option (see above). You may have to get on the boat or subway because USPS packages don’t have a lot of street coverage in Singapore.

If you’re thinking about shipping your package to Singapore via USPS, be sure to check out the differences on the chart so you can save yourself some time and money!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Singapore With USPS?

USPS calculates shipping costs based on the weight, dimensions, and distance a package will travel.

Because we’re going from New York to Singapore, so we’ll want to use the standard meter to calculate the distance. We have to make sure to convert from meters to miles first. It’s going to need to be done in the other direction as well, when converting from miles to meters.

Therefore, if we assume you’ll be shipping a package with average dimensions that weighs about five pounds, we’ll need to figure out prices.

In order to get their shipping to arrive in a timely manner, Global Express Guaranteed partners with FedEx, and they deliver the packages in priority. However, the cost of using this service is higher than other shipping options.

Using Global Express Guaranteed (on average), shipping a five-pound package from the United States to Singapore would cost $135.

In comparison, the international parcel costs $95 for the United States. The express rate varies depending on the country, and in some countries, there are no fees.

Finally, if you want to save big bucks, you can use the priority mail international service to get your package shipped. But you will need to pay around $74.

In addition to this, these estimates only account for the price of the actual item, not the shipping and payment methods.

If you’re looking to save some money, the USPS price calculator can give you an idea of how much something will cost to ship.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Deliver To Singapore?

The amount of time it takes to get the shipment to the destination can vary depending on the shipping service, but it will be figured in to the costs of the package.

When it comes to choosing a shipping provider, most of you will opt for a guaranteed option rather than using the regular USPS. Unfortunately, USPS also offers this option and it’s not cheap.

Although there are other methods such as paying through PayPal, it’ll take much longer, and depending on your country, there may be additional fees involved.

The next fastest option available is Priority Mail Express International, which is an excellent middle-of-the-road option if you’re looking to save a little money but still want your package delivered promptly.
If you’re looking to save more money in a hurry, you can opt for Registered Mail International, which is one of the only ways to guarantee safe delivery within 2 business days (if you’re willing to spend more to do so).

With that, Priority Mail Express International takes up to five business days to deliver but has no guarantees on the delivery window.

But the Priority Mail International option is just like the other two as far as price, and it comes at a price. USPS will not guarantee that Priority Mail International will arrive before a more expensive shipping option. The USPIRG report offers tips on how to get delivery information to avoid surprises.

In fact, the fastest service by far is the Royal Mail Global Standard, which could get it to you in two to three days.

The estimated delivery time is an approximation, based on an average wait in customs.

It is the only shipping service that guarantees that the package will arrive by a certain date, otherwise USPS will not guarantee delivery.

All of these issues are very common with the courier companies, so we always recommend sending us your package(s) because we will deliver them safely.

How Do I Track A USPS International Package in Singapore?

I never said I wanted to ship from the United States, I said I will take your package to the United States. I am not responsible for anything after I have done that.

So although you might be sending items to a country where they have their own postal systems, the second they arrive at the other country’s customs, the Postal Service loses track of where it goes.

You can track your package once it leaves the airport, it is on the airplane. Then you will have to contact the courier company to track the package.

If you’re interested, you can track the progress of your package with the Singapore Post Page on ParcelsApp.

Once you’ve gotten a result from the search bar, you will see the package’s tracking number. Then, once your package is updated, click the “Status” link, which can be found directly under the tracking number.

You can still learn the basics, even without the training wheels.

Sometimes, if the customs holds a package and won’t let you send it back, you’ll have to wait for ten days.

So, when your package is shipped to Singapore, it will be tracked by Singapore Post so you will be able to watch the progress of your package till it reaches you.

If you want to know more you can also see our post on whether or not USPS ships to the Philippines and if you want to know about USPS shipping zones.


Thankfully, USPS ships and offers three services; one for global (international), one for express and one for international (overseas).

Global Express Guaranteed offers the fastest shipping, but it’s also the most expensive. It’s the option that’s offered by both FedEx and USPS.

So the best shipping option for you to use to save money is Priority Mail International.

If you would prefer to use some services to speed up your delivery times, you can change the information in your order.

So when we can find the package, we should check out the address the package was mailed to and open up the package.
It’s a bit of a hassle, but you can search the box number or part number.

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