Verizon Up Rewards (what Is It + How They Work)

Verizon is a common wireless carrier in the United States, it offers a lot of special programs and services to customers, one of them is Verizon Up Rewards.

You may be looking for more information about the Verizon Up Rewards program, such as what they’re and the different types available. If so, continue reading below to find out all of the exciting rewards.

What Are Verizon Up Rewards In 2022?

Through the My Verizon app, customers can take advantage of Verizon Uptime Rewards and Super Tickets. They can also claim Bonus Rewards, which are special offers for a limited time to celebrate things like holidays, and use their points to buy exclusive merchandise and receive gift cards.

If you want to know how to get started in the Verizon Up Rewards program, and how you can earn rewards, keep reading!

If you want to learn more about Verizon services, like coverage, pricing plans, and more, check out this section!

 Verizon Up Rewards is the Verizon Up Rewards system that anyone can join with the intention to earn points to redeem for various items including electronics.

Did Verizon Up Get Rid of Device Dollars?

There’s still an option to use Device Dollars, but its functionality has been changed significantly.

For more information, check out our [FAQ](/faq).

You can still earn free items once you run out, but you won’t be able to use Device Dollars.

*Device credits from purchase can be applied to the gift subscription, but this cannot be used to buy a subscription before the free expires.

How Much Is Verizon Up?

You can enroll in a Verizon Up Rewards program by visiting

Are There Eligibility Requirements for Verizon Up Rewards?

The purchase must be made before the end of the period for which you receive the reward.
You must have been a Verizon Wireless customer for at least 30 days prior to the start of the period during which you receive your reward.
You must be at least 18 years of age.
You may be eligible only for rewards based on the specific purchase activity that you choose when you redeem. Purchases must be made through Verizon Wireless.

How Can I Join Verizon Up Rewards?

You’ll be able to enroll for Verizon Up Rewards in your existing My Verizon app. A verification request will be sent to the device, and if you meet all the requirements, then you will be able to complete the enrollment process in just a few steps.

Once you’ve enrolled in the service, you’ll be invited to an app install. On your mobile device, search for Google Play, and tap/click the install button. Once the app installs, open the app and create a new account.

Does Verizon Up Require Verizon Selects?

Join the Verizon Up Rewards Program and you also need to join Verizon Selects, which is an advertising and data collection agency.

All the websites you visit, the applications you download, the apps you use, your location, and just about everything else you do on your mobile device.

There are always some extra costs and fees involved in joining a company program like Verizon Up. Those extra costs and fees can include anything from having to open a bank account, to having to enroll in the program, and even the price of the phone itself.

Are Verizon Up Super Tickets Free?

You can earn free Super Tickets by using them while shopping at Verizon stores, using them to buy something at Verizon retail stores, or by using them to redeem an offer through the My Verizon app.

However, if you sign up for the Super Ticket, it will cover transportation to and from the event, but you only have 1 ticket.

If you plan to claim a lottery or other type of scratch-off card, you need to know that those tickets will have a fee associated with them even if they don’t have a state tax added. It’s not uncommon for the fees to be quite high so you may wish to shop around for a discount.

Do Verizon Up Gift Cards Expire?

Most gift card rewards will not expire, such as Verizon Wireless gift cards, but you will only have a limited time to claim them.

What Is the Verizon Up Rewards Phone Number?

If you need to contact Verizon about their customer service, you can do so by calling 1-(866)-895-5579.

 To be eligible for the promotions, you’ll need to be a Verizon Wireless customer and sign up for the Verizon Up Rewards program.

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The Verizon Up rewards program is available to all Verizon Wireless customers to join through the My Verizon app. you can get discounts, gift cards, and special offers.

In addition, if you join and become a Premium member, you can earn Monthly Rewards, and have a chance to earn surprise Bonus Rewards, and you can purchase Presale Tickets to major events.

Verizon will give you some tickets to sporting events and concerts if you do a certain amount of a trade in the Verizon Up Rewards program.

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