33 Walmart Statistics, Facts, Trends & Market Share

Walmart is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. In the last 4 years, they have seen a 97% increase in sales with a 97% increase in earnings.

The fast-growing e-commerce industry has become Walmart’s biggest challenge. Amazon has emerged as its nearest competitor.

The goal of this report is to bring to life the vision of Walmart’s 2020 strategic plan by using data from the company’s financial statements.

10 Key Walmart Statistics & Facts In 2022

Walmart currently holds the number 3 spot as a corporation in the country with approximately 1.3 million employees, 1,500 Supercenters, 800 Kmart stores and 250 Sam’s Club locations.

Walmart’s beginnings were not smooth as they were originally not a company, but a company that grew from a family owned store by Sam Walton.

The History Of Walmart

I wonder what it would be like if you could buy almost any item from Walmart.

1.   Walmart Has Boosted Its Dividend Every Year

As the rate of return on Walmart’s shares increased, so did the amount of dividends. In the first half of the 1990s, the company paid a dividend of 12.5K%, and a dividend yield of 12.49%.

Although stock market returns have experienced periodic rapid growth, the returns have not all been equally distributed. In fact, in the latest boom period, the returns were especially strong for a few stocks, which is not surprising given the fact that the returns were unusually strong.

2.   Walmart Was Listed On The NYSE 14 Years After Its Founding

By this time, the company had opened their first store in Arkansas, so they had their own presence here. It was in 1976 that they made their biggest move by expanding into Georgia.

The company was founded in 1982. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The headquarters is on the site of the original Walton family farm. The Walton family still owns the company.

The company must have enough cash to keep on going for at least one year, after which the board of directors decides to shut down or turn around the company.

Walmart Market Share And Trend Statistics

Walmart has experienced tremendous growth over the years, and it’s one of the primary things driving US consumption. It was reported that in the US, Walmart’s share of retail sales increased from 11% in 1998 to 24% in 2016.

3.   More Than 90% Of Americans Live Within 10 Miles Of A Walmart

We’ve all seen a Walmart at least once, probably more than once, so a lot of our lives are shaped by its presence. But we don’t really think about the way that stores affect our lives all that much, do we?

So how can we make better decisions about what to buy at Walmart? As always, you can come to us for advice. You can also download our “Walmart Buying Guide” which has specific details about everything you can buy at Walmart.

4.   A 2-3% Increase In Revenue Every Year

Walmart continues to grow in revenue every year. In 2020, the store reported a 1.86% increase in annual revenue from the year before.

The net operating loss carryover was $1.096 billion.

The net operating loss carryover is a benefit the company can use to reduce its taxable income. For example, under the US tax law, if the company is paying a tax rate that is higher than its average operating income over the past five years, it can take a $1.0 billion tax write-off.

5.   How Many People Visit Walmart every day?

Wal-Mart’s global operations have more than one million associates who operate, support and clean over 11,500 stores in various markets around the globe. The company is consistently ranked among the top retailers in the nation.

6.   $387.6 million in sales in 2018, More Than Double The Nearest Competitor

Walmart has the US market virtually locked up. This past year, they surpassed Amazon’s sales and were ahead of Kroger. So, it’s no surprise that Walmart is planning to expand their international business even further.

Walmart and Costco have some differences between them, but the two companies are similar enough that you can get jobs at both.

7.   3,570 Supercenter Locations

Since the introduction of Supercenters, customers that used to visit multiple locations to complete their shopping list have begun to rely solely on the convenience of one location. At the same time, many retailers have lost their foothold in their traditional market to Walmart and the Supercenter.

8.   More Customers Taking Advantage Of Curbside Pickup

Walmart offers home delivery to many areas now, where customers can purchase online and have their items delivered straight to their home.

Today, Amazon is also developing self-service options, including a service called Amazon Go. Amazon Go lets people shop by scanning their Amazon accounts as they walk through the store. A computerized system uses cameras and sensors to tell what items people are looking at and charges their accounts accordingly.

Walmart and other retailers are still seeing record numbers of customers that are choosing to shop with curbside pickup. A good number of these customers are also making online purchases.

9.   Walmart Continues To Update Its Valued Departments

Walmart continues to expand and update its various departments to meet the current trends, and to better provide their customers with the best online shopping experience.

One example of Walmart’s strategy in this field was its recent organization of its produce section, such as by organizing its organic items and making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Walmart Logistic Statistics

The company continues to improve its shipping network in order to give credence to the theory that it can experience further growth.

10. An Extensive Freight Network

Walmart has a fleet of over 6,000 delivery trucks that travel across the country delivering your packages, while making $2 Billion a year.

Amazon has a large logistics department that it’s been using to help the company get e-commerce done in the US. Amazon isn’t actually doing the shipping, they’re just investing in the infrastructure.

11. An 84.2% Improvement In Fuel Efficiency

Walmart’s fleet of trucks now get an average of 9.2 miles per gallon. That’s a 5% improvement and the company is on track to meet its goal of a 15% improvement by 2015.

They use the “social network” function to get in touch with people.

12. E-Commerce Sales Grew By 97%

It’s been reported that Walmart has already seen a 97% increase in their e-commerce sales since this year and the company expects that to continue in the upcoming years.

One of the most popular ways of shopping online is through the services offered by shopping portals. However, the rise of e-commerce has exposed a number of loopholes in online shopping.

How Many Walmarts Are There Around The World?

There are at least 1,443 Walmart stores in the world.
To find out which counties have the most Walmart stores, continue below the fold.

13. There Are Walmart Stores In 25 Different Countries

Walmart stores continue to be a growing factor in brick-and-mortar stores. However, the company’s growth in retail could be slowed by its recently announced plan to increase its focus on online operations.

Walmart is also the nation’s largest retailer and it operates with the help of an internet-connected platform.

14. Other Than America, Which Country Has The Most Walmarts?

The U.S. has more Walmart stores than any other country, having more than twice as many as the next-most-popular country. In 2018, Walmart operated more than 1.5 million stores, more than any other company.

Walmart has also opened stores in Asia, Europe, Canada and Central America. They also have stores in Mexico, although they are not Walmart-branded.

Walmart Employee Facts & Statistics

Walmart has over 1,500,000 employees and the company makes it a priority to take care of them. The employees get free college tuition and healthcare, along with a pension. There are also free food and healthcare benefits.

15. How Many Employees Does Walmart Have?

In addition to making sure associates are paid fairly, Walmart offers an excellent associate benefit package. Associates can earn additional pay through bonuses and cash incentives, as well as educational opportunities such as tuition assistance for associates who advance through college.

16. Making Walmart a Better Place to Work by Offering Employees $4 Telehealth Services

Medical care can now be accessed through the Doctors On Demand platform at just $4 per visit. This means that employees who need access to care can find a doctor who is willing to help, and in most cases there will be no cost to them.

This service is not availabe to every employee yet, but it is growing.

17. How Much Are Walmart Employees Paid? Around 50% Make $15/hr Or Higher

Walmart is offering wage increases for workers across the board. They are offering $13-$19 per hour for workers who were previously making $11 per hour or less.

Walmart is a company with a low turnover, so giving away bonuses to those who leave should help reduce the number of employees leaving the company.

18. Are Employees Happy to Work at Walmart?

Businesses are expected to be profitable, but profit margins are not unlimited, and employee morale is everything.

The surveys have provided little clarity regarding what the market is willing to pay for what type of product. The question would be what happens when the product is ready to ship, and more than 70% of respondents report wanting to know how to get more information about that type of product – the point at which the product is almost ready to ship.

Employees who are satisfied with their position generally report that they feel good about the opportunities to transition into different departments within Walmart.

19. Does Walmart Have Positions for College Graduates?

It’s no surprise that Walmart is focused on the development of its workforce. The company is working hard to find new ways to improve the quality of its workforce and increase retention. It’s a strategy that makes a lot of sense, because a lot of people who work for Walmart are actually Walmart Associates. In fact, one of the ways Walmart makes sure that all of its Associates are well-trained and ready to handle any challenge is through its Associates University.

Data scientists can find plenty of opportunities at Walmart and other retailers, where they can use their knowledge and skills to build machine learning models, or perform other analysis, to help the store understand how customers are buying and using their products and services.

How Is Walmart Responding To Challenges To Its Reputation?

Walmart is always trying to help people out, and they do this through their Walmart Foundation. This organization is like a philanthropy of sorts for Walmart. It helps all kinds of people. From helping feed families to helping low-income American families have more opportunities.

20. Walmart Invited 800 American Manufacturers To A Virtual Product Pitch

Walmart is looking to do more to help their smaller competitors by putting more Made in The USA products on their shelves.
In a world where we are looking for more products that are made in the USA, the company is going by the philosophy that if people are not going for a Made in USA product, the product won’t be bought. This, of course, is a big change for the company, as it has historically looked elsewhere for materials.

Walmart & Sam’s Club has invited American manufacturers and suppliers to a virtual product pitch. Of the 800 companies invited, 175 were chosen to go through a series of further tests in a bid to get their products on store shelves. Another 450 were added to the “under consideration” category.

21. Is Walmart Doing Anything to Reduce Its Carbon Emissions? The Answer Is Yes

It’s a fact that the company is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. One thing they are trying to do is to reduce waste. In a way, this can actually be seen as Walmart’s way of making amends for the past.

In the beginning of the year, Walmart started a project to remove 1 gigaton of greenhouse gases from its shelves by 2030. This is the company’s first global initiative to reduce its environmental footprint.

22. 35% Fewer Calls To Police, Despite Losses To Theft

Walmart is like that restaurant you go to and they don’t really care if you steal from them because you’re getting a free meal but they still make a lot of money on you.

Walmart has reduced the prison sentences for shoplifters, and are also offering a new program to help them learn better life habits; they are also offering free rent to prevent people from returning to crime.

23. Walmart Lost $2 Billion Due To E-Commerce Services

A business that is trying to increase its sales online will, at some point, experience a dip in sales numbers. This can be as a result of seasonal downturns or if a competitor enters the market with a cheaper price. Other businesses face this issue as well and they end up losing out on sales.

Amazon announced that it was going to acquire both Bonobos and ModCloth. They decided that the best way to do this was to merge Bonobos and ModCloth into a single brand, called The Collaborator.

Walmart Emerging Market Statistics

Walmart is investing in their future by expanding outside the United States. They have stores in over 30 countries such as Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom.

24. Walmart’s Answer To The Neighborhood Supermarket

Walmart has been building neighborhood market locations on low income neighborhoods for years. The company has always said that these locations are a good place to attract new customers. The company is also now offering an app that allows you to shop your nearest retail store without ever leaving the house.

25. Added Third Party Vendors To Fulfilment Services In 2020

Walmart now allows other third-parties to use its logistics network to ship items, hoping that it will be able to better compete with Amazon who does not allow other retailers to ship their products.

26. Walmart Now Has At Least 6 Stand-Alone Health Clinics

A Walmart opened its first standalone health clinic in Dallas, GA during the fall of 2019 under Walmart Health’s banner. The Walmart Health clinic will provide services including vision, oral care, and blood pressure checks.

In a news release, the company announced that it plans to continue growing its medical portfolio by opening more medical centers and providing comprehensive healthcare services.

27. $30 Medical Check-Ups & $25 Teeth Cleanings

This is an example of one of the most popular programs offered at Walmart. This was a way to provide health care to millions of Americans, but unfortunately this program does not include all people who need this care.

28. A New $98/year Subscription Service, Walmart Plus

In 2020, Walmart started to offer internet subscription services that are direct competitors of Amazon Prime.

As mentioned, the price of the subscription is much higher compared to Amazon Prime, which is $119/year. However, the subscription seems to have brought in many more subscribers.

From the Google Trends data on subscriptions to Prime Video and Walmart’s own website, we can see that the former is much more popular than the latter.

29. 11% of Americans Signed Up For Walmart Plus Within Two Weeks

The survey revealed that 38% of respondents believe Walmart Plus will be competitive with the $99 monthly cost of Amazon Prime. The service costs $15 per year and the company promises that eligible customers will not be charged monthly for the subscription. The service is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2018.

30. Walmart Is Piloting A New Self-Checkout Format That Removes Lanes

Walmart is experimenting with a new self-checkout system at an Arkansas pilot store. The goal is to reduce the amount of time that customers spend in line at the store.

This is how it works.

You can check my post on how Walmart is using AI to track shoplifting.

31. Walmart Can Reduce Cashier Training Time From 40 Hours To 8 Hours

Walmart is now using technology to reduce the time it takes to train a cashier from 40 hours to just 8 hours. The reason for this lies in the company’s transition to self-checkout services where cashiers become hosts, helping customers navigate the checkout process. That said, Walmart also hopes that greater automation allows employees to interact more personally with customers versus more traditional methods.

32. Walmart Has Free 2-Day Shipping

to boost customer satisfaction and to beat other big online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart has introduced two-day free shipping. the 2-day free delivery program applies to more than 1,000 essential items, including clothing, household items, and medicine, among various other everyday products.

33. Walmart Owns 4.7% Of The Market Share In The US Pharmacy Industry

Walmart’s Pharmacy services have come a long way during the company’s early days. Even with the company’s expansion, there still exists a gap between their operations and others that are more well-known.

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Walmart is continuing to evolve to keep up with the changing economy. Walmart is also tapping into resources that may be underused, such as local health clinics that can provide affordable medical check-ups.

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