Does Walmart Take Used Oil & Used Oil Filters? (Guide To Returning Oil)

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Walmart takes oil and oil filter change requests and can usually get it to your local store in as little as one hour, even if you have a pick-up scheduled.

Does Walmart Take Used Oil & Used Oil Filters In 2022?

You can get Auto Care Centers at Walmart stores that have Auto Care Centers (or AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts). You can give up to 5 gallons of non-contaminated motor oil every day.

If you want to know more about where to give used oil and how you can collect money for donating used oil and oil filters, keep on reading!

What Type Of Oil Does Walmart Take?

Walmart will accept any type of motor oil for disposal if they found it while buying oil from the store, or from another store.

Walmart will not accept products other than motor oils such as brake fluids, power steering fluids and radiator fluids.

Does Walmart Charge Any Fees For Accepting Used Oil & Oil Filters?

No, you do not have to pay any disposal fees for used oil and oil filters at our Walmart locations.

How Can You Return Used Oil & Oil Filters To Walmart?

To return used oil and oil filters to Walmart, you should visit a Walmart store with an Auto Care Center (you can view the store hours of the Walmart store you plan to visit) during its open hours.

If you have an oil leak, you can go to the Auto Care Center and ask the employee what to do with the used oil and an oil filter.

the employee will ask you to sign a form and tell you to take the used oil back to the shop to recycle or bring to the oil change to be disposed of.

Additionally, you will not be allowed to buy and sell used oil since employees will first screen your purchased oil to make sure it is not contaminated by any other liquid.

How Much Used Oil Does Walmart Take For Disposal?

Walmart does not require that you bring oil in only on Fridays. They also do not have a limit to the number of gallons that you can take in each day. However, they do encourage you to bring in oil that is a little less than 5 gallons. They will tell you that there is a cost to the disposal of used oil because it needs to be treated.

Where Else Can You Dispose Of Used Oil & Oil Filters?

Just make sure that when you bring your car there that you only bring your used oil and not your filter or even your starter fluid! Also, make sure to bring a container to hold all of the oil you need to dispose of, including your current oil filter and starter fluid.

You can also visit your local Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone store to dispose of your used oil and filters.

Another option is to use the phone number 1(800)-CLEANUP and enter your zip code to find nearby facilities that will dispose of your used motor oil and filters for you.

What Else Can You Do With Used Oil?

The used oil is not a normal waste, so you need to get it out of your house for proper disposal. Because it is a hazardous waste, you need to dispose of it properly.

You can use used motor oil as an engine lubricant, as a sealant, as a water-based paint preservative, as a rust preventative, as a lube additive, and much more.

You can apply a thin coating of used oil to a leather shoe and stretch the shoe out for up to 15 minutes, use a rag to remove the coating of oil to make the shoe clean and shine.

Oil from the engine of the car or a bike can be used for small scale power generation. In case the electricity grid is broken, you can use that power to charge a battery and make a LED light source or make a small heater with used motor oil.

So over time, the wooden tools will start to decompose and splinter. You can protect the wood from doing this by applying thin coatings of used motor oil.

You can also use motor oil to preserve the finish of metal objects. Use some on the brass on your furniture so it looks attractive longer, and on your car’s hubcaps to protect them.

You can use this liquid product to protect the hinges, handles, and other surfaces that need a little extra lubricant.

And to lubricate bicycle and chain-based machinery, you use some type of lubes. For this, you can use such as a grease that has appropriate viscosity, and also a certain type of oil that is appropriate for those machinery.

Lubrication has many applications.

If you’re looking for a used car or truck, you might also want to read our guides on why people pay more for new cars, why used cars are more expensive, and why car prices go up and down.


Walmart also accepts vehicles in all conditions and makes no claims. The only thing you have to worry about is that they will not accept vehicles that have been damaged in an accident. The person who takes the vehicle in must be with the person buying the vehicle and you will have to pay to have it towed.

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