What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil? What We Found Out Will Surprise You

From the moment your car leaves the showroom, it begins to consume oil. Even if you religiously change your oil every 3,000 miles, there will come a time when you have to dispose of used motor oil.

Used motor oil is not something you usually want to think about, but it’s pretty essential. Most people don’t know where used motor oil goes once they take their cars in for service.

The answer is that some of it end up in the ground. Most auto parts stores like AutoZone recycle used motor oil rather than send it to a landfill or waste facility.

This practice is an excellent example of sustainable business practice. And that’s good news for the environment!

What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil?

Used oil is a valuable commodity. It’s also one of the most commonly disposed of items in households across America. 

Used oil is a resource that is not being used to its full potential. Fortunately, there are several ways to recycle used motor oil to not wind up in landfills.

AutoZone is part of the Recycling Partnership, which consists of all major auto parts retailers in North America who recycle used oil and filter products for re-use. 

Each year they divert more than 4 million gallons of used oil from landfills and incinerators through their recycling efforts.

There are several ways that AutoZone re-uses oil:

  • At AutoZone, they are trying to recycle this waste into usable materials by repurposing it as industrial fuel for their delivery trucks.

Used oil is filtered and then burned at high temperatures in an industrial furnace, resulting in the production of steam that powers industrial lorries. It takes approximately 11 gallons of used oil to produce one gallon of industrial fuel.

  • The used oil from our stores is collected and transported to a processing facility where it is filtered, separated into various grades of quality, tested for contaminants, and then sold.
  • The oil that does not meet high standards for re-refining is further processed into other products such as pet food and livestock feed.
  • The used oil that auto repair shops bring into AutoZone is recycled into motor oil and other fluid products for consumers, including hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, transmission fluids, and anti-freeze. This allows AutoZone to reduce its dependence on petroleum-based products.
  • AutoZone re-uses used oil as brake fluid, oil filters, and grease.
  • AutoZone has a robust recycling program for recyclable materials such as batteries and oil filters. The used oil is then taken to a facility that converts it into fuel. Additionally, some facilities will take the old batteries and resell them as well.
  • Every day, used oil from garages and automobiles is recycled to make various products needed to run the world. For example, recycled oil can be processed into asphalt for roads and parking lots.
  • It can also be used as a fuel source in power plants.
  •  In addition, it’s sometimes made into items such as carpeting, paint, and even clothing fibers.
  • AutoZone, like many other auto parts stores, offers used motor oil for sale. As part of the recycling process, customers can bring in their used motor oil and receive a voucher redeemed at AutoZone for store credit.

AutoZone’s Used Oil Recycling Program

One can never be too careful when handling used engine oil. AutoZone is one of the most trusted retailers in the automotive parts industry, offering expert advice and quality products to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The company takes great care in disposing of their used oil properly, but how do they go about doing it?

The AutoZone product recovery process ensures that the oil gets recycled, not dumped in a landfill.

So, their used motor oil is collected from hundreds of stores and sent to a processing plant, where it’s filtered and tested to ensure it meets quality standards for re-refining.

AutoZone recycles used motor oils by collecting them from customers at no charge through its Oil Care recycling program.

AutoZone offers its customers convenient drop-off locations for recycling oil. Customers can also take used oil to their local AutoZone store, which will handle this process for them on the spot.

One of their most significant projects for AutoZone in 2017 was to recycle thousands of gallons of used oil from Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants across the country.

AutoZone uses used motor oil to manufacture all of its products. This reduces their costs and helps them keep prices low for consumers.

How Can You Give Your Used Motor Oil To AutoZone?

The most common misconception about AutoZone’s free oil recycling program is that it only applies to motor oil purchased from a participating AutoZone location.

On the contrary, any used motor oil can be recycled at all stores across the country. It does not have to have been purchased there.

You can recycle up to five gallons of used motor oil per visit and as much as 25 gallons per year. You can also recycle used oil filters on this day, and batteries and tires, which are accepted.

When you bring your old oil filter into any AutoZone store or U-Pull-It yard, you get cash for it – on the spot! AutoZone will recycle your used oil at no extra charge. You also get free oil changes for life!

How Does Recycling Help The Environment?

Many people are not aware that oil recycling is a term for re-refining used motor oil. While that may sound like it’s just cleaning up the environment, there’s more to it than that.

Re-refining is an environmentally conscious way to reduce how much trash ends up in landfills and incinerators.

Recycling is an integral part of everyday life that we don’t always think of. We recycle paper and plastics, but what about oil? How does oil recycling help the environment?

According to the Recycle Across America website, over 10,000 facilities across the country can recycle used motor oil and other petroleum products.

The world consumes an ever-increasing quantity of oil each year, with the United States alone using over 19 million barrels per day. This amount is only expected to increase in the coming years.

While this high demand for fuel brings with it many benefits, it also causes serious environmental concerns.

The burning of fossil fuels causes air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions which significantly contribute to worldwide climate change.

As a result, there has been increased interest in alternative ways to produce environmentally friendly energy. Recycling is a way of reducing waste and conserving our natural resources.

It involves the collecting, sorting, and processing of waste materials for re-use or remanufacturing into new products. Recycling is the process by which recycled material is transformed into new products.

The process of recycling decreases the usage of raw materials and consequently resulting in low energy usage and air pollution. It also helps save water because it prevents landfills from filling up.

One way to recycle is by re-using oil for lubrication in heavy machinery and equipment.

Recycled motor oil extends the life of newer cars as well! All of this reduces the need for crude oil extraction from the earth.

A study conducted recently revealed that nearly 10 million gallons of used oil are recycled in the United States every year, which is enough to power about 7,000 homes for a year.

This is all possible since more than 3,300 mobile collection units and over 2,600 permanent collection sites have been set up across the country where consumers can recycle their used oil.

Oil recycling is one of the best ways to reduce the environmental footprint on the earth. With so many people living in such a small space, there will always be an issue with cleaning up after ourselves and keeping our surroundings clean.

Especially if we are talking about the thousands of gallons of oil that we use daily for cars and heating our homes.

Since the invention of automobiles, used oil has been a valuable commodity. It began to help keep engines running smoothly, but it quickly became an integral part of automobile culture.

However, along with this development came an environmental problem that is still being dealt with today.

By recycling your old cooking oil instead of throwing it away, you are helping the environment and potentially saving yourself some money. Used motor oil, when disposed of improperly, can be harmful to the environment and human health.


AutoZone recognizes the importance of recycling used oil and is doing its part to help our environment.

They are committed to limiting its effect on the environment and helping others who share this commitment.

AutoZone makes it easy for you to recycle your used household oil, motor oil, and any other type of oil by giving you a safe way to dispose of it. We hope that this article has helped educate you on how AutoZone uses recycled oil products!

If you want to learn more about grease recycling and the other things AutoZone does with old motor oil, visit autozonegreaserecycling.com.

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