Does Autozone Take Used Oil? (your Full Guide)

If you’re thinking that your old car oil might leak out when you pour it into your recycling bin, you must be thinking about old oil that has been sitting for a long time. If you’re dealing with oil that hasn’t had time to go through the entire process of leaking, it might be time to take the oil to a recycling center or waste management facility.

So, you may wonder if AutoZone accepts used oil. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

But, there’s still one big question. What is AutoZone getting for all this oil? Well, if I may be so bold to ask, what are they paying? This is where it gets tricky.

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil In 2022?

When you visit AutoZone, you will notice that the oil and filter stores are very large. Many different types of oil are available, and a number of filters are available. The oil is stored in the store in many different containers. If you want, you can purchase the oil or filter for your vehicle, and make changes at a later time.

You can read more about car care, AutoZone and whether they take used oil, in the paragraph that follows!

Can You Return Used Oil to AutoZone?


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You can take the used motor oil to the nearest AutoZone store that has a recycling center, depending on your location. However, the store you take it to first needs to have a recycling center according to your state laws.

AutoZone requires customers to use proper containers and that used motor oil is free of other fluids.

This part is a little more complicated. While most stores offer oil recycling, some will only accept used oil from a specific manufacturer. Others will only accept used oil that has been drained from your car’s engine.

You can take any used oil that has been drained from your engine into the AutoZone.

Will AutoZone Charge You To Take Used Oil?

If you’re ready to recycle your old motor oil, you can go to any AutoZone store. All oil recycling is free and there’s no charge if you bring your used oil to a store.

You can also order this oil and have it delivered to you by an AutoZone partner store.

In addition, make sure that the oil that you bring in is not contaminated. In this way, you’ll be able to get a better deal at AutoZone.

You can also cash in your AutoZone rewards for store credit just like you would go to any of the stores and redeem your vouchers through their cashier.

Since it is a good deal, you should inquire if the particular store has any of these deals when dropping off your oil.

How Much Oil Will AutoZone Take at a Time?

Some auto parts companies are now charging you a fee if you want to take out old oil from your vehicle and some auto parts stores are also selling the oils.

In some states, you are not permitted to use the pump in your vehicle more often than a total of five gallons. Therefore, this will help you avoid a charge of improperly disposing of oil.

You can also confirm with the specific AutoZone store beforehand to know the recycle limit, and also have your oil filters recycled.

What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil?

Instead of throwing their old oil on a dirt-filled dump, AutoZone collects the used oil and recycles it to help other products.

With a little math, one gallon of oil takes five gallons of water to produce, and two and a half quarts of clean oil needs about 42 gallons to produce.

Pure olive oil can be used to clean your home and car. It is also used for beauty treatments and on your body if you want natural and organic beauty.

When the oil is refined to be used in the production of motor vehicle fuel, it is a renewable resource. The fuel produced is also renewable. However, this oil is not a renewable resource when used in a different application, such as an electric generation plant or a chemical process.

1. The industrial fuel contains chemicals like ammonia.

A company repurposes old oil that would normally be thrown out, to be used in their delivery trucks.

It is the one of the biggest sources of income in our country.

In the processing facility, oil is placed in a container and filtered for contamination. The oil is then sold to the customer, and then transported to an oil depot once all the tanks are full.

The government allows only oil with less than 1ppm of sulfur content to be used for energy purposes but the oil that is processed to be used for asphalt, for example, must be free of any sulfur. In addition, the oil must also be free of heavy metals, heavy metals can cause problems when used in oil processing and also affect the quality of the oil.

In order to make up for the lack of oil, AutoZone sells this to manufacturers that deal in pet food and livestock feed.

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The company recycles oil that is used in old vehicles into hydraulic fluids, gear lubes and transmission fluids, to reduce our dependency on oil that is imported from foreign countries.

Also, AutoZone stores recycled brake fluid and engine oil. And, it uses this oil to make sure the brake fluid remains clean and lubricates the piston in your engine.

To find out if AutoZone installs batteries in your car you can see our post on who does and who doesn’t. To see if AutoZone does oil changes you can see our post.


AutoZone allows the public to recycle used oil and oil filters. The public can take the used oil to a recycling depot and they will provide a free container.

Collecting this oil protects the environment, as AutoZone will recycle the oil for other purposes. Furthermore, you can drop off the oil at different AutoZone stores for free. However, you need to confirm whether they offer it on their website.

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