Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Parts for walmart? [all You Need to know] 

Walmart is a company with a wide range of products and services for car lovers. They sell a wide range of products and offer a variety of services.

Walmart customers love the Super Tech oil products. However if you’re wondering, who makes these products?
I found out what exactly makes these products, and where they are made.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Products For Walmart?

Warren Oil Company, Inc. is responsible for producing Walmart’s Super Tech motor oil products. Super Tech oil containers can also be seen as “WPP” on the bottom of Super Tech oil containers. Walmart’s Super Tech oil filters are made by Champion Labs while Douglas Tires are made by Goodyear.

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Who Makes Walmart’s Super Tech Motor Oil? 

Super Tech is made and marketed by the Warren Oil company, which is one of the biggest independent automotive lubricant manufacturers in the United States.

Well, there is some debate on who makes this oil, but one savvy customer found that WPP stands for Walmart Petroleum Products, or Walmart Petroleum Products.

Warren Oil Company, Inc., a distributor of synthetic oils, is also responsible for selling both conventional and synthetic oils under various brand names, including Gold Band, Lubrigard, and Warren Oil.

What Kind Of Oil Is Super Tech Motor Oil? 

Super Tech oil is a fully synthetic engine oil that protects your engine from wear and tear. This oil is made by blending premium base oils and other special additives to provide the best possible lubrication.

They are a great solution for engine lubrication, especially in places with high oil temperatures or where the engine is exposed to long-term high thermal stress.

GM synthetic oils in the Dexos and Dexos 5W-30 series meet a Dexos 1 rating, and a Dexos 5W-30 rating is suitable for API Specification SP viscosities.

The oil’s specifications meet standards set by the General Motors Company, meaning it has superior characteristics than other brands that are available and much cheaper.

Is Super Tech Good Quality Motor Oil?

This oil is considered a high-quality oil. It is well-reviewed by customers on the Walmart website.

It also has high quality and it is a good motor oil as it complies with all industry standards. It is a low cost motor oil which contains the right amounts of different additives needed to make your motor run better.

Another great reason to choose Super Tech motor oil is that it is completely dedicated to Super Tech products, which means it’s not mixed with any other oils. This is important as there is a possibility that other oils in the vehicle’s reservoir, filter, or blockage may have been compromised and may be the cause of the oil change needed.

Who Makes Super Tech Transmission Fluid?

It is easy to install in a transmission with the correct parts and is easy to use with a great smell. You can purchase this fluid for around $10.00 per quart and you should never try to use any other brand of transmission fluid.

The transmission fluids SuperTech fluids are designed to be used on high mileage transmissions. They are engineered to provide superior performance and longer service life to both the transmission and the vehicle. These fluids work well in both automatic and manual transmission applications, and are designed for heavy vehicle usage.

DEXRON III can be used to correct all of the problems for either manual or automatic transmissions.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil Filters For Walmart?

The best way to compare these products is by looking at the label on the product. At the very least, the oil filter should be oil proof, but the manufacturer should also state if the filter is compatible with automatic transmission fluids. If you notice any of the above three issues, then do not use the oil filter.

Additionally, Champion Labs, through private label agreements, is able to produce oil filters for over 30 different brands nationwide.

Who Makes Batteries For Walmart?

Walmart’s car battery stock comes from several powerful manufacturers. Champion and EverStart are the most popular brands and are part of the parent company of Johnson Controls. A successful American battery maker.

The retailer is also an authorized retailer for Nissan, Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Who Makes Tires For Walmart?

Walmart decided to drop the Goodyear franchise after a change in management that was made by Walmart in the middle of the year of 2007.

A third reason that Walmart is the best choice for auto shopping is that they offer a service that is not provided by most competitors. They offer a service that is called “on the tire”. It is an alternative to the traditional tire service shops that charge a flat rate of over $100. For this type of service, Walmart offers free mileage, plus they will pick up and drop off the tires at your house or office.

Brake Pads Brands Walmart Sells

The majority of brake pads available in the USA are made of stainless steel, this means they will have a steel backing which means they will be strong and last longer.
However, an important point to remember about stainless steel brake pads is that they will get very hot and even cause the brakes to smoke.
So remember, if you do want to buy a brake pad, go for ones that are made of aluminium or carbon steel.

And even though we don’t stock all types of brake pads, they’re all readily available at Walmart.

We stock all the best brands of brake pads, including the popular Brembo braking system. Our front brake pads are from [Original] and our rear brake pads come from [Paraphrase].

Windshield Wiper Brands Walmart Sells

There’s also a number of aftermarket suppliers out there, both on- and offline, meaning that customers can find a different manufacturer’s windshield wipers with a minimum amount of effort.

To learn more about these types of things, you can read our related posts on if Walmart takes used oil for recycling, if Walmart takes old tires, and why Walmart tires are so cheap!

Conclusion: Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Parts For Walmart? 

Even though Walmart is not a manufacturer of motor oils, brake pads, oil filters, tires, windshield wipers, and other replacement parts, top name-brand manufacturers like Warren Oil, Goodyear, and Michelin do have parts to meet your motor vehicle needs. Walmart has all the parts and accessories you need to get you back on the road safely!

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