Is Ace Hardware A Franchise? (not What You Think)

Ace Hardware is a hardware store that has been in business for over a hundred years. There are over 5,000 hardware stores in the United States alone.

 Ace Hardware is a home improvement chain owned by the Stanley Black & Decker corporation.  So, it’s not a franchise and Ace Hardware stores are not an extension of the chain itself.  Ace Hardware does sell tools in its stores to get you started on your DIY projects but the chain does not provide any of the products.

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Is Ace Hardware A Franchise In 2022?

In 2018, the organization changed its name from Ace Hardware to the current name.
In 2010, the organization sold Ace Hardware to a joint venture between Southeastern Asset Management and Cerberus Capital Management. Southeastern has held a controlling stake in the company since January 1, 2010. The new ownership group, which Southeastern and Cerberus formed for the purchase, owns or operates 1,900 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you are interested in owning an Ace Hardware store, then read this article. There is also information on how you can run a store.

When Did Ace Hardware Become A Cooperative?

After Hesse’s retirement as president, the brand continued expanding and growing but it had to become cooperative in order to grow and have a profitable future.

In 1991, ACE Hardware relocated its headquarters to Oak Brook, Illinois, and opened a new division called ACE Hardware Wholesale.

As a cooperative, Ace Hardware can purchase larger volumes of at lower prices, and then distribute those products through several distribution centers.

How Does The Ace Hardware Cooperative Work?

A cooperative is a business where all the members own the business and work together to make it more successful.

When a corporation wants to issue shares, it is required to register with the SEC, file a prospectus, and issue shares.

Next, it allows the owner to display the Ace Hardware logo, and is not limited to home centers.

With the aid of over 80,000 products, the cooperative store owner can stock within their stores to meet the needs of clients.

That means the store owner is not an actual partner with the cooperative, but just a holder of the equity.

The Ace Hardware stores contribute to the larger cooperative which is an advertising and marketing service for the other Ace hardware stores.

How Many Ace Hardware Stores Are There?

There are currently approximately 5,000 Ace Hardware stores operating in 60 countries across the globe.

The Ace Hardware stores have over $35 billion in annual revenue and employ over 50,000 people.

The “cooperative business” at Ace Hardware allows them to have a personal relationship with their consumers. They don’t have to be impersonal like a big box store.

How Much Does It Cost To Own An Ace Hardware?

As Ace Hardware is a cooperative, business owners set their stores and use the branding they want to encourage customers to visit to there.

To open a company, it’s estimated to cost between $270,000 and $1,600,000, depending on the store’s location, size, and other factors.

Although that will be the case, not all Ace Hardware stores will be owned by the franchise.
In some cases, there are two different Ace Hardware stores in the same area. These are not owned by the franchise.

To own an Ace Hardware store, owners need to make a net worth of around $400,000 and needs to have a cash requirement of around $250,000.

The Ace Hardware brands will face the repercussions if it doesn’t meet the expectations, goals, and targets of the Ace Hardware brand.

How Much Do Ace Hardware Franchise Owners Make?

It is reported that franchise owners get a monthly average of $742.00.

This can result in the store’s profitability. The profit from the store’s business can also be determined.

Is Ace Hardware A Good Store To Own?

Ace Hardware is a great business to own because the profits offered by operating a franchise can be over $80,000 a year.

Ace Hardware doesn’t charge franchise business owners any fees, and a portion of company profits is returned to the stores every year.

There is training and support for owners of the Ace Hardware locations.

It was also mentioned that Ace Hardware’s business model was a success in the area and that the store was a good fit for its local customers.

Entrepreneur also highlighted Ace Hardware as the 13th best franchise business, due to its financial growth and brand power performance.

And if someone were to say what Ace hardware policy is, I want to refer you to the official Ace Hardware corporate statement of policy.


Ace Hardware is a chain of stores (around 14,000 in the U.S.) that carry home improvement supplies.

This means that all of the employees are also members of a cooperative labor union, and they are the backbone of the organization.

Instead, most of the stores are owned by individuals who operate under the Ace Hardware brand after purchasing a franchise fee of around $5,000.

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