Why Is Amazon Prime Video Not Working? (9 Different Fixes)

Amazon Prime members have a lot of cool benefits and features for a fee. They can order anything they’d like at no cost, and in addition to that, they also receive streaming services like Amazon Prime Video at no additional charge.

But if your Amazon Prime Video suddenly stops working, and you’re worried that you may have to cancel your subscription, it’s easy to panic. You may be wondering if there are any quick fixes to make the problem go away.

This video will help you to work on your Amazon Prime Video if it is not working correctly.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video In 2022?

If you’re having trouble with your Amazon Prime Video app, here are several ways you can fix it. For example, you can reconnect to the internet or switch to a different IP, start the Amazon Prime Video app again, uninstall the Amazon Fire app, or download a different Amazon Prime Video app.

So if your Amazon Prime Video app has a problem. The best thing to do is to turn off the app. As soon as you turn off the app, try to restart it.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The issue is you’ve probably been getting blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There’s a good chance that your ISP is blocking Amazon Prime Video because they think that it’s an illegal or malicious website.

Make sure that you’re router is working correctly and that it’s turned on.

Several Amazon Prime Video users recommend unplugging and replugging the internet router as a quick fix to problems with Amazon Prime Video.

2. Test Your Internet Speed

If you find out that your Net connection is working, but your Amazon Prime video isn’t, it’s time to check the speed of your internet.

Fortunately, many web pages (like this one) provide a means to test your internet speed.

– Try updating the Flash plugin.
– Clear your browser cache and cookies.
– Turn off other applications on your device if you are using a browser.

I recommend that you do not watch Amazon Prime video streaming on the Internet, but rather you should purchase a USB modem that will allow you to download it to your device and watch over Wi-Fi.

3. Restart The Device

This will reset all your currently buffered content, and it will download all the new content, so if you’re really having problems, it may be worth a shot.

Once you restart your phone, it will refresh the internet connection, which will reconnect to the Amazon Prime Video servers, and restore its stored videos.

I want to emphasize that if you already have a password to gain access to Amazon Prime Video, you can just reinstall the app and you’ll be able to continue watching your favorite shows.

If you have problems with the Amazon Prime Video app, disconnect the device from the power source and reconnect it again after a few moments.

You shouldn’t have to do anything to get the Prime Video app to work — you should be able to launch it right away.

If you can’t stop and restart the device, then try connecting and disconnecting the device and then try again.

Restarting devices fixes most problems with Amazon Prime Video.

4. Make Sure Your Browser And Amazon Prime Video Is Updated

If you don’t have the latest version of your internet browser or Amazon Prime Video app, it can be a problem of your TV service.

Some websites require that you update your browser to access the content.

If you’re unsure, you can check here for an older version of your browser.

For people who have the latest version of the Amazon Prime app, you can view videos in-app. They will play on the Amazon Prime app, but you cannot pause the video or skip to the next video.

You will need to use the newest version of the Amazon Prime Video app on your TV to access the content.

If the Netflix app is outdated, they will experience glitches while streaming.

5. Log In To Amazon Prime Video On A Different Device

It’s also a good idea to use the app on another device, as this can stop problems occurring.

If you leave the country and you want to watch something on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll have to connect to the internet again. You are not allowed to watch Amazon Prime Video outside the country using just the web browser. This is because the video is still streamed to you, and it will become a security concern if someone can just watch your videos.

However, if your Amazon Prime Video doesn’t work on your Amazon Fire TV after changing to a new device, the issue is most likely on Amazon’s end, and you should call Amazon’s customer service (see below).

6. Disable Your VPN Service

You can’t be on a VPN connection and use Amazon Prime Video if the streaming service is not compatible with the VPN service.

The only reason Amazon is limiting VPN usage is because they’re afraid you’re in another country illegally watching content.

If your VPN or proxy is to blame, you can try disconnecting your VPN or proxy servers and reload the Amazon Prime Video app to fix the issue.

7. Check How Many People Are Streaming Amazon Prime Video

Restrictions on streaming devices such as Amazon Prime has been a constant problem for users in multiple ways.

That last part is important. In this case, the number of simultaneous users you can have is limited, because only two devices can stream at the same time.

If more than two people are streaming, you cannot stream video content at the same time.

If you have many people in your family one way to fix this issue is to make sure that everyone have an internet connection at the same time.

If you have a Prime Video subscription, you can watch Amazon’s video content whenever you want, even if someone else is watching at the same time.

8. Call The Amazon Customer Service Line

To know the status of the refund of your Amazon Prime membership, call Amazon customer service at (888) 280-4331. The service is open 24/7 and you can get your money back.

If you have an issue that needs to be taken care of, Amazon’s customer service is there to help with that.

I would wait a long time because their customer service is a complete joke.

Also, make sure you have your Amazon account information ready for the representative to verify your account.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video On A Mobile Device

If you’re on Amazon Prime Video on your Apple iPhone, iPhone, iPad or Andorid device, you might be able to fix the streaming issue by redownloading the app.

Some users of Amazon Prime Video have reported that after uninstalling the app, the issue is resolved if they reinstall it after a few minutes.

To uninstall the Netflix app, tap and hold on the Netflix icon until a “Cross” becomes available. Tap the cross and wait for the app to be uninstalled.

If your app isn’t showing up in the App Store or Play Store, you can reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store, depending on what platform you are using.

You can uninstall the Netflix app of any version to get rid of Netflix bugs and reset the app.

You will have to go log in to your Amazon account, as after re-installing it, you will need to sign in.

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If your Amazon Prime Video service is not working, there are many ways to fix the problem quickly. The most common way to fix the problem is to restart your device.

If your device is already running, you might need to restart your device.

If you want to improve network conditions and download content, there are many factors that can cause a streaming issue.

In essence, you can fix your Amazon Prime Video without calling Amazon’s customer service!

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