Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that gives its users access to additional services that aren’t available to other Amazon customers or are only available at a premium, such as Prime Video, which offers streaming video content.

But, do remember to keep your eyes open when signing up for the first time and you will then be able to enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Prime subscription that includes free Spotify!

Is Spotify Free with Amazon Prime In 2022?

The new rules also mean that people can continue to use Spotify if they wish but if they don’t have a Spotify Premium account they will have to pay.
For people with “free” Spotify accounts, the new rules mean that the company will no longer give the option to opt-out of targeted ads. This is to make it easier for the company to target their ads on the platform and as a result, this could lead to an increased amount of targeted ads on Spotify.

If you have questions about if you should get Amazon Prime instead of Netflix, and how streaming services are changing, keep reading to get some answers!

How Do I Link Amazon Prime to Spotify?

Go to your Spotify app on a mobile device.
Select the red circle next to your name in the bottom right corner.
Select Settings.
Select Link your Spotify account with Alexa.

What Do I Get with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime comes with everything you need for entertainment and you don’t have have to worry about buying songs or downloading songs to your phone because everything is done automatically.

You’ll get free access to Prime Video at no extra cost if you are a Prime Subscriber. So, you can watch the entire list of movies and TV shows available there.

So Prime Video is the only subscription offering available only by Prime members and is the best way to watch movies and TV shows online.

For example, you can access the Discovery+ channel to watch your favorite shows such as “Naked and Afraid” at only $4.99 a month.

If you are a gamer you will be getting free games, in-game content for your favorite games and a channel subscription for Twitch.

Prime members also don’t have to worry about storage as they are able to store unlimited photos and videos.

Prime members get a 40% discount for accessing thousands of books, movies, educational apps and games on a variety of different devices.

Amazon Prime allows you to get free two-day delivery and free two-day delivery on prescription from Amazon Pharmacy when paying without insurance.

Amazon Fresh delivers meals to your home for free. You also get free delivery on Amazon Prime when you order groceries online.

Amazon Music Prime vs Spotify

Subscribers to Amazon Music Prime and Spotify can’t be more different than they are – Amazon offers a huge range of music content while Spotify is more focused on the latest music.

Spotify has a wide range of smart speakers. Spotify’s smart speakers are compatible with a majority of smart devices. But Alexa-enabled devices are different. Alexa requires Amazon Music Prime to work.

Spotify provides a variety of content such as audio, visual, and non-audio tracks.

However, Prime Music is more geared towards streaming, live performances, and spoken word content.

How Do I Get Spotify for Free?

Free Spotify is a limited offer. The free plan, which also includes offline listening, plays ads.

Spotify free also has some limited features including only being able to play music on shuffle, only being able to skip a limited number of times per song, and no ability to download content to listen to offline.

You can sign up for a free Spotify account using your mobile phone or a computer.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can download the “Spotify” app for free. Here you will discover to complete the registration using your Facebook, email address, or your phone number.

if you are using a computer, you can sign up at the Spotify signup section. Just follow the same procedure as I described above.

You can get free Spotify Premium accounts by taking advantage of the free three-month trial periods which Spotify runs.

If you have previously subscribed to Spotify Premium… Then you will, however, only be eligible for the free trials.

Cell phone companies like to offer lots of features in different packages.

If you’re an AT&T customer, you can get a free Spotify Premium for yourself in the form of a free bundle of the app.

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Spotify is available on Amazon Prime, but if you don’t want to pay for it, you could get your hands on Spotify Premium through free trials, bundled services like AT&T or Sprint, or Amazon’s Music Unlimited.

Even though you get Amazon Music Prime for free, you can still get additional perks if you sign up for the Prime Membership. You can take advantage of a wide variety of perks like Prime Video, Twitch, and 40% off on Amazon Kids.

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