Safeway Gas Discount (Rewards, Points, How It Works, Chevron Coupons + More)

You can collect rewards for all your Safeway stores with Safeway rewards, with Safeway rewards you get rewards for all the Safeway stores you shop at in a certain time period. You can visit the Safeway rewards website in the USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, etc.

If you buy any of their regular gas or diesel, you can get a discount on your gas purchases. It’s usually around 10-15% as advertised on their website.

Safeway Gas Discount In 2022

Safeway stores don’t offer a gas station discount but rather offer Just For U rewards program. Members of the Just For U rewards program use their Safeway card to fill their car up and they earn points for every dollar they spend. Customers can save their money to get discounts on gas.

Want to know more about Safeway Gas Rewards? Want to learn how to save on gas? Want to know more about the Fast Forward program? If you’d like to learn more, keep reading.

How Do the Safeway Gas Rewards Work?

One of the benefits of enrolling in the Safeway Rewards program is you get your club card free.

We offer a rewards program where you can earn rewards by purchasing qualifying groceries, pharmaceuticals and gift cards. You can redeem your rewards on our gas pumps until they are expired.

The customer earns 10 percent in rewards for every 1000 points they earn (or every $1 they spend). Customers are able to redeem up to $1 per gallon in rewards on one fill-up.

To use promo code, customers must place their order through Toyota of San Antonio. The total amount of gallons you purchase must equal 25 gallons.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer not valid on prior purchases. Limit one per customer. 10 percent discount (on up to 25 gallons) will be applied to your order total based on the price of the gas that was purchased (excluding any additional promotional discounts) upon checkout. Offer good for one transaction only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on regular priced vehicles. Offer valid until October 26, 2017.

There’s a way to earn points, but it is not explained anywhere in the game.

Any points earned that do not total 100 will expire by the end of the month in which they were earned.

You can earn Gas Rewards until the end of the month following the month of the reward.

Customers will not need to purchase specific items or buy gas station specific items in order to earn gas rewards. They can use the rewards earned from any in-store purchase that is eligible for gas rewards.

How Can I Check How Many Gas Rewards I Have?

After downloading the app, users will be able to see how much Gas Rewards they have earned.

There are two tabs in this section, Rewards and History. The Rewards tab lists all the rewards that you have and how many points you need, and the History tab lists all the rewards that you have purchased.

The app will allow you to see where your nearest Safeway gas station is, so that you can stop by and grab some gas.

Can I Use Safeway Fast Forward to Earn Gas Rewards?

Safeway Fast Forward is available at Safeway stores that offer the feature.

Customers are now able to add a Just For U Rewards card to their credit card and bank accounts that allow them to earn all of their rewards on any purchase.

For customers that use the Fast Forward program, an additional card is an option that gives customers more ways to earn and redeem Gas Rewards

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Safeway currently offers 2X Gas Reward Points, allowing customers to earn a bonus point with every purchase.
I would like to remind you that Safeway also offers Gas Cards, for more information about this offer, please visit this link:
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Fast Forward card is an amazing card, which allows all customers to earn 2 times more points when they pay with their Fast Forward card.

When customers use their Fast Forward card to purchase gift cards, they will earn 3 extra bonus points for every dollar spent on gift cards.

They will earn 100 Gas Reward points for buying a $100 gift card. They earn an additional 100 Fast Forward points for using their Fast Forward card. Another 100 gas reward points for using their Fast Forward card.

What Items Are Not Eligible for Earning 2X Gas Reward Points?

(1) Beverages. Items such as soft drinks, juices, shakes, iced tea, etc.
(2) Gourmet items such as cheese, breads, desserts, and candy
(3) Miscellaneous items such as gift wrapping, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, etc.

Gas rewards will still be earned on Fast Forward purchases for items purchased at the Fuel Center and for fuel station products and services.

Can I Use Safeway Coupons for Safeway Gas?

There are a variety of coupons available that allow you to save money on gasoline. These can be found on a website called Coupon XOO.

People who are looking for gas coupons to save money, should take advantage of these high-sale occasions, such as with gas promotions, so they can get the best deal.

Are There Any Hacks to Get Safeway Gas Rewards?

You should be aware that there are no hacks in order to get additional rewards for your Gas Rewards, but you can use several strategies for earning more points.

U.S. Bank would like to tell you about an opportunity to earn double the Gas Rewards points when you open a Safeway Fast Forward account.

When customers purchase gift cards with their Fast Forward card, they will earn double as much points than when using regular points.

Does Safeway Have a Discount for Gas in Canada?

This means that you can expect a discount from Safeway if you come their way. Customers may find it best to keep up with the coupons because they may offer better discounts the more coupons they receive.

Unfortunately, Safeway Canada doesn’t currently offer the Just For U program. For this reason Canadians cannot earn Gas Rewards or Fast Forward Gas Rewards.

Can I Use Safeway Rewards at Chevron Stations?

Exxon Mobil, Shell, Valero, Speedway and other gas stations that are listed on the Just For U Rewards website will accept Just For U Rewards cards.

To redeem Just For U Gas Rewards, you must inform the cashier of the card used to purchase the gas.

Customers are allowed 10% off for gas as long as they have the exact amount of gas in their car. This is the same policy set by Safeway. Any more than ten gallons is not allowed for gas discounts.

No rewards will be given at this time. The company does not know when there will be changes or if there will be any reward at all.

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Safeway is offering 10 percent off gas for consumers who join their Fast Forward program. These discounts can be used in conjunction with 10 percent off gas at Safeway stores and gas stations as well as 10 percent off gas at Safeway gas stations.

You can earn points by swiping your card at the gas pump. Gas station products and services do not qualify for earning Gas Station Rewards.
You can redeem your points by swiping your card at the gas pump. Gas station products and services do not qualify for earning Gas Station Rewards.
How to redeem:
Use your card for purchases at participating Shell locations.

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