Safeway Club Card (price, Benefits, How To Apply, Redeeming + More)

Some retailers have decided to use loyalty programs so that they can entice more shoppers to visit their stores on a regular basis.

Safeway’s Club Card program is similar to a normal grocery store loyalty card. You can pick up a card and start earning points for every dollar you spend. In fact, you can redeem your points for Safeway gift cards which can be used online or in-store.

What Is the Safeway Club Card In 2022?

In case you somehow missed the announcement on social media, Safeway has renamed its loyalty program, Just For U Rewards, to Just for U because the company feels its customers are more focused on the people they love (and also saving money on food and other goods).

If you’d like to know more about how you can benefit from a Club Card, how to get one, the benefits of having one and more, keep reading.

How Do I Register For A Safeway Club Card?

You just have to make a few small purchases, you can register for the Safeway Club Card.

At your local Safeway store, head to the customer service/ reception desk, ask for an application and fill it out.
It is your responsibility to complete the form correctly and send it in to the nearest Safeway store.

A store associate will help you fill out the application, and then will give you a card.

 The first step is to set up a PayPal account. Once you’ve done this, the website will display information about your application. The card should be registered and the user can choose a PIN via the site, and can set up an online shopping bag. The system will charge the card automatically.

What Are the Benefits Of A Safeway Club Card?

When you shop at Safeway, you can save on your shopping.

For one, Club Card members will receive a 10% discount on purchases, and they’ll gain points every time they shop and swipe/scan their Club Card.

members also can earn points while shopping at the gas station of the supermarket and the pharmacy department of the supermarket.

When you are on the member page, right click on the logo and select “join Clubcard”.

What Items Are Excluded From Club Card Minimum Purchase Requirements?

If you use the Club Card, there are some offers that require you to make an initial purchase.

For example, when a customer requests $50 off the order, the web programmer would look up the discount code, and then charge only $45.

*Dine-In Items – Items served to customers in the Safeway Dine-In and Carry-Out areas such as the Fresh Market, Fresh Selections, and Safeway Deli.

How Do I Redeem Safeway Club Card Points?

In order to use your Club Card points, you simply swipe or scan it every time you make a purchase.

This can be found online. You have to enter the code, and then you can see how much points are worth.

Is There A Rewards And Points Limit On The Club Card?

The Safeway Club Card can be used to save money at Safeway supermarkets.

Points earned on the exchange have to be at 100 points at the end of each month, if it’s below 100 points then the points won’t count anymore.

Therefore, customers are urged to always know how many points they earn so that they can fully capitalize on their rewards.

When Can I Redeem My Club Card Rewards?

All points and rewards will be added to your Safeway Club Card shortly after they’re earned.

However, people that have Safeway Rewards may not see how much cash back they have at this moment.

Can I Use The Club Card Online?

Club Card members can simply sign in to their Club Card to view, print and apply their points to their online purchases.

If you’re interested in checking out their current offers, you’ll need your Safeway card. They’ll automatically add any savings to your Club Card, and you can apply the points towards the final total.

It is now possible to purchase a membership to Safeway’s “Clubhouse Market” program with your Club Card.

Can I Link Two Club Card Accounts?

If multiple members of the household all have a club card, they can link them together so that they can maximize their savings, and also go check out the same items at different times.

To link their accounts, customers are being asked to enter the Safeway number when prompted.

Are Gas Points And Grocery Points From The Club Card Different?

It’s possible to earn points by shopping at Safeway and filling up your gasoline tank.

The issue of the difficulty of the points of the game and whether there exists a difference between the different points, is that the points are converted to Rewards. However, there is a difference between Rewards and points.

When Are Club Card Offers Updated?

The Safeway Club Card offers are updated every single day. They are based on new promotions, new discounts and coupons.

Members can go to or download the Safeway app to view updated offers.

You can also subscribe to e-mail notifications so that you can receive an email every time a new offer has been added to the website.

What Is The Difference Between Limited and Unlimited Club Card Offers?

The offer allows you to offer a rebate for every transaction with a single offer. This means any offers for that transaction can only be applied on ONE transaction.

Customers should remember that some offers may have limits on the quantity you can buy, and you should check the offer details before trying to apply the offer to your purchase.

How Long Are The Grocery Rewards Offers Available For?

Cardholders have until the end of the month to earn money, and when they do, they can use it on a transaction that month.

Customers should take into account that some of the grocery promo codes are subject to limits, and are urged to examine the terms carefully to be certain that the code is valid at their store.

What Is My List On The Club Card Account?

The Safeway Club card added a “My List” section that allowed customers to create a list of items they wanted to buy.

When members have added offers to their My List, they will show up to the right of the offers they’ve already added.

Free items can be added to My List without deactivating the coupon.

How Do I Update my Safeway Club Card?

If they are not logged into their PayPal account, they will need to link their PayPal account to their PayPal Express Checkout account to update their credit card information.

Can I Get A Safeway Club Card Online?

If customers would like a physical card, they can sign up for it either at the brick and mortar locations, or on the Safeway app.

Customers can access the card by downloading the Safeway app to their iPhone or Android device. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. The app’s features include loyalty points tracking, rewards, purchasing options, and the ability to track Safeway Rewards memberships.

Additionally, customers can access the Just For U reward on the homepage of the app, create a new account, and begin clipping coupons and discounts from their device.

How Much Does A Safeway Club Card Cost?

As I mentioned previously, you can get Safeway Club Cards for free.

Customers can go to the customer service desk at the store or they can fill out an application on or the Safeway app.

Can I Use A Safeway Club Card At Albertsons?

Because customers can use their Safeway Club Card at any Albertsons store, they can use their cards at all Albertsons stores, not just Safeway stores.

While the gift cards can be used at most Safeway locations and any Albertsons owned store, if you see a gift card that says “Albertsons” on it, you can use it at either of these stores regardless of the store where it was purchased.

Does Safeway Canada Have The Club Card?

While the US Safeway Club Card is limited to Club Safeway employees, Safeway Canada has no limit to their Club members since all members are welcome and free to join.

Safeway is getting on board with loyalty programs in Canada. They are in the process of making this happen. They plan on having this in place soon.

If you’ve read about Safeway’s Club Card, you know that Safeway is not an Apple Pay-only-website. So you can buy Apple Pay with a debit card, credit card or Apple Pay using a credit card.


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