Does Subway Do Cash Back? (try This Instead)

Subway has about 2,300 locations worldwide. They have restaurants in more than 50 countries, making them one of the most popular franchises in the world.

While Subway does offer cashback if you purchase with a certain card, I’ve found out that they don’t offer cash back for all purchases.

Does Subway Do Cash Back In 2022?

Some locations still offer cash back at Subway.

Subway has a rewards program. It is called the Subway Reward Card, and it works like a debit card. You can purchase a card in the store or sign up online. Your first purchase is free. After that, you can use the card at participating establishments. You can even use it online or buy gift cards.

Cash back is just one of many rewards programs that you can earn on your favorite restaurant and/or retailer websites. So if you’re new to the term, you may want to check out this post on reward programs to learn more.

In summary, how do you benefit from a rewards program?

Benefits of a rewards program can include:

Cash back.

Discounts on the price of certain items.

Percentage or dollar amount off on future purchases.

Reduced or waived fees.

Points for frequent shopper programs and similar perks.

Is It Subway’s Policy Not to Allow Cash Back?

To be totally honest, most Subway locations do not allow for cash back, especially if they’re not a part of the national chain. Though, if the Subway location is a part of the national chain, they definitely will provide the cash back.

The only location that will give you money back when you pay with a debit or credit card are the ones that have a rewards program. If they don’t have one, they’re not part of this deal.

Are There Fast-Food Restaurants That Offer Cash Back?

I never used a rewards card before, so I don’t know if they cash back from restaurants, but I would assume they do. I would also say that there are other rewards cards besides cash back, like airline miles. Most rewards cards will give you points, which can later be redeemed for discounts or flights.

“Cash back” isn’t the same as “pay with your card”.
At Carl’s Jr. and Chuck E. Cheese, customers pay for their meals in cash or by using an electronic device that reads their credit or debit cards. The cashiers don’t actually take the cash or credit card, they simply swipe the card through a device, which gives the customer a receipt that says “PAID”.
The restaurant doesn’t get any more money when you pay with your card.

One of the best ways to get cash back is through the sites that let you cash back when you purchase certain items.

Are there Department Stores That Offer Cash Back? offers cash back if you spend $10 in a single purchase.
CVS offers cash back to its members.
Duane Reade offers cash back to cardholders.
Liquor store chains like Total Wine & More, Total Wine & More Wine Club, and Total Wine & More Wine Club offer cash back on purchases of $30 and more at a chain you shop.
Publix and Walmart are also two chains that have partnered with loyalty programs to offer cash back.

One of the best options is to sell the gift card for cash directly to an ATM, but if you don’t want to do that, some stores may allow you to get cash back or use a reloadable gift card.

Are There Grocery Stores That Offer Cash Back?

The supermarket you are in has a store card. The card works at all stores that have the card. The card is free for the first year. After the first year it costs $20 a year.

And another thing to look for is that if you can get a cash back bonus, is that store in the same mall as a popular shoe store or department store, because oftentimes that will get the cash back bonus to be higher.

Are There Gas Stations That Offer Cash Back?

Shell stations
Shell stations will let you pay for gas with a cash card. They don’t usually have the ability to make cash deposits at their stations, but you may be able to use a bank account to do so.

You can definitely get cash back in gas stations, but it may not be worth it. You have to purchase a certain amount (depending on the amount of money you have in your account) before you qualify for any gas money.

You should ask if the gas station does cash back when you check out, because most of the gas stations outsource their cash back for the convenience of the store owner and the customer.

I hope this helps you find out if you can eat Subway for free, and if so, is my tip enough to cover your bill?

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Subway does not allow cash back on purchases. They also do not participate in any rewards programs like other fast food chains.

When buying gift cards, don’t look for stores with the best value for the current economy. Instead, look for stores with high customer service ratings, such as Apple, Starbucks and CVS.

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