Does Walmart Laminate Documents & Cards? (do This Instead…)

The majority of Walmart’s products are manufactured in other countries, such a China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates. As a result, they have high labor costs where workers are highly exploited.

To purchase anything at Walmart, the shopper must either have a membership or a credit card.

The question is why would Walmart laminate cards? Walmart can create a card that can be as unique as you want it to be. For example, Walmart could laminate the name of a customer so that he can always be recognized. Of course, our cards are also printed in the exact size that will fit in a wallet. So Walmart can help you make a statement that stands out to your friends and family.

Does Walmart Laminate Documents & Cards In 2022?

When you are not at your computer, your documents and cards,
especially those that are most important, should always be
accessible. While you are on the go, there are a number of
options to protect your documents and cards.

You can check various places for details on the cheapest way to laminate documents and cards.

Does Walmart Sell Laminating Sheets?

Yes, Walmart sells various laminating sheets for business cards, documents, ID clip pouches and cards at affordable prices.

How to make this question useful?
The following answer is a good example of how to make this kind of question useful.

A new type of paper that works the best with laser printers was introduced in the 2010s. It’s now the standard print paper in most offices.

Paper types are also important. A heavy paper stock like newsprint or a paper stock intended for commercial printing will have a more robust surface than something like a notebook paper or a thin paper stock for cardstock printing. Different types of paper will have different amounts of roughness and texture, as well as a different amount of flexibility.

You can find laminated sheets in the self-lamination section or the self-adhesive-lamination section, both in the office supplies department. Look to see what the size is, and whether you can get lamination. If you don’t see enough for the task at hand, just get an ordinary plastic sheet.

Scotch thermal laminating pouches could be a good way to protect items that are fragile, like clothing, or are easily damaged if stored in a non-climate controlled warehouse.

The average cost is approximately $6-$10.

> The Walmart website has a price chart.

Does Walmart Sell Laminating Machines?

With the new, you can find Walmart-branded thermal and heatless laminators for sale in your local store and online.

If you’re looking for basic lamination, you can go for the Educational Insights Laminator costing $64.99.

However, if you’re looking for something to cater to heavier workloads, you may consider the 3m commercial Tape heat-free laminator for $73.38. This option features 4 thermal rollers and is designed for use with heavy or continuous use of adhesive tape.

Where Can I Laminate Documents & Cards Instead Of Walmart?

Office Depot/Office Max is a very popular place to get custom laminator that works well on both heavy and light paper.

Customers can find their nearest Office Depot store to receive same-day lamination. Letter-sized documents cost $1.89 per pouch, whereas presentation graphics cost $2.00 per square foot.

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Staples offers lamination options for laminating cards, envelopes, postcards, brochures, and other paper products where the information on the paper needs to be protected.

Laminating at home will be cheaper and more convenient than having to have your documents laminated professionally at a local office or having to visit any sort of commercial laminating facility.

How Much Does It Cost To Laminate Documents & Cards?

There’s a huge selection at your local Office Depot/Office Max on any and everything you need.

This information can be obtained in the form of a quote which is calculated individually for any desired size, weight and thickness. Many factors come into play such as the type of coroplast you are ordering, which side of the coroplastic will be glued down, what kind of coating will be applied and a few other factors. The price will vary based on these factors.

It might be costly to laminate your documents, but it is the fastest option. You can use standard scissors to cut the laminate sheets.

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The same link above includes a link to the Walmart corporate website.


Walmart does not laminate documents or cards; however, there are some laminators that you can purchase for $30+.

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