Can You Use Target Gift Cards At Starbucks? (What To Know!)

Target offers many gift cards, so customers naturally start to ask questions about how they can be used, where to use them and more.

You might also be curious about Starbucks. There are many Starbucks within Target. Let’s learn more about this and many other things!

Target Gift Cards can be used at Starbucks.

You can use Starbucks gift cards, but they can’t be used at any Starbucks. They must be within Target. Target gift cards will not be accepted at regular Starbucks.

Continue reading to learn more about Target gift card and how to use them.

Are Target Gift Cards Acceptable on the Starbucks App?

You can’t. Target gift cards can only be used in Starbucks stores that are within Target.

Target can accept Starbucks gift cards

Yes, you can. Just as you would use a Starbucks gift certificate at any other Starbucks, they can also be used at Target.

Are Target Starbucks and Other Starbucks the Same?

There is a significant difference because these Starbucks aren’t owned by Starbucks. Target leases the Starbucks brand name to Target and their employees manage the Starbucks.

There are a few differences between these two versions:

  • You are not able to place an order before you arrive and pick up your order in-store
  • Orders can’t be placed via your smartphone from the Starbucks app. All orders must be made in-store.
  • Target Starbucks employees are all Food and Beverage employees.

Target and Starbucks have a long-lasting partnership so you can still enjoy the same products with the same ingredients.

The same Starbucks, but managed by different people.

What Target Gift Cards Can You Use on Anything Else?

Target gift cards can be accepted by many stores, provided they are within Target. However, there are some exceptions.

Let’s look at which Target stores will accept Target gift cards, and which won’t.

They can be used in:

  • Starbucks
  • CVS
  • Target Optical
  • Food Court

They can’t be used in:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Walgreens

Starbucks: Can Target Circle be used?

Target Circle can be used at Starbucks to save money on beverages and other Starbucks products.

Target RedCards can save you 5% when you shop at Target often.

Starbucks Accepts Target Wallet

Yes, Target stores allow you to use your Target wallet. Since its introduction in 2017, it’s been proven to be the fastest way to pay and is very simple.

How to get Target gift cards

There are many ways to purchase Target gift cards. Let’s take a look at some of them to help you decide which one is right for you.

Keep in mind, however, that gift cards can be purchased with any amount from $5 to $500. If you buy digital gift cards, you will be able add a custom value to the same range.

Available in Store

Although it isn’t always convenient, you can still buy gift cards in a physical store.


Online purchase of Target gift cards is also possible. You can choose from a variety of options and select the delivery method, value, and even schedule delivery.

Delivery of physical gifts can take 7-10 days, while eGiftCards take approximately 4 hours.

Through the App

The app also allows you to purchase Target gift cards. It’s very similar. However, some may find it easier to log in and make the purchase. The code will be sent via text.

Other Stores

Target gift cards can also be purchased at other stores than Target. So next time you go grocery shopping, Target gift cards may just be there.

Target Gift Cards can be used at the Food Court.

Target owns the Food Court so you can use your gift cards to buy food there

What can I buy with Target gift cards?

According to the official website, you can purchase:

  • Alcohol and other restricted items
  • Starbucks products
  • undefined
  • CVS Pharmacy in Target
  • Target Optical, in-store.

They can’t be used to:

  • RedCard payments
  • Gift cards from American Express, Mastercard or Visa are available to purchase
  • Purchase iTunes gift cards.
  • Buy specialty gift cards (gaming and restaurant gift cards, subscription gift cards).
  • Target GiftCards
  • Minute Clinics in Target stores are a great place to make purchases
  • Target Optical Online Shop

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You now know that Target gift cards, Target wallets, and Starbucks cards can be used to get a Starbucks coffee or a cold beverage at any Target location.

Don’t forget that Target locations will not accept Target gift cards. Only Target stores will.

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