Does Albertsons Own Safeway? (all You Need To Know)

If you have been around the world, you may have heard of Albertsons in California, Albertsons in Canada, Albertsons in Florida, Albertsons in New Mexico, or Albertsons in Washington.

I have noticed the similarities between the two stores, but I have no idea how they are related.

No, but Albertsons is the controlling company for the corporation that owns Safeway and they have a large financial interest in it.

Does Albertsons Own Safeway In 2022?

Cerberus is one of the biggest and most influential investment firms in the world, and it has numerous investments in the grocery business that it’s been accumulating for decades.

Albertsons, Safeway, and other Cerberus-owned grocery stores are mostly known for being expensive, but not necessarily the cheapest.

Albertsons and Safeway are both grocery stores; while there is some overlap in their product lines, they are not affiliated stores. Walmarts, Target, and many other stores that you have seen are independent from the two grocery stores.

How Many Safeway Stores Are There?

As for Safeway’s online grocery store, there are thousands of items available, and it is a one-stop shop for almost every food item one might want.

The company also has one of the largest network of warehouse clubs in the US, so they are a great option for your bulk household items.

Safeway is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company is based in Canada.

When you add up all the Safeway stores in California, there are around 1100 total.

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If a store gets a number of orders that far exceeds the total number of items available for sale, it gets overstocked.

Are Albertsons and Safeway Stores in the Same States?

There is a lot of overlap between Safeway and Albertsons. They both sell the same products in most states across the country.

So if we want to say that something “is” something else we don’t need to use is.

There are many Walmarts in California and in these stores you can purchase more food products than in any other state.

I know for a fact that Safeway is in Los Angeles, for example, and the Albertsons are in Portland.

What Other Stores Are Affiliated with Albertsons and Safeway?

The stores in the region have a small number of locations, but there are a number of new stores that are opening.

The stores were operated in a somewhat similar fashion to grocery stores and also offered a variety of “food related” services. Many of the Albertsons stores also had liquor stores associated with them.

Who Owns Safeway Stores in Canada?

Safeway is a large grocery store that runs in Canada, the United States, and in other countries.

In January 2015, Safeway was bought by Alimentation Couche-Tard, the largest Canadian convenience store operator.

The main topic of the article is the fact that Safeway is the first grocery chain in the world to make it easier for Canadian shoppers to find local products. In addition to the main section of the article, there are two additional shorter sections of information, one on the company itself, and another on Canada’s local food movement. This article is part of a series of articles on local food.

Can I Use an Albertsons Gift Card at Safeway?

One way to avoid this issue is to use gift cards that come from different companies.

Although I have no idea how that works since they are two different chains.

You can use your gift card at any Albertson store, regardless of which one you bought it at.

You’ll want to check the Albertsons gift card balance and make sure it still has some value before buying something that may not fit within your food budget.

If you have more questions of interest to local customers or want to ask a specific customer care representative, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you!


Cerberus Capital Management was founded in the mid 90s by John P. Falcone and his son William J. Falcone. The company bought out the grocery chain Albertsons in 2008 and is worth over $100 million.

Albertsons has been owned by Cerberus Capital Management since it was purchased on November 19th of 2018. But it began operations back in August of 2013, when it purchased Safeway.

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