Does Doordash Deliver Alcohol? (Everything To Know!)

DoorDash is an easy way to get a quick meal. But what if you want to order alcohol delivery?

DoorDash can deliver beer, wine, or liquors to your door. This is what we found …..

Does DoorDash Deliver Alcohol?

Yes, DoorDash can deliver alcohol. DoorDash now offers alcohol delivery through its courier services. Customers can order various alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to their home.

This article will discuss the DoorDash alcohol delivery system: what it is, how it works, the restrictions and how you can manage it if you are the courier.

How do you order alcohol from DoorDash?

You can order alcoholic drinks through DoorDash just like any other order. You order via the app and, provided that you are not restricted, pay online.

Is there any restriction on DoorDash’s alcohol delivery?

DoorDash has placed restrictions on alcohol deliveries in accordance with the legal requirements for safe alcohol consumption.

What States allow DoorDash to Deliver Alcohol?

You can order alcohol from Doordash within the following states

California, New York, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, Oregon, Missouri and Nebraska

DoorDash now covers regions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

What kind of alcohol will DoorDash deliver?

DoorDash has partnered with restaurants, liquor retailers, and breweries to allow them to offer alcoholic beverages through their app.

These include wines, beers, spirits, and in fact just about everything you would buy at the store.

Premade drinks or pre-poured drinks like shots or cocktails are not available.

Where do DoorDash Alcohol Deliveries come from?

DoorDash partners with all businesses to offer wine, beer, or spirits.

DoorDash will only allow businesses to sign up if they wait for DoorDash staff members to verify their business alcohol permits. They’ll then help them set up as delivery partners.

The partnership has many benefits. If you are a merchant looking to explore your options, there are lots of resources online.

What kind of delivery guidelines must DoorDash couriers follow for alcohol orders?

DoorDash couriers must adhere to strict guidelines for alcohol deliveries. These guidelines are available on the DoorDash website. Delivering alcohol in an illegal manner can lead to serious consequences.

First, the app will let a courier know if an order contains alcohol. The company suggests that couriers verify the order’s contents with merchants.

Couriers also need to:

  • Learn the legal drinking age in Australia (18), Canada (19), USA (21)
  • Verify the ID and age of the recipient
  • Make sure you are familiar with the proper forms of ID and the exact location of the ID expiration and birth dates. Also, be aware of signs that an ID might be fake.
  • Handle alcohol directly at the customer. Never leave alcohol deliveries unattended.
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of intoxication
  • Customers who are clearly impaired should not be given alcohol
  • Customers who may be selling alcohol to minors should not be delivered to.
  • Customers may be in “dry areas”, which means that they are unable to receive food orders. These zones should be known by couriers.

Get DoorDasher support here.

How do I show my ID when I place an order with DoorDash that contains alcohol?

Passports and driver’s licenses are acceptable forms of identification. All forms of ID must prove to be authentic and original. No photos can be used.

In Australia, learner’s permits and driver’s licenses are accepted. Also acceptable are proof of age cards as well as Australian passports.

It is not acceptable to have a duplicate of your ID. Your ID must include a clear photo, date of birth and expiry date. The courier driver will verify all of this information.

DoorDash couriers should not be left without an order. Contact company support immediately. DoorDash claims that you won’t lose your rating if you follow company procedures and that you receive the full payment.

DoorDash is the only courier that delivers alcohol

The following are some other popular delivery services in America:

  • Uber now owns Drizly, which operates in 26 states. Drizly delivers beer, wine and liquors. They also offer extras such as ice and mixers.
  • delivers wine and liquor as well as additional items such food and glassware.
  • Craftshack is a chain that delivers a wide range of beers, ciders, and liquors, with no additional charges.
  • Winc is a wine delivery company that delivers only wine, with no additionals, but has a great selection of wines.
  • GrubHub is a Dutch company that delivers food and drinks. Although they are sometimes mistaken for one company, DoorDash and GrubHub are completely independent.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you find out when DoorDash opens and if DoorDash delivers to hotels.


DoorDash now allows you to add alcoholic beverages to your orders. Follow the app instructions to select and pay your drinks. If you are located in the right area and can prove your age, your order should be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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