Why is My Blinker Blinking Fast?

Blinkers are important for any vehicle. They help avoid mishaps and maintain road safety. Are you having car troubles and wondering, why is my blinker blinking fast?

The vehicle will automatically switch to its backup system. This would be a set of flashing lights to the left and right of the rearview mirror.

These lights will flash in a pattern (such as three left, three right, two left, one right) to indicate which direction you are turning.

Why is my blinker blinking fast?

When your blinker is blinking fast, it means the car has detected a problem with the blinker, most common is that your bulbs are loose or need to be changed.

There could also be a bad circuit connection or an issue with your car battery.

When your blinker is blinking slowly, it means you are getting close to needing new brakes. If you had an accident involving your brakes recently, your blinker may be blinking slowly. This will happen until you get new brakes.

Cases for Fast Blinking Blinkers

Check Your Light Flashers

If you notice your blinker flashing faster than usual, there may be a problem with the light flashers. This can signify a few different issues, but the most common is that your bulbs are going out or are loose.

Sometimes you can fix these problems yourself, and other times you need to take them in to get fixed. If your blinker is blinking faster than usual, consult an auto repair shop or mechanic. They will find the problem and fix it.

Check for a Bad Bulb

When your blinker blinks fast, you should always check to ensure there’s not a bad bulb. Many drivers don’t realize that their blinker can blink very quickly for a few seconds before they have to tap the brakes or turn the wheel to stop it.

So, they end up having to stop frequently and switch out their bulbs often when they shouldn’t have to. Bad bulbs are a lot easier to replace than the entire assembly.

This is why it’s worth checking before you go and buy an entirely new one.

Poor Parts Used

The most likely cause of a fast-blinking blinker is poor parts used to make it. If you use cheap flasher buzzer bulbs, for example, you are more likely to experience blinking fast. Typically, a high-quality bulb will solve your problem.

Poor quality wiring can also cause a fast blinking blinder and should be replaced with higher quality wires. Wires can be exposed to extreme heat and cold.

This can cause them to expand and contract and subsequently short out or burn out over time. A bad connection can also result in a poorly functioning blinker.

If you have tried high-quality bulbs and wires and your blinder still blinks fast, it might be due to the capacitors inside of the unit.

The capacitors help regulate the flow of electricity. They also direct where it needs to go for your blinker to work properly.

Bad Circuit Connection

A bad circuit connection in your vehicle’s turn signal system can cause it to blink fast. This can signal that your left or right blinker is malfunctioning when it should be functioning normally. This can occur due to corrosion or from wear and tear on the system.

However, contrary to popular belief, using dielectric grease will not fix this problem. To repair the circuit connection, you will need to replace the turn signal altogether,

Check Your Relays

When a relay is used to connect the battery to accessories in a car, it can cause the blinker light to blink fast. This happens because a small amount of current flows through the relay when it’s disconnected, but that current goes away when the relay is activated.

When this happens, the blinker will blink very fast; however, this problem is usually fixed on its own.

Check Your Battery

There are two ways that batteries can cause your blinker to blink fast. The first is that the battery can fail and not provide enough power for the blinker to work properly.

The second is if you don’t know how to fix the problem yourself and take it to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing either.

Some drivers may notice that their blinker blinks fast when they first start up their vehicle after sitting for a long time.

That is because the battery has stored up some power, and then when you turn on your car, you drain the stored energy from the battery quickly, causing the bulb to blink faster than normal.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Regular car servicing is beneficial for several reasons. One of those reasons is that it helps prevent blinkers from blinking fast.

The blinker fluid should be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule, and the wiper fluid should be refilled.

A mechanic will inspect the wiper blades and clean them if they are dirty, and they will check the fluid reservoir. The fluid reservoir is located between the engine and the car’s hood, usually on the driver’s side.

The wipers will normally move at a higher speed when less fluid is in the reservoir. If there is too much or too little wiper fluid in the reservoir, it can cause them to move too quickly or too slowly.

If you have an intermittent problem with your blinkers, it could be caused by a faulty turn signal relay switch.

This relay switch is mounted on top of the steering column inside your car, behind a small plate with six screws and a plastic cover over it.

When you replace your blinker relay switch, you should also clean out any gunk behind this cover so that no debris can accumulate in the future.

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

Ignoring the check engine light in your car is one of the worst things you can do. This light exists for a reason, and ignoring it could result in serious problems with your vehicle.

For example, if you drive around with a blinker that blinks fast, that’s an indicator that your ignition may be damaged.

Ignoring this problem could lead to your blinkers becoming stuck on, which is even more dangerous than a blinker that blinks fast. To ensure this doesn’t happen, never ignore the check engine light!

Final Thoughts

Small problems with your blinkers can be a sign of a larger, undetected issue with your vehicle. This is especially true when the blinkers are blinking fast.

If you notice that your blinkers have been blinking at an unusually high rate, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a mechanic soon.

Blinking fast is a common problem with most modern blinkers and can be caused by damage to the wiring or the bulbs themselves.

By getting in touch with your mechanic right away, you’ll be able to get everything fixed before your blinker system stops working completely.

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