Can Advance Auto Parts Check Engine Light? (all You Need To Know)

When your vehicle’s check engine light illuminates, you have to get the vehicle checked to make sure the light is not malfunctioning.

Advance Auto Parts can check your engine light only when your car is under the warranty, and you should have your vehicle’s ownership details.

Can Advance Auto Parts Check My Engine Light In 2022?

Advance Auto Parts can provide free engine scans to a car if it has failed emission and smog checks in 2022. However, they might not be able to diagnose the issue or find the best solution for your car. Instead, if you live near an auto repair shop, they can refer you to a certified mechanic.

To find out more about Advance Auto Parts services, if your check light engine is on, and how they can diagnose the different codes, keep on reading!

Will Advance Auto Parts Charge You to Check Your Engine Light?

Advance Auto Parts has a service department that will check and read codes for you and charge you a reasonable fee for the service.

If you’re shopping from a brick and mortar store, it’s generally best to stop and speak with them about your concern. They may have a different opinion about your product than the online retailer did. If you’re concerned about a specific item, you need to speak to someone who’s closer to the source.

How Does Advance Auto Parts Check an Engine Light?

Advance auto parts will help you detect problems in your car when your engine light is on.

When this system has an alert, it means that a sensor has sent readings to your engine computers that some parameters are abnormal.

Advance Auto Parts stores have the ability to scan into their computers and the codes that are causing the Check Engine Light to come on.

Trouble codes for the engine, emission, and transmission can usually be found on the instrument cluster.

The car’s chassis is the one that protects steering, brakes, and suspension. The network communications are used to share data.

Advance Auto Parts Staff will tell you what this code means for your vehicle.

To do this, a different mechanic will take the vehicle aside for a more comprehensive and advanced diagnostic procedure.

When you are buying car parts such as air filters, tires, battery cables the service personnel of Advance Auto Parts would help you. They will guide you and help you choose the right part.

If you are not an authorized dealer of Honda, you can’t get your car fixed by those places.

It also states that Advance auto parts is not allowed to clear a problem code and it’s a risk to the customer on the road.

The company did not provide a comment, but their website says that the customer should always contact a dealer or an authorized technician.
If you’re looking for a repair shop in your area, we recommend using our
to compare local repair shops, mechanics and technicians in your area.

How Long Does It Take to Diagnose the Check Engine Light?

When you drive the car to Advance Auto parts to get the check engine light checked, it will usually take a minute once the reader is plugged in, but it might take longer if the car is old or being worked on.

If you are not satisfied with the work, you can contact our customer service team for a new repair service or replacement of the product.

Do All Advance Auto Parts Stores Check Engine the Light?

If you are shopping at an Advance Auto Parts store, they can check your codes for you.

Although the technicians have a list of all the troubleshooting procedures, they are unable to diagnose the root cause of the issue.

Can You Check the Engine Light by Yourself?

You can check your car’s engine light by yourself if you don’t have an Advance Auto Parts store near your area.

If this is an internal SSD issue, we should be able to work with the manufacturer to get a replacement drive. They have been known to do this for less money than it would cost to actually fix the issue.

Besides, you can also take the reading to an Advance Auto Parts shop and ask for advice from the employees.

What Triggers the Check Engine Light?

Your car’s engine has an error which may need a code to be replaced.

Faulty spark plugs are a common contributor to the occurrence of burning engine oil.

If you are driving with bad spark plug, you will affect the fuel economy in your car as well as the performance.

This will cause your car to misfire and stall, which will turn on your check engine light.

When the gas cap is missing, you won’t be able to see the full battery’s capacity because the extra space is taken up by the gas gauge.

You can easily tell if your gas cap is missing. Just open the hood and you’ll see a black plastic piece hanging in the air.

We provide you everything to help you get the vehicle registered and licensed.

That means that your engine oil may be leaking and you must keep an eye on it. This problem is more likely to occur if the engine has a new piston ring.

One of the common causes of oxygen sensor failure is damaged or cracked wires that do not connect to the ECU’s oxygen sensor connections, also oxygen sensors can be damaged by incorrect wiring.

If your vehicle is on emission control problems – the vehicle’s oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. These sensors are used for monitoring, controlling and regulating the catalytic conversion of pollutants in the exhaust pipes.

For more information, take a look at our post on whether or not Advance Auto Parts take used oil, if Advance Auto Parts turns rotors, and if Advance Auto Parts checks codes.


Advance Auto Parts stores can conduct free engine code scanning on most OBD II vehicles if your check engine light is on and you have a valid Advance Auto Parts warranty.

However, Advance Auto parts might not resolve all the issues you have or the problem might be beyond repair. Therefore, they recommend that you see a local professional tech.

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