Does Rite Aid Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

Many companies today offer price matching, which can be extremely helpful for customers looking to save a little bit of money.

Rite Aid provides price matching in some states but not all. Rite Aid must have the price of that item match the price that it would have if purchased at a competing retailer.

Does Rite Aid Price Match In 2022?

If you find a lower price at another store within a 15-mile radius, then you can get a refund for the difference (including shipping).
If you find a store that matches the price on the Rite Aid website, then you can get a refund for the difference (including shipping).
If you find a store that matches the price in your local area, then you can get a $5 to $10 store credit (depending on the size of the store).

You can view the Rite Aid coupons here. There are quite a few coupons that are still “good”.

Does Rite Aid Price Match Other Pharmacies?

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To be honest, don’t be surprised that the local store doesn’t give you a price match.

One of the circumstances are when the competitor has a policy to price match.

Therefore, it probably isn’t a good idea to ask. If the company is going to say no, don’t be surprised.

You’re more likely to successfully buy a drug at full price than a pair of pants.

You might not get your prescription drug marked down, but you could get a few cents off your snack.

This is because there is so much that goes into setting your rates, including your insurance. So different pharmacies can’t match their prices on prescriptions.

The best thing to do is have them with you so they cannot complain.

Store inventory fluctuates and may cause a price difference between online and in-store prices.

Does Rite Aid Price Match Amazon?

This comes from a policy that says that it is not allowed to sell at a lower price than the price it charges online.

The Rite Aid website does state that some Rite Aids match the local store.
So, I would say that it is entirely possible that you could find the exact same product in Rite Aids and even Walmart at the time of checking.
But if you are concerned that the Rite Aids might not match a local store, you can always request a price match.
However, if you don’t receive a response, it is probably safe to buy online.

And yes, a Rite Aids with a local store only matches Amazon prices, including shipping. This can be a problem for people who are ordering other things and don’t want to put in their Amazon address. Also, Amazon Prime members who order a free trial item will have to pay for shipping. So it’s probably worth the extra cost to get Prime and use that for free shipping.

Amazon prices for some of the products that I purchased locally have been higher than the same item I purchased online from Amazon. These items include a pack of the same size paper towels that sells for $1.00 at Walmart, the same size baby wipes that sells for $4.00 at Walmart, and even the same size facial tissue that sells for $4.99 at Walmart.

Does Rite Aid Price Match CVS Or Walgreens?

When local Rites Aids have a close price match, the company will do so. The company, however, does not have a policy of matching a competitor’s price.

And with that said, the chance of the Rite Aid price matching a local pharmacy than the Amazon price is far more likely than the Rite Aid price matching the Amazon price.

I asked a store, and they had the most expensive price. I am going to assume, that if they have the same price, and it is a store in their region, they would price match. I will continue to ask, to hopefully get more prices.

I am going to assume, that you want to get the most items for the cheapest price.

Does Rite Aid Price Match Its Online Prices?

When you shop online, it’s always good to get multiple price quotes so that you can compare.

For example, selling on a global market requires you to be shipping out to multiple different countries.

The shipping has already been paid for and this fact is shown in the online ordering form.

In the online store, there is a disclaimer that discusses the different price for each edition.

Further, Rite Aids will not use Rite Aid coupons or advertisements that are associated with the other stores. Instead, you must use coupons or advertisements for Rite Aids specifically.

Rite Aid has a policy of no cross selling in their stores. If one Rite Aid is having a great sale, then Rite Aid is NOT going to promote the sale to someone else.

As long as the coupon is valid, a coupon can only be used in the store’s local territory, not the store where the coupon is printed.

The most important thing to remember about the pricing on a new vehicle is that you only pay for the features of the vehicle you want.

You might be able to get a better deal if you shop around and shop around often.

You have nothing to lose (except perhaps a slightly angry feeling), and the worst possible case is that they tell you they couldn’t match the price.

Does Rite Aid Match Coupons?

You may price match at Rite Aid only if the coupon is printed by Rite Aid. We do not accept coupons from other merchants such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. If the coupon is not for Rite Aid products, it is not acceptable.

This is not only a negative characteristic of their services but also of their products. If you see something you like at a price you like, this does not apply to you.

This is one of the reasons that it is so important to make sure you get the number of coupons at each store.

When you’re looking for a particular store, you’ll want to look up the policy of that store – as some stores may have different policies than others.

The Rite Aid only match their own coupons. This is not a common practice, but you’ll need to contact customer service for more information.

Each Rite Aid store is independently run, and so they can have different coupons at different times.

Make sure you get the Rite Aid coupons online at the Rite Aid website or through the Rite Aid Facebook or Twitter pages.

And there are a bunch of different kinds of coupons and they accept different kinds of coupons, and Rite Aid accepts a whole bunch of different kinds of coupons.

The most important thing about coupons from the company selling the product is that they will be accepted only if they are from the same company that sells the product (or a company that has an agreement to sell the same product).

Does Rite Aid Take GoodRx Coupons?

In most cases, you can use GoodRx coupons at Rite Aid unless you are buying expensive prescription drugs.

If you want to go the the Rite Aid website or mobile app, you are going to have to verify your location. This is to make sure you are buying an item at the store you live. You should also be able to use these coupons at the store you wish to buy it at.

There is a lot of good drugs out there to buy. Find the one you need with GoodRx.

If you want to find out more, you can read our articles on whether or not Rite Aid pays weekly, if Rite Aid accepts Tricare, and if Rite Aid takes WIC.


Because Rite Aid does not price match any other companies, all the prices are their own. Some companies have their own prices that are different from Rite Aid’s prices, but Rite Aid does not price match.

However, Rite Aid does not price match with competitors in all cases. Rite Aid has a small number of stores that do not compete with local stores, have lower prices, or have lower quality products.

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