Who Owns Subway? + Other Common Faqs

Subway is a healthy restaurant company known for its healthy menu, delicious sandwiches, and fresh ingredients. It has over 40,000 locations around the globe.

Subway is owned by the private company Subways Inc. It was founded in 1967 by Fred DeLuca, who was inspired to create a sandwich shop after taking a job at an Italian restaurant, where he saw a line of customers forming outside the restaurant for a hot sandwich. He created Subway to avoid the need for a line outside.

Who Owns Subway In 2022?

Subway is the world’s fastest growing restaurant chain, and has been dubbed “America’s Favorite” by Forbes magazine. They are also the world’s largest sandwich chain. With over 33,000 retail stores in over 100 countries, Subway has the largest menu of any restaurant in the world.

Just like any other brand in the United States, Subway got its start in New York City. They were first established back in 1912, and they’re still headquartered in Brooklyn, New York as of right now.

What Company Owns Subway?

Doctor’s Associates, a subsidiary of the same company that owns Subway.

The company opened their first restaurant in May 1997. The first store was located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Dr. Buck was the chief medical advisor of Subway until his death.

Since FreddeLuca died in 2015, the DeLuca and Buck heirs are now in charge of Doctor’s Associates, Inc. They each have 50% of the company.

However, Doctor’s Associates, Inc does not own a single Subway location. Each store is a franchise, and they each collect 8% of revenue.

Is Subway Owned By McDonald’s?

McDonalds is a fast-food restaurant, they serve burgers, they do not serve sandwiches and they do not serve anything else.

The rest is a paraphrase which is just a description of the fact that a company does not actually own its restaurants (they are franchised) and is instead owned and run by a franchisee.

As a result of this lawsuit, McDonald’s is no longer getting sued so I say we won.

Is Subway Individually Owned?

Subway is franchised, so they are independent, but they have a licensing agreement with Subway Inc.

A Subway restaurant is owned by a franchise owner, but this does not mean that the store is operated by the owner.

Where Is Subway Originally From?

It was bought by the German firm, Drinker Biddle in 1954.

In the years following, Subway expanded to the Midwest with a store in Chicago. Then, in 1976, the first Subway restaurant was opened in New York. In 1980, Subway opened its first New England store in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Why Is Subway Called Doctor’s Associates?

The name of the company was originally Doctor’s Associates, Inc. in 1968.

There are two stories. One of them was born and raised in Brooklyn. They were an Italian family from Queens. He met Dr. Pete, and they founded the company. They became partners later on. It’s a nice story.

“Doctor’s Associates” was formed after Buck DeLuca, a scientist, decided to attend college and study medicine. The idea for an entrepreneurial venture started in the summer of 1984.

What Does It Cost To Open A Subway Franchise?

Subway is a fast food restaurant that offers a range of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It is known for its unique menu that includes its sandwiches, baked good, and desserts.

Although there are additional start up costs for opening a Subway, the initial costs are lower in some areas than others.

Subway actually runs franchisees as ‘Subway Restaurants’. The word ‘restaurants’ refers to Subway-owned restaurants. If a franchisee wants to open a restaurant they have to apply for a lease from Subway.

Furthermore, Business Insider has conducted a breakdown of costs for opening a Subway restaurant, including potential property and equipment costs, which can be around $2,000 to $24,000 and around $3,000 to $65,000 respectively.

After paying rent, employees, franchise fees, and other overhead costs of running a Subway, a franchise can generate an annual retail profit of $100,000 in a year.

But, Subway franchisees are not required to give 12.5% of sales to corporate.
[Comment]: This sentence is ambiguous, so you may have to rewrite it.

8% of the 12.5% is charge towards franchise royalties, wherein 4.5% of the same is towards advertising.

Who Founded The Subway Sandwich Franchise?

DeLuca sold his first sandwich shop for $1,000 to his family friend, Dr. Peter Buck, who also helped him start the Subway chain of restaurants.

However, the Subway is the franchise that didn’t become a franchise until 1974, when DeLucia and Buck opened the second Subway store in Wallingford, Connecticut, around 30 miles from the site of the original Subway.

And the first international Subway franchise was opened in Bahrain in 1984.

According to Subway, there are 400 stores and 26,000 franchises within the United States.

A Subway Company executive told the court that he was only an employee for four months until he was fired.

As for the actual price charged, you can read more about it in our post on the price of Subway sandwiches.


The brand first appeared in 1971, and was one of the first companies to use a “subway” design for their ads.

The first Subway to open was in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1974. Its name, Subway of Bridgeport, was changed to Subway in November 1989 after a trademark dispute with a Canadian store chain. It started its expansion to Manhattan in 1994.

Franchise companies own a lot of the stores but the franchise is run by the franchisees.

But you need at least $15,000 to get a Subway restaurant going and if you are lucky in your location. If you have a decent franchise cost of about $250,000, then in the best case, you’re looking at making about $2,500 a month.

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