15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Platters

Costco offers a special food platter where you can easily provide a large amount of food to your family.

You may wonder if you will be disappointed when you buy a Costco platter. If this is the case, keep reading to learn about the things you should know before buying Costco platters!

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Platters In 2022

1. Order Costco Platters as Part of the Company’s Catering Service

Costco has an entire catering menu if you go into the store and ask about it at the deli. They have a separate catering menu for their store-wide event, which is open to the public.

these hot dog buns are very popular, especially after the introduction of the hot dog ban in 2001. This year, the restaurant has introduced a new “Sicilian Dog,” which is a hot dog with a red sauce.

2. There Are Six Costco Platters to Choose From

[1] Large Salad Serving
[2] Large Appetizer Serving
[3] Small Salad Serving
[4] Small Appetizer Serving
[5] Individual Size Serving

The main platters come in four sizes.

Different countries have their own particular names for animals like this. Here in the U.S., they’re called shrimp, but in other parts of the world, they’re called something different.

3. Your Costco Platters Are Designed to Feed a Crowd

Platters of food is all your food in one place. You can add or sub items, like the burger for a platter if you want to get more food. It’s a good way to get food when you have a big amount.

4. Costco Platters Are Priced Right for Your Party

Costco wouldn’t be Costco if it didn’t impress you with both the vast quantities of food on each platter, as well as the jaw-dropping cheap prices, such as the following:

A: I had a similar experience with the manager at Whole Foods, who couldn’t believe I would want to buy a carton of milk for $3.
B: But the milk is $3 there.

When you compare the prices of the platters to other grocery stores, you wonder why anyone would order any food anywhere else.

We know that Wegmans sell sushi and they sell a lot of it. However, the sushi in Wegmans is not cooked.

Wegmans’ platter is $5 more expensive than the Favorites Combo Tray. The more pieces you buy, the more you pay. That and the fact that you get the same number as the Favorites Combo Tray means that you won’t be getting more than 8 people in your party, so it’s not worth it. The platter is fine for a small gathering, but for a party with more people, the Favorites Combo Tray gives a better value and is a lot easier to maneuver.

Because Costco is offering a better value, more customers will purchase Costco’s Platter.

5. Ordering Costco Platters Is Easy

To order a Costco platter, you’ll have to stop inside your local warehouse and ask for a copy of the Costco order form and some cash.

To place an order, fill up the form and then drop it into the Party Platter Order box. If you have any other questions you can ask your Party Platter associate for further assistance.

6. You Can’t Order Costco Platters Online

like Costco sheet cakes, this company doesn’t take platter orders online. Rather, they can only be done by speaking with an associate or by ordering through the order form.

Costco doesn’t list catering services on its website. I think what Costco is doing is offering their facilities to small businesses and individuals so that they can offer their products to the public.

7. Give Your Costco Platters At Least 24 Hours to Be Prepared

You want to avoid being to the party venue when Costco is setting up, which is why it’s a good idea to give them two-day notice.

If your store is taking a lot of orders and you’re ordering in excess of 250 platters, it’s highly recommended that you order your platters on the order placement form. This will enable you to save on the shipping costs and allow you to keep your products in stock and ready to deliver to your customers.

This makes sure that your Costco platters aren’t sitting around all the time, and are taken to their designated spot in the store.

8. Because Costco Platters Are Made Fresh

At Costco, you can’t buy old fruits, vegetables, or meat that was once frozen and has been thawed.

While in general, food is made fresh daily, there are exceptions. For instance, the deli cheese is prepared at the end of the day and the bakery products are baked at the beginning of each shift.

You’re welcome! Therefore, you can count on fresh bread, meats and cheeses, in addition to the great prices.

9. Costco Platters Featuring Fruits and Vegetables Are Available Without Ordering

If you are serving a meal to vegetarian or vegan friends, or you just want to, offer something that is healthy. You can also pick up fruit and veggie trays at Costco.

I ordered a fruit platter with vegetables, which came with roasted red peppers, tomato, artichoke, avocado and three kinds of cheese and three crackers. The food was tasty, but the platter was so heavy, I couldn’t even carry it.

If you want to order them and not have them shipped to your house, you need to order them in advance to ensure you have them when you want them.

10. The Best Deals on Costco Platters Are…

One of the best platters is the Chicken & Swiss Rollers, which look like a pinwheel-shaped cookie that is covered in cheese.

I think the pinwheel platter is the best dish with the most flavor. The meat & cheese platter is the best deal because it costs less, has less filling, and is less salty.

11. You Might Think Twice About These Costco Platters

While the chicken and chicken-salad platters are great for customers who don’t like shrimp, those platters are overpriced as they’re not worth the volume. For customers who love shrimp, the shrimp platter is worth it.

12. You Can Find Many Individual Items From Costco Platters in the Deli

The party planner thought that a second platter would be too much for the party, so she went to her favorite party rental store and ordered extra food.

All of the food and products sold in the Costco platters are also available on their own.
But the only reason this is happening is because the Costco platter is a bad deal. Which is exactly why we shouldn’t buy it.
I’d much rather pay the $10 for the croissant and pinwheels and $3 for sushi, than for the Costco platter that costs more than all of the other things combined.
I’m going to get a Costco platter.

You can simply make your trays more complete using the individual items that you already have.

13. There Is Some Nutritional Info for Costco Platters Available

If you’re interested in the nutritional value of the Costco platters, you can find some of the Costco platter nutritional information here.

This menu is only available if the wings are ordered on wings platter. If the wings are ordered on a hamburger or regular platter, the nutritional information is not available at this time.

14. Customers Really Enjoy Costco Platters

Costco’s seafood platters sell very well as the customer base is huge and they are known for having great prices. Costco’s seafood platters are very good.

This was an idea that came from a group that is not known for their cooking. They were so impressed with the quality of the food that they took a picture of it for the community.

I ordered a roll-up sandwich and took a bite and asked if I could take a picture of it. They were amazing!

15. Pair Your Costco Platters With a Sheet Cake and You’ve Got a Party!

Don’t waste your money on expensive sheet cakes that cost hundreds of dollars, just head to Costco and get yourself some sheet cakes that are ready to be sliced and packaged.

Costco is filled with many items, you can get your sandwiches and snacks, as well as the sweets in one location.

If you are looking for some Costco discounts, you can check our post on Costco discounts for all its departments; for instance, you can find out if Costco has senior special offers and if its membership discounts for Costco is any different from other discounts.


Costco platters are great and they are a great price because you get a lot of food for a lot of money.

This machine can make all different types of platters. You can choose the kinds of platters according to your needs.

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