Subway Catering (how It Works, Types, How Big Are They + More)

Not only can Subway be used for business events, but it can also be used to serve food for any kind of party, including birthday parties, business functions, wedding receptions, and much more!

You will need to set up a catering order. There is a link in the upper right corner of your account. Follow the steps below to set one up.

Subway Catering In 2022

While Subway’s online catering is a popular option for many customers, the business also offers catering out of its stores, which can provide a number of options for clients looking to host a party. With Subway catering, guests can choose from a large variety of sandwiches and other side dishes. In-store catering also includes a variety of desserts, which are excellent if the party needs to end before the night is over.

Let’s be clear, Subway catering is the same price as all of their standard sandwiches, just with a few additional goodies to go along with it.

How Can You Place A Catering Order At Subway?

Subway has a online application to take orders and pay for the food. You can also find an application in-store.

You can also get into the list of items you can access for your affair.

Before contacting a catering representative to cater your event, make sure you know the number of guests and where the event will take place.

I believe that planning is the key because it ensures that you are getting the product that you actually need!

How Far In Advance Should I Contact Subway Catering?

When the restaurant’s size is small, the orders are usually filled the same day.

If you wish to have food to arrive within an hour of ordering, then you should make sure all your food orders are placed before 4pm.

Also, you are most likely to order large quantities of items in this case, so give the store some time to produce the platters.

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How Much Food Should I Order For My Subway Catered Event?

The amount of food served will largely depend on the size and scale of your party.
And in both cases, the amount of food is very large.

While Subway does not state that you should measure your group’s needs, Subway asks that you try doing this during recruitment.

Subway makes a great meal. If you combine that with something else, like a drink or a dessert, then you have a better meal. But, by itself, SUBWAY TO GO is better than its competitors.

What Types Of Events Does Subway Cater?

– []( Subway hosts a wide variety of events, from casual to black tie, that include free food, drink, entertainment, dancing, socializing, and a whole lot more!
– []( Subway hosts a wide range of parties, ranging from casual to black tie, that include free food, drink, entertainment, dancing, socializing and more!

If the event is the type of event that requires a custom order, make sure to let a representative know what type of event you are hosting.

What Kind Of Food Is Available From Subway Catering?

You can choose from a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, burgers, pasta and pizza, and you can even add your own twists to the menu.

Cookies can go on top of a cake like cream cheese frosting.
Sides can go on top of cookies like cheesecake.

The best menu item is the grilled chicken sandwich with smoked mozzarella and a side salad, which is only $6.95 per sandwich. The chicken is grilled and there is an abundance of pepper cheese on the bread.

If you would like to experience food with different kinds of tastes, you can use your imagination!

Can Subway Handle A Large Venue?

Yes, cut-offs depending on the availability of a product and how soon your event will take place are possible. For huge parties, it helps to have a giant sub.

In order to make that happen, Subway needs to keep an eye out on their menu to see what they need to make this happen.

Can Subway Cater A Small Venue Or Event?

No matter how big or small the event, Subway will deliver a fully loaded party platter. No need to worry about the prices. Just add a few other items to your party platter…

**A.** By clicking on the “Order More” link at the top of the page, you can view and order food items in other categories.

Additionally, always be careful when purchasing products at Subway stores. They may try to scam you by charging you more for an item than it should cost.

Does Subway Cater Business Meetings In Offices?

It can cater to work lunches and dinners inside small meeting rooms.

Give them information on how to get inside the building. In an emergency, the caterers might also be called upon to assist with transporting guests to their cars.

We offer a large variety of options and we customize everything based on your needs so that you can feel and eat that difference you really want.

Subway’s strategy is to meet every co-worker’s needs.

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Does Subway Offer Dessert Party Platters?

In case you’re not familiar with this particular service, this means you can order only one, single cookie or a collection of other cookies that are available. It’s not like ordering several cookies and having to share them among friends.

The cookie I got contained a lot of sugar, so I’ll have to cut it.

Also, consider not overloading your guests with food.
This is a small gathering.

What Kinds Of Sides Does Subway Catering Provide?

Catering menus for all of Subway’s restaurants and
Catering menus that include catering menus for all of Subway’s restaurants.

Also, if you purchase the above items in a large quantity, you could receive a discount.

Does Subway Provide Drinks With Its Party Platters?

As the party continues to grow, Subway will have to add people to staff the event to keep up with demand.

You may ask about any of the beverages that Subway sells, namely Coca Cola, Dasani water, milk, Gatorade, honest kids and Vitamin Water.

But, bottled drinks and drink boxes can be unavailable or hard to find. So, plan for it if you can’t get a specific drink.

Can You Get Wraps And Flatbreads With Subway Catering?

Breakfast sandwiches and items are available, which include Subway’s signature items including; the sub, hoagie and the veggie sub.

Breakfast items can include bacon, ham, ham and cheese, ham, ham and cheese, ham and cheese, ham and bacon, ham and bacon, ham plus bacon, bacon, bacon and ham.

You can’t make the most out of every morning event if you don’t drink coffee.

Can Subway Create Vegan, Vegetarian, Or Gluten-Free Platters?

When you see this icon on a menu, you can be assured that the restaurant allows vegans to enjoy their food without having to make any specific requests.

The franchise provides veggie sandwiches and gluten-free bread as part of their promise to be customer friendly.

Subway’s salads are a great option for people with various dietary restrictions, while its toppings are particularly popular with people who have allergies to certain flavors and vegetables. For instance, Subway salads are gluten-free, and its veggie options, such as the BBQ Portobello mushroom, don’t contain any shellfish.

Please let the catering assistant know that we will need veggie platters and gluten-free bread. He/she can advise more.

Does Subway Provide Kosher Or Halal Platters?

It is an honor for Subway International Holdings to partner with Muslim communities across the globe.

That said, Subway does have some veggie options. They also claim they have more vegetarian options than other sub shops.

Subway is committed to providing the widest variety of vegetarian
options in the restaurant industry. We also recognize that a
vegetarian lifestyle is not always easily accessible. We use the
best quality ingredients available and provide for every customer
without compromise. Subways’ commitment to quality and variety
ensures our menu includes a wide range of meat-free and vegetarian

If you want more information on Subway, you can also read about the history of Subway, more about Subway sandwiches, and Subway pizza.


Subways catering services let a restaurant or a caterer provide food for an event for free, which makes things easier.

Additionally, Subway platters are suitable for diverse appetites and lifestyles and can be used for large or small events.

Always account for the size of your group function which is a very large project, so make sure you give enough prior notice.

If you need help you can contact a catering manager to make sure your event is a big success.

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