Costco Order Pizza (how To Order, How Far Ahead, Picking Up + More)

Since the original site doesn’t have a huge selection of the vegan options, the best way to order and avoid delays is to read this article to find out how to order.

How Can I Order Pizza From Costco In 2022?

You can order a Costco pizza online and have them delivered to your home, by a mobile app called Costco Mobile Ordering. The app will also make deliveries to other stores and restaurants in your area.

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Can Costco Pizza Be Ordered Online?

The Costco pizza policy has been updated. You can only order a pizza via phone call at this time.

Can You Order Costco Pizza By Phone?

There was a phone order feature during the height of the coronavirus outbreak, where Costco customers could order pizzas and meals by phone.

You can now order pizza from online, or from a store near you in 20 minutes, and have it delivered to your home and be there in an hour.

To find a warehouse near you go online and use the locator.

How Do You Call Ahead for a Costco Pizza?

For a pizza party, I recommend ordering a lot of pizzas (like a lot). The pizza party will be a good time, but it will also cost a lot.

If you happen to be trying to find a pizza store in your area, you should use the store locator as stated above to find one.

All the information should be included in an easy-to-find way.

The [original] and [paraphrase] items are the two options for this task.

How Much Does a Costco Pizza Cost?

A Costco pizza is going to be expensive. A combination with pepperoni, ham and mushrooms costs $19.96.

How Far in Advance Can I Order a Costco Pizza?

Costco hasn’t set a very flexible limit on how far ahead you can order a pizza, but one of the store employees said you should place your order as much as an hour in advance.

What this will do is it will help you beat long wait times and be out of the car quickly.

When Costco asks if the customer needs help placing an order, it is often a red flag that there is a problem getting the items on order. The shopper should be polite, patient and ask questions as they may be able to help.

How Do You Get a Costco Pizza Delivered?

You can’t get a pizza delivered to Costco because you’re only authorized to collect it when it’s ready.

How Do You Pick up Pizza From Costco?

After you order a pizza from Costco, you are forced to check the truck for the pizza order. You can find the truck in the Costco Food Court segment.

This was probably the reason why the customer only placed orders via phone or in person.

To use this method, you can easily tell the server where you want to find your pizza when it’s done.

To find the most convenient way to order, you would need to use a third-party service like Instacart and pay someone else to pick up your order for you.

Can Instacart Pick up Costco Pizza?

I like Costco pizza.
But I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this thing.

Instacart is a shopping service that will find the right people to drop off your items and bring them to you.

To avoid the extra cost, you can use the [Original] method instead, as described below.

Regardless, Instacart allows you to find a shopper in your area that can pick up your delivery from Costco. Either through the Instacart website or mobile app.

Who Delivers Pizza?

Some of the more popular pizza delivery services in the U.S. include Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. They all feature websites you can use to make an order, give them the address where you’d like it to be delivered and even pick it up yourself.

In store,
By phone.
For more information on the benefits of each option.

If you want to learn more, you can also read our posts about Costco platters that are available, the best Costco platters to buy, and if Costco delivers.


You don’t have to go through any of the hassle of placing the order over the phone or going in person unless you want to.

You also have to go pick up your pizza from one of the Costco warehouses, which if staff members preferred to use a call to place an order remotely. You can find the number to call and place online pizza orders in a special locator tool.

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