Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts? [all You Need To Know!]

While serving, veterans have a number of good reasons to shop around. They can take advantage of discounts on almost anything, from furniture to electronics.

Costco is a large wholesale grocery chain, which means they’re typically very competitive, and it’s not uncommon to find discounts of up to 30% with Costco. If you’re a Veteran, you may qualify for an up-to-20% discount with Costco. If you’re a Military member, you can be sure that Costco carries all kinds of items that are available for commercial use.

Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts In 2022?

Costco does not currently offer any form of discounts for veterans or military personnel, so one would expect to see no discounts on Veterans Day. However, Costco does offer the SheerID service, in which the customer must identify themselves as a military member, and the customer is then entitled to special offers.

It offers them a free membership and a discount.

What Does Costco Offer For Its Military Customers?

For all military personnel; plus their spouses, children, parents, siblings, and dependent parents/grandparents, Costco offers a Military Member Appreciation program.

With the SheerID services, military personnel will be able to verify their status by verifying their military ID, verifying a Costco membership, or by using a photo ID.

You must have a new Costco membership or the old one must have expired for 18 months.

It connects to your Facebook account and, based on your interests, shows you relevant content based on what you are reading, what you searched for, and what you have been tagged in.

What is ‘SheerID’, And How Do You Utilize It?

SheerID is a service offered by the United States Government that allows a user to determine if they are a member of the military.

SheerID makes verification as easy as checking off boxes. We have a bunch of boxes to check, but at least the checkboxes are easy to use.

This is a great move by Costco and it shows that they know what is needed to stay competitive and they plan to focus on serving customers.

All qualified members will be offered a $30 Costco Shop Card for the purchase of $5 worth of products from the Costco website.

Are There Any Other Stores That Offer A Military Discount?

Costco does not offer a set discount on Memberships, but many other similar grocery stores do.

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There are wide range of discounts offered to Military personnel. If you are eligible for such a discount program, you can usually find a store that will give a substantial discount. If the chain store you are shopping is offering a discount to Military personnel, the discount will probably be higher than the usual discount, but it will still be substantial.

If you can verify that the product is a sale item (a name brand, from a specific season, etc) and you can verify your address, Fred Meyer, New Season’s Market, and DeCicco Family Market will offer a 10% discount on advertised days. In order to qualify for the discount you must have a receipt.

Costco’s is the most popular of the membership clubs, and they have a lot of great deals as well.

Are There Any Stores That Offer A Veteran’s Day Discount?

Although Costco does not offer any specific discounts on Veteran’s Day, many grocery stores do offer such discounts.

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The discount values are different across these sites, with Publix and Food Lion giving 10% off November 11th.

Target offers two day discounts around Veterans’ Day, and they even cover multiple days on one occasion.

To learn more about discounts, you can also read this post by my colleague, Jules. And if you are already a Costco member, you can check out the different types of memberships here.

If you have a member pass away in your family you can read up on Costco products that you can buy to aid the grieving process.

Conclusion: Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts?

Costco does not offer a discount for military or veteran’s, but they have special perks for their military discount, including the ability to shop in the back of the store during specific hours.

The ‘SheerID’ program will also verify identities of military personnel who have signed-up to a new Costco Membership.

Because Costco does not offer discounts to military personnel, they will typically make use of grocery stores that offer discounts to military personnel.

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